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VA Hires Over 1,600 Mental Health Professionals to Meet Goal,

Expands Access to Care and Outreach Efforts


Manchester VAMC Hires 15 New Mental Health Professionals


Manchester, NH  – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that it has met the goal to hire 1,600 new mental health professionals outlined in President Obama’s August 31, 2012, Executive Order to Improve Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members, and Military Families. Manchester VA Medical Center has hired 15 new mental health professionals toward this goal.

“I am proud of the hard work our staff has completed to bring these new staff members on board,” said Susan A. MacKenzie, PhD, Acting Medical Center Director. “We are not slowing our efforts however, and will continue to actively recruit for any vacant mental health positions for the future so Veterans will get the care they need. Not only have we hired new mental health professionals but the Manchester VAMC has specialty areas related to Mental Health, such as Veterans Justice Outreach, Homeless Veterans Outreach, Military Sexual Trauma, Women’s Wellness Group, just to name a few.”

As of May 31, 2013, VA has hired a total of 1,607 mental health clinical providers to meet the goal of 1,600 new mental health professionals outlined in the Executive Order. Additionally, VA has hired 2,005 mental health clinical providers to fill existing vacancies.

“Meeting this hiring milestone significantly enhances our ability to improve access to care for those Veterans seeking mental health services and demonstrates our continued commitment to the health and well-being of the men and women who have served the Nation,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “Meeting this goal is an important achievement, but we recognize that we must continue to increase access to the quality mental health care Veterans have earned and deserve.”

VA provides a full range of comprehensive mental health services across the country.  In Fiscal Year 2012, more than 1.3 million Veterans received specialized mental health care from VA.  This number has risen each year from 927,052 in Fiscal Year 2006. In addition to hiring more mental health professionals, VA is expanding the use of innovative technology to serve Veterans in rural or underserved areas. VA expects to increase the number of Veterans receiving care from tele-mental health services in fiscal year 2013, and has increased the number of Vet Centers, which provide readjustment counseling and referral services from 233 in 2008 to 300 in 2012.

In November 2011, VA launched an award-winning, national public awareness campaign called Make the Connection, which is aimed at reducing the stigma associated with seeking mental health care and informing Veterans, their families, friends, and members of their communities about VA resources.  More information on Make the Connection can be found at

Mental health professionals interested in seeking employment with the Department of Veterans Affairs can obtain information at Veterans and their families interested in learning more about the mental health services provided by VA can go to

Welcome New Members

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     I am proud to see the influx of new members from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.  We are the new generation of veterans taking the torch from the men and women we have looked up to all our lives, and those we aspired to be like.  The WWII, Korea and Vietnam conflict veterans have held the organization together for decades, and now is the time for us to step up. 

    OEF/OIF Veterans in Action  We came home, and now it is time to continue our mission of “Honor the Dead by Helping the Living”.  When I first came home I felt lost and alone.  I didn’t know where to turn.  Coming home is hard, but you’re not alone.  Stop in the VFW on Kelley St and say hello.  I played video bowling with fellow Marines and other combat vets the other day, and I had a blast doing it.  I enjoyed a few beers and some great company.  This is YOUR VFW.  We can’t make it what you want it to be, but you can help make it that way by being involved.

     The next time you are hanging out, and feeling like you don’t want to leave your house or do anything; come say hello at the VFW.  Play a game of pool, and feel free to invite your friends.  This is YOUR place to hang out.  We are working on a Pool league as well as Darts and Video Bowling leagues.  Soon we will be hosting a video game competition of a game like MW3.   You have to get involved though.

    Again, I am so happy to see new faces, and I enjoy spending time with my fellow veterans.  Keep spreading the word.  The VFW isn’t about a couple old timers (no offense) sitting around being grumpy and getting drunk.  The VFW is bright and a fun place to hang out with friends and fellow veterans.


Semper Fi,


Paul F Roy Jr.

Junior Vice Commander/Adjutant

VFW Post 8214 – Manchester, NH

Comrade In Distress



Hello to all VFW and Auxiliary Members,

Yesterday evening (12 June 2013) the post was made aware that one of our Men’s Auxiliary members has been placed in hospice care.   Many around Post 8214 as well as local Legion Post 2 know Russell Fontaine.  Russell has always been eager to aid and assist the VFW and others in any way that he possibly could.  It deeply saddened our hearts to learn that this was the reason we had not seen him around.

