Department of NH General Orders Oct 2009



General Orders 4  October 2009

General Orders are to be read at each Post Meeting and placed on file


 1) COUNCIL OF ADMINISTRATION MEETING:  The next Council of Administration Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2009 at the Marriott Court Yard, Nashua, N.H. beginning at 10:00 AM.  All members are welcome to attend.  Finance and Veterans Service Committee meetings at 9:00 AM.


2) STATE COMMANDER / PRESIDENT’S TESTIMONIAL:  We will be honoring our State Commander and President on October 17, 2009 with a gala event at the Marriott Court Yard in Nashua, NH.  If you would like to show your appreciation for our Commander and Presidents leadership, you may send your donations for Sue Clement to Donna Fischer, 4 Warton Road, Nashua, NH 03062 and for Ron Miller send to Dave Ouellette, 17 Pinewood Drive, Pelham, NH 03076.  


3) TESTIMONIAL BANQUET:  Commander-in-Chief Tommy Tradewell has assigned past Commander-in-Chief Ed Banas as the National Representative for the joint Commander/President Testimonial, October 17, 2009. To order banquet tickets please send a check for $35.00 per person to Russ Gora, Quartermaster, Post 5791, 15 Bockes Rd., Hudson, NH 03051


4) MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY: Sunday October 19, 2009 is “Make a Difference Day”, Posts and Ladies Auxiliaries should promote a family volunteer type activity, an activity that addresses the needs of their communities.


5.)  LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  The Board of Trustees of the Life Membership Fund are pleased to announce Life Member dues payments for all Life Member plans effective with the 2009 dues year for Posts were issued on or about September 15, 2009, for all Life Members recorded by Aug. 31, 2009.


6.)  LIFE MEMBERSHIP FORMS:  Forms used for life membership are in the Post Quartermaster Direct Dues Manual.  These forms are the Life Membership Transmittal (Form LMT) and the National Life Membership Installment Payment Plan (Form LMI-101).  Use the Member Change Request (Form MCR) to report a life member transfer, request a replacement life member card, or to report the death of a life member.


7.) QUARTERMASTER’S BONDS:  Post Commanders shall see that the office of the Post Quartermaster is bonded in accordance with Section 703, National Constitution and By-Laws and Manual of Procedure. He or she shall also see that the Trustees Report of Audits are properly prepared and submitted each quarter as required by the National Constitution and By-Laws.


8.)   REQUEST FOR STATE OFFICERS:  Invitations to State Officers must be forwarded through channels to State Adjutant Dana Hussey.  For the record, verbal invitations extended to State Officers must also be backed up by a written request.  Unless formally requested through channels, invitations will not be considered.  As a matter of courtesy, please give the State Headquarters a minimum of two weeks to make the requested assignments.


9.) ATTENTION DEPUTY INSPECTORS:  The job of the Deputy Inspector is very important. To perform it properly, you must know the VFW rules and regulations, be familiar with the VFW programs, understand the accounting and reporting procedures; and have the time and dedication to do the job right. PLAN YOUR INSPECTIONS, and notify the Post Commander, Adjutant, and Quartermaster in advance of your inspection. Prepare a schedule and give each Post ample warning as to when you will be present so that the specified Post books and records will be available. 

“Please make it your ‘Goal’ to be 100% inspected by December 2009.”


10.)   VOICE OF DEMOCRACY THEME: The 2009-2010 theme for the Voice of Democracy program has been selected by Commander-in-Chief Tommy Tradewell. The theme is: "Does America still have Heroes?…." Note: Remember, the deadline for receipt by Posts from contestants is November 1, 2009.


11.)  PATRIOTS PEN THEME: The 2009-2010 theme for the Patriots Pen Program has been selected by  Commander-in-Chief Tommy Tradewell.  The theme is:  When Is The Right Time To Honor Our Military Heroes? Note:  Remember, the deadline for receipt by Posts from contestants is November 1, 2009.


12.)  VETERANS DAY: Posts are urged to start planning suitable programs now for the observance of Veterans Day, November 11, 2009 (See Section 223, Manual of Procedure). Order your Buddy Poppies for Veterans Day now, $110.00 per thousand. It is the DAV’s turn this year to do the program at the Veterans Cemetery on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.


