Oct 15 2017

Virginia VFW Council of Administration Meets

Saturday October 14, 2017. The Virginia Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) held its Council of Administration at its headquarters in Staunton, VA. The Council is presided over by the Department Commander Mike Boehme, and is made up of the 13 District Commanders representing 135 Posts, Department officers, and staff.

At this Council of Administration, a wide variety of veterans’ issues were reviewed and discussed, from VFW Post performance that includes their work with Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities, Safety, to Hospital service/support. These are the mission areas that each of the Posts perform and report on.

Other areas included the VFW Post inspection program, where each post is inspected annually for compliance with the VFW By-Laws and Manual of Procedure; participation in Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy, and National Citizenship Education Teacher’s Awards; and Buddy Poppy and National Military Services Programs.

Membership and recruiting was also a prime topic in as VFW membership not only enables the conduct of the VFW mission, but it represents a sizeable constituency that is recognized by the US Congress. That constituency enables the VFW to push through many legislative issues that directly help our veterans! The Department, Districts, and each Post are responsible for recruiting eligible members that make up the Veterans of Foreign Wars. It is the membership that enables VFW Success!


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Oct 01 2017

VFW Virginia a Hit at “The Nation’s Gun Show”

Chuck Wilson, “Turk” Maggi, Tom Troy, and Ken Strafer in the VFW Booth

September 29-October 1, 2017, Chantilly, VA. Situated in Chantilly, VA, Dulles Expo & Conference Center is Northern Virginia and Metropolitan Washington DC’s premier exhibition facility for consumer shows and trade events. Held at the Dulles Expo, The Nation’s Gun Show is dedicated to producing the most professional, safest, and ethical gun shows in the United States and draws thousands of people from Northern Virginia, many of which are veterans.

Both Virginia VFW District 8, and District 10, manned the VFW booth at “The Nation’s Gun Show,” at the Dulles Expo Center. Seen above are Chuck Wilson, District 10 Commander; “Turk” Maggi, past Occoquan Post 7916 Senior Vice Commander; Tom Troy, Burke Post 5412; and Ken Strafer, Senior Vice Commander Occoquan Post 7916.

As the multitudes descended upon the Expo Center, many passed by, and stopped, at the VFW Booth.  By 4:00PM Sunday, we had 29 applicants including a few transfers!

Participating Posts were from Leesburg-1177, Dale City-1503, Arlington-3150, Burke-5412, Occoquan-7916, and also from Manassas-7589, and Manassas Park-1811.  



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Sep 17 2017

VFW Post 1503 Celebrates the Air Force 70th Birthday

 VFW Post 1503 Celebrates the Air Force 70th Birthday


September 16, 2017, Dale City, Virginia. The 70th Anniversary of the United States Air force is September 18, 2017. In order to accommodate the membership, VFW Post 1503 got a head start and celebrated the Air Force Birthday on Saturday, two days before.


Post 1503 Commander Tom Brown provided welcoming remarks with the Post 1503 Chaplain, Ed Bennett, and also Air Force Veteran, gave introductory remarks. 

The keynote speaker was the Commander of Virginia’s District 10, Chuck Wilson, who is a retired Air Force Colonel and a rated AF Command Pilot.

District Commander Wilson’s remarks included how the Air Force as we know it today evolved from what was the Air Service of the US Army Signal Corps. He then described in detail, Gen Billy Mitchell of WWI, who many regard as the “Father of the Air Force.” It was Billy Mitchell, whose outspoken advocacy of airpower as key to winning the next war, and as a separate service, cost him his career in 1925.  The Spad XVI that Gen Mitchell flew during WWI