Russell’s caretaker came in to apprise our post of his condition, and requested that we not let on to what we know of it when visiting him.  Russell has Lymphoma and is currently at the Merrimack Community Hospice with an estimated 4 weeks or less to live.  We ask at this time that if at all possible our membership (VFW & Aux) pay him a visit.  He was so often there for us, and we should reciprocate and show our support for him in his last days.  I have contacted the Hospice and will pass along any updates received. 

Feel free to contact the post with any questions. 

Sincerely Yours In Comradeship,

Paul F Roy Jr

Post 8214 Adjutant/JVC

Important Updates from Commander Haugh

VFW Logo 



Comrades and Friends,

  There have been so many new happenings around the post! It had to happen in order to force us to regroup and conduct business of the Canteen differently.  No different than a failed ambush/assault – you cannot keep doing the same thing and accepting the same ill results – thus the reasoning of After Action Reviews and getting in put of the men and altering the Operation.  Fact also states that we have members who are opposed to some goings on around the post and refused to walk into our building and meetings.

Another note: Junior Vice Commander/Adjutant Elect – Paul Roy Jr. is now the Canteen Manager, Surgeon Elect – Timothy Searles is his Assistant Canteen Manager.  We had wanted to add out Quartermaster David Berry as the 2nd Assistant Canteen Manager but unfortunately this is against the VFW National By-Laws.

Soon we will be sitting with our VFW Bookkeeper to completely go over our financial situations and find all areas which hard decision will be made to cut out comforts and fat.  No doubt we have a long road ahead of us for recovery and a turn around – like I have learned in Special Forces all planning involves the acronym PACE (Primary Alternate Contingency Emergency) and this is being worked out with the Canteen Crew.

We have a huge important meeting this June 12th at 1900hrs – I hope to see a huge turn out as more important issues will be on the table and I as the Commander am welcoming ALL COMRADES input on the table on record.  I will send out the Agenda for the next meeting come 1st of June.

Lastly… we are now in the fixing stages of the Canteen and rental properties and can really use our Comrades for networking and if possible physical help as well – Currently myself, Paul Roy Jr., Timothy Searles, and David Berry are volunteering our time daily… We are in need of electrical work, plumbing, carpenters, handyman (no different than a “Honey Do” list we married men have at home) workers and general assistance.  We are at the VFW Monday through Friday 1030hrs to 2000hrs for the next few weeks till we start to see significant changes.  We will shut down the VFW on Sundays unless we have Special or Planned Events.
Comrades – Please participate if you can!  We need your help and support – there is no way we are a one man operation and we will no longer operate as an island!  Changes are here and are now in play – help us turn things around and change the image of VFW Queen City Memorial Post 8214.
Last note: You are invited to join the Ladies Auxiliary and your Post in traveling throughout 3 parts of city to Commemorate Memorial Day and pay tribute to our fallen Comrades – we will meet at the VFW no later than 0815hrs and return 1030hrs; from there roughly about 1100hrs I will go to Central HS and linkup with our American Legion Comrades and continue their trail of Memorials and complete this about 1200hrs at the American Legions Sweeney Post where they will be hosting a BBQ.  ALL are invited!  Please contact me if interested…
Yours in Comradeship,
Richard “Hawk” Haugh
Commander Elect
Queen City Memorial Post 8214
Canteen: (603) 623-8265
Your VFW Facebook:
Your VFW Website:

VFW NH Paper Poppy Launches: Raise Awareness of Your Local VFW Post

The Veterans Foundation of NH Inc. raises awareness of the VFW Department of New Hampshire and invites all local communities to express their support for our service men and women by producing the Paper Poppy Project.

Show your support by displaying the Paper Poppy at your location. The Paper Poppy may feature the name of a veteran or a supporter and acknowledges all our local service men & women throughout our community.

The Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire Paper Poppy--We'll Do More For Veterans`The Paper Poppy is produced by the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, Inc. to raise awareness of the VFW, inviting family members and veterans to join the organization in building on over a century of service to our nation and to the care of our military families.

This is a grass roots effort to recruit and to assist veterans service through participating VSOs (Veterans Service Organizations) and the Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire, a solvent and self-sustained non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

The Veterans Foundation (VFNH) operates at the heart of modern post-war support through its developing programs and projects. VFNH is endorsed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department New Hampshire and is the Special Project for VFW NH Commander Gregory Lynch.

