2008 VA Benefits Handbook Available Online

WASHINGTON — A new edition of the popular handbook Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) updates the rates for certain federal payments and outlines a variety of programs and benefits for American veterans.

Most of the nation's 24 million veterans qualify for some VA benefits, which range from health care to burial in a national cemetery.  In addition to describing benefits provided by VA, the 2008 edition of the 153-page booklet provides an overview of programs and services for veterans provided by other federal agencies.  

Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents includes resources to help veterans access their benefits, with a listing of toll-free phone numbers, Internet addresses and a directory of VA facilities throughout the country.  The handbook can be downloaded free from VA's Web site at http://www.va.gov/OPA/vadocs/current_benefits.asp.

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