Manchester VA Medical Center Audiology Clinic to support Walk-in Hearing Aid Repairs

Contact:  Kristin Pressly, Public Affairs Officer (603) 624-4366 x 6779

Manchester VA Medical Center Audiology Clinic to support Walk-in Hearing Aid Repairs


Manchester, NH – The Manchester VA Medical Center will be supporting walk-in hearing aid repairs in the Audiology Clinic effective September 1.


Hearing impairments continue to be one of the most prevalent service connected disabilities amongst all era of Veterans. Audiology consults in Manchester have grown an average of 4% every year for the last decade. Subsequently, hearing aid issuance has also steadily increased from 2283 issued in 2011 to 2763 issued in 2014.


To streamline repairs, the Manchester VA Medical Center Audiology Clinic will now offer same day hearing aid assessments locally, with the majority of repairs being made on-site. Hearing aids deemed to have repairs that only the manufacturer can repair, will be mailed from the Medical Center, tracked, and returned to the Veterans either in person or by mail, per their request.


“Manchester VA Medical Center has provided an average of 3,862 Veterans with audiology services each year over the last two fiscal years, and are projected to see 4,446 by the end of this fiscal year,” said Danielle Ocker, Acting Director, Manchester VAMC.  “Over the last several years, Veterans have had to mail their hearing aids to the manufacturer for repair which caused significant delays and functional impact during that period. Local walk-in hearing aid repair service immediately enhances the care for these Veterans. This enhancement to service is another step Manchester VA is taking towards ensuring access to high quality care for New Hampshire Veterans.”


Veterans wishing to take advantage of the walk-in hearing aid repair clinic can do so Monday – Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.   Hearing aid repairs can be accommodated through an in-person drop off at 3rd floor check in desk at the Medical Center or at any of the Community Based Outpatient Clinics which are located in Somersworth, Portsmouth, Tilton or Conway.  Repair by mail at:  Audiology Clinic, Manchester VA Medical Center, 718 Smyth Road, Manchester, NH 03103.


Questions related to hearing aid repairs?  Contact the Manchester VA Medical Center Audiology Clinic at:  624-4366 x 2062.

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