The Veterans Foundation of New Hampshire is also the only known foundation with a mission to help not only individuals in need, but to assist all veterans service organizations in New Hampshire. Join the VFW NH. Support the Veterans Foundation. Together, We’ll Do More For Veterans

Special Thanks to the Country Goods of East Wakefield for kicking it off. If you would like to support your local VFW Post with Paper Poppies at your location, let us know below:

Motorcyclists offered chance to help Milton police officer Marc Cilley

MILTON — About 500 area residents and police officers are planning to ride motorcycles Sept. 16 to help the family of a local officer who was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The fundraiser will benefit Officer Marc Cilley and it is open to “anyone who can ride,” according to Lee Police Sgt. Tom Dronsfield.

Cilley, who was born in New Hampshire, previously served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq, before returning to become a police officer. He began working for Milton police in December 2009.

“He has a four-year-old (son) with a baby on the way,” Dronsfield said, adding Cilley learned he had cancer just after buying a home in Wakefield.

While Cilley already underwent surgery to remove some of the cancer, he must go through nine weeks of chemotherapy before doctors will know more.

Much of the strain on the family and friends comes from worrying and waiting.

“He spent most of his life helping other people through the military, the fire department and the police,” Dronsfield said, adding it’s time for others to try and return the favor.

“Marc may not be able to participate, but he’ll try to watch as the line of supporters drives by,” Dronsfield said, adding Cilley is expecting to undergo another round of chemotherapy the week before, which is physically draining.

“It looks like it’s going to be huge,” Dronsfield said, adding he was hoping for 250 bikes to participate in the run, but “it’s easily closer to 500.”

They won’t know until people start registering, which is scheduled from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at the Public Dronsfield said, adding it’s time for others to try and return the favor.

At 10 a.m., the bikes are scheduled to ride north on Route 125 — complete with an escort of area police, New Hampshire State Police troopers and a rescue vehicle — all the way to Milton, Dronsfield said.

Dronsfield said participants will then return for a barbecue at noon at the Lee Police Station via Routes 75, 11, 16 and 125.

Once everyone returns, Dronsfield said participants can take part in a silent auction for many items, including two $100 tickets for an upcoming race at N.H. Motor Speedway in Loudon “We have a ton of stuff for raffles,” Dronsfield said.

The event was organized by the Lee Police Association in cooperation with the Milton and Durham Police Departments.

The cost is $20 for riders and $10 for passengers.

Dronsfield said an account to help the Cilley family was established at the Northeast Credit Union. He added donations can be made out to the “Lee Police Association” with “Cilley” in the memo line.

For more information, contact Sgt. Tom Dronsfield at

VA News Highlights

Several headlines from the Department of Veterans Affairs in recent days.  Click the links to read the full stories.

Statement from Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki on the American Jobs Act – Shinseki comments on the proposed Act which includes support for veteran jobs.

VA Announces Expansion of Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced it will expand its pilot for the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER), which enables sharing of Veterans’ health records.

VA Streamlines Online Applications for Health Benefits Renewal – Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has automated its online Health Benefits Renewal (10-10EZR) form as part of its ongoing effort to streamline access to benefits.

VA Posts Online List of Ships Associated with Presumptive Agent Orange Exposure – Veterans who served aboard U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships operating on the waters of Vietnam between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, may be eligible to receive Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation for 14 medical conditions associated with presumptive exposure to Agent Orange.

National Convention Wrap Up

America’s largest organization of combat veterans has elected a Vietnam War veteran to head the 1.5 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Richard L. DeNoyer, a resident of Middleton, Massachusetts, was elected VFW Commander-in-Chief on September 1, 2011, during the 112th VFW National Convention, held August 27 – September 1, in San Antonio, Texas.

Click here to read DeNoyer’s acceptance speech.

Also elected were John Hamilton, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief, of
St. Augustine, Florida, and William Thien, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, of Georgetown, Indiana.

Several major measures affecting the operation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars were also approved during the business sesssion.  Click here to read a summary by North Carolina VFW Member Ken Sellers.  For more information on convention events, visit the Summary page.

And finally, watch the slideshow below for some random photos from the convention.