13.) PROGRAM REPORTING:  All Program reports need to be reported directly to the State Adjutant.  Dana Hussey, PO Box 6025, Rochester, NH 03868-6025.  


14.) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  The presence, dispensation and/or consumption of alcoholic  beverages in the meeting rooms during Post, District and Department meetings is completely unacceptable and any such practice known to exist shall be terminated.


15.) POST RESERVE: Attention is directed to Section 218, Manuel of Procedure, which mandates Post Quartermasters to maintain a dues reserve fund to which shall be credited not less than one-half of the Post’s part of the current year’s (2009) dues paid by each member prior to July 1, 2008, except dues remitted by the Post. No Post Quartermaster shall disburse nor shall an obligation be incurred against this fund until after July 1, 2009, at which time it shall be transferred to the Post’s general fund and be available for expenditure.


16.) EASTERN CONFERENCE:  The Eastern States Conference will be November 13-15, 2009 at the Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Room rate is $90.00 plus 10.5% tax for a single or double. To make a reservation call 443-856-4557 or toll free at 800-638-2100 and say you are with the VFW. Banquets are $45.00 per person, send your check to State Quartermaster Bill Champagne, PO Box 1440, Concord, NH 03302. Menu choice is Ham or Chicken, each comes with a 3oz. Maryland crab cake. When placing your order please specify Ham or Chicken.





04:  District #3   Union            1:00 pm             State Sr. Vice Commander, Dave Ouellette

18:  District #5   Fitzwilliam   10:00 am            State Jr. Vice Commander, Paul Lloyd

25:  District #1   Lancaster       10:00 am           State Jr. Vice Commander, Paul Lloyd

25:  District #7   Raymond       10:00 am             


 18.) TEACHER OF THE YEAR:  Judging should start by November 2nd and winners should be forwarded to the District Chairperson by November 15th, 2009. District winners must be forwarded to Department Chairman, Bruce Carbone by December 15th, 2009. Department winners will be forwarded to National Headquarters by January 15th, 2010. Nominees will be from the following grade levels:  K- 5,

 6-8, and 9-12. Let’s recognize our teachers for promoting Citizenship Programs throughout their respective grade levels.  Send entrys to: Bruce Carbone, Chairman, NHVFW Americanism, 27B So Winchester St.

Swanzey, NH  03446.


19.) VETERANS HOME REQUEST:    Comrades;   The New Hampshire Veterans Home is looking for donations of individually wrapped candies.  (ie.  three musketeers, snickers, milky way.  etc.)  This candy would be for the residents to give to the children who trick or treat at the home every year.  According to the volunteer staff, there are usually about a hundred kids or more.  If you want to help in this project, bring the bags of candy to the CofA on the 17th of October or give them to a council member or person who you know is going to attend.  I will then take them to the volunteer meeting on the 26th of October and give them to the home.  I know this is short notice, but it is a worthy cause to help out our fellow veterans at the home.  Any questions please feel free to call me at 335-1658 or 534-3073.  Thank you, John J Calo, PDC



20.) DEADLINE:  The deadline for information going into the General Orders is the 20th of each month.  Send all requests to State Adjutant – Dana Hussey, PO Box 6025, Rochester, NH 03868-6025. Adjutant contact info is: Phone: 603-335-5923, Fax: 603-335-5936 and Cell: 603-557-6452.






Dana E. Hussey                                                                           Roland E. Miller

State Adjutant                                                                           State Commander



Bring “EM” All Home


Valentine's Dinner Dance to Support Department of NH Special Projects

On Saturday February 14, Starting at 6:00pm  VFW Post 483 members, Ladies Auxiliary and Men’s Auxiliary are holding a Dinner/Dance in support of Department Commanders Special Project : Homeless Veterans and the Ladies Auxiliary President’s Special Project: Over There. Dinner will feature a full Pork Dinner and desert. Listening and Dance Music will be provided by D.J. Pete Lyons. Tickets are on sale now at the VFW Post 483 Canteen, 2 Quincy Street, Phone 880-7874 or by calling the Post Commander at 880-6491.

Tickets are $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple. All Proceeds will be directed to Homeless Vets and NH Vets in Need who are serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or who have served in these combat areas within the last year.  This event is open to the Public, so please come out and support or Veterans in need.  

