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At the April meeting, the Tony K. Burris VFW Post 3608 elected its new officers, whose term starts July 1st (technically, the new term officially start when the Oklahoma Department VFW holds its state conference in June).

Elected to be Commander is Vern Babcock.  Vern is a past district commander and is a past commander of the VFW Post in Moore.

Junior Vice-Commander Larry Mullins was elected to move up to the roll of Senior Vice-Commander.  Filling the Junior Vice-Commander roll will be Ken Andrews.

Two-Year Quartermaster John Fischer was elected to serve a 3rd year in that roll.  He was also appointed to fill the rolls of Adjutant and Judge Advocate, this will be his 2nd term in those two rolls.

The Post’s finances are audited by a board of three elected Trustees, each trustee serves a 3-Year term, and those terms stagger.  Outgoing Commander Doyle Haynes was elected to serve as a new Trustee with a 3-Year Term.  Ken Loyd was elected to complete the remaining term of 2-Years for outgoing trustee Paul Bixler, and Joe Lehman has one year left on his term as Trustee.

Doyle Haynes will keep his appointed roll of Post Surgeon for an additional term, and Brian Spall will continue his roll as the Post’s Service Officer.

The Post still needs to fill the position of Post Chaplain.

These new officers will be installed at the May 2nd VFW Post meeting.

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