Department of NH Membership Contest


New Membership Contests


1. All Posts who reach 100% by March 21st will be put in a drawing for $250.00. There will be 2  drawn.


2. All Posts who reinstate 10 members between January 31st and March 21st will be put in a drawing for $150.00. There will be 2 drawn.


3. All Posts who increase life members by 5 between January 31st and March 21st will be put in a drawing for $100.00. There will be 2 drawn

For More Information Contact Paul Loyd Membership Chairman

Census Jobs for VETS in New Hampshire

Job Opportunities are being made available as part of the U.S. 2010 Census.  VFW members will be given 5 points credit and another 5 points if you have at least a 30% disability on the Multiple Choice Qualifying test.  To find out more information, visit: or call 1-866-861-2010. 
To qualify you must pass a multiple choice test. The test take a maximum of 30 minutes.   Test locations have been established at the Hudson Memorial Post on Tuesdays Mornings starting at 10:00am.  and at the Nashua Post on Thursday Mornings starting at 10:00am.  You will need a copy of your DD214, and a passport.  If you don’t have a passport you will need a picture Id (NH Drivers License) and one other form of ID such as Birth Certificate or Social Security Card. 
Again:  Visit or call 1-866-861-2010 for more information on set up an appointment at a test site. 

Department of New Hampshire General Orders May 2010

GENERAL ORDERS # 11                         May 2010

General Orders are to be read at each Post Meeting and placed on file

1)  VOTING AT STATE CONVENTION:   State convention is quickly approaching (June 19-20, 2010). Has your post done everything required to vote at the convention?
Are your audits up to date? Has your post or District Inspection been done? Have your mandatory donations been made? Also you need to pay your delegate fees to Department Quartermaster William Champagne. After May 15th the quartermaster will be sending a delegate notice based on your current membership as of May 15th. You will need to pay $3.00 per delegate plus the Commander. Your delegate strength will be one delegate for every 30 members or any fraction there of. Voting will start at 11:00 AM sharp, be sure you are prepared to vote.

2)  MEMORIAL DAY: Commanders on all levels should begin organizing their 2010 Memorial Day Buddy Poppy Campaign.

(Promotional material was mailed to all Commanders last July). Every Post is urged to order your Buddy Poppies
from Quartermaster, William Champagne for distribution at your Buddy Poppy Campaign.

3) STATE CONVENTION: The State Convention will be held June 18-20, 2010 at the Town and Country Motor Inn, Shelburne, NH. Room rate will be $88.00 plus tax. Call today to reserve your room 1-800-325-4386.  Friday Luncheon will be Roast Beef for $18.00 per person. Dress Code for VFW white shirt no jacket. Saturday banquet is Surf and Turf for $30.00 per person. Dress Code is Jacket and Tie. Past State Commander’s Luncheon will be $15.00 again this year. 

Dress code for installation is Blues and Grays.

4)  CONVENTION AD BOOK: Attention is called again to our Convention Ad Book Company, (Consult Tel-Communications)  is working hard to solicit ads for our book. It is imperative that Commanders inform those working at Post Homes and Canteens so they can be informed of their work.

5)   CONVENTION ADS:  We request that all Ads be submitted by May 9, 2009 to Quartermaster, William Champagne, PO Box 1440, Concord, NH 03301 and make checks payable to Department of NH VFW  Full Page – $100.00, Half Page – $50.00, Quarter Page – $25.00, Eighth Page – $15.00.

6)JOINT STATE OUTING:  We have reserved a block of rooms at the Best Western in Keene for the Department Picnic If you are planning on staying at this hotel the reservation number is 603-357-3038, let them know you are with the VFW, and the room rate is $99 per night. They do have a couple rooms for smoking if you prefer one, the rooms we reserved are on the first floor with doors to the court yard where you can smoke.

7)   ELECTION/INSTALLATION OF POST OFFICERS:  It is imperative that Posts and Districts not only report their elections to National right away but also to the office of the State Adjutant. I need the info for next years Roster Book and for labels for next years General Orders.

Please send a copy of your election report to State Adjutant Dana Hussey, PO Box 6025, Rochester, NH 03868.



16: District #2 Charlestown    1:00 PM         State Commander, Roland Miller

02: District #3 Rochester       10:00 AM        State Jr. Vice Commander, Paul Lloyd

16: District #4 Suncook      10:00 AM      State Sr. Vice Commander, Dave Ouellette

16: District #5 Keene            10:00 AM        State Chaplain, Greg Lynch

02: District #6 Hudson         10:00 AM         State Commander, Roland Miller

16: District #7 Derry           10:00 AM         State Surgeon , Charles Mooskian

9) NATIONAL CONVENTION: The 111th National Convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 21-26, 2010.
The Department of NH will be housed at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites with a block of 20 rooms. Room reservations may be made by filling out the form enclosed and mail to VFW Housing Bureau, 30 So. Meridian Street, Suite 410, Indianapolis, Indiana. or  Call 317-684-2573 or go to . Rates for rooms are single/double $125.00, triple $135.00, Quad $145.00 plus 17% tax. There is one floor of smoking rooms available. A room deposit of $100.00 is required to secure reservation. Cancellation policy is after July 19, 2010 will be subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee. July 19, 2010 is the deadline for reservations.

10)REGISTRATION VFW NATIONAL CONVENTION:  In accordance with the requirements of Section 222 of the By-Laws, Posts are urged to complete and mail the registration forms and payment of delegate fees to National for the National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana; August 21-26, 2010.

May is National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM)
Have you made your plans for May Troop Support and/or
Memorial Day events? Check out this website ideas for your community and recognition of your local veterans to include

*Announce NMAM at your Post/Auxiliary meeting
* Incorporate NMAM into school and VA Hospital visits
*Urge your community to fly the flag from May 1 through Flag Day June 14
Now that you have your events planned
* Don’t forget to order your "NMS Support Our Troops" t-shirts

* List your events on the NMAM Community Calendar


Due to the increased demands by WWII veterans, history buffs, teachers and others to return to the WWII European Theater areas, a September 8th departure has been added to the tours already being escorted by Dr. & Mrs. Brooks Ranney of Yankton, SD.The June tour is now sold out and there are a few seats remaining on the July 13th departure.

This is the seventh year that WWII Veteran Dr. Brooks Ranney and his wife Vi have escorted these groups. They will visit Paris, all the Beaches of Normandy, Eisenhower’s headquarters in Reims, Patton’s Grave near Luxembourg City, the Battle of the Bulge area in Belgium, Germany with the Remagen Bridge, an afternoon  Rhine River cruise, the Dachau Memorial Camp and Hitler’s Eagles Nest.  If you wish to travel with the Ranneys, please call their home 605-665-3596 today for a colorful brochure.  WWII Veterans always receive a $200 discount.

Dana E. Hussey                                 Roland E. Miller

State Adjutant                                   State Commander



Bring “EM” All Home


Click Here for Quartermaster Donation Report

Quartermaster Notes

New Fax Number:  Please send all faxes for Dept. Quartermaster to 603-866-531-4476

Community Activities Reports:  April 30th was the deadline for submitting community activity reports
I am in the process of reporting them to National.  Any reports received after April 30th will be included in the report next fiscal year.

Trustee and Post Inspection Reports:  Please check the enclosed Quartermaster report. 
If your post or district reports were not sent in please contact me or mail them to me ASAP.  Office phone number: 603-856-5063

Donations:  Also check the enclosed donations report for accuracy in the posting of your donations. 
Please contact me if you do not see your donations reported correctly.

Buddy Poppies:  It will take at least 3 weeks to receive an order from Emblem and Supply.
Please send me an order ASAP if you want them for Memorial Day.

Convention Ads:  Deadline for submitting an ad is May 9th. 
Please send your ad copy along with a check made out to:  Dept. of NH VFW to:

Bill Champagne Dept. Of NH VFW PO Box 1440 Concord NH 03302

Copies of the publication “To War and Back, Afghanistan and Iraq” are in and I have given them to Paul Lloyd
for distribution as well as passing some out at our last C of A. 

Special thanks to everyone that supported our hosting of the Eastern States Conference. Paul Lloyd and Jackie Nevin along with their committees did an outstanding job!  Kudos!!!

In Comradeship,

Bill Champagne
Department Quartermaster

Click Here for Quartermaster Report

Click Here for State Outing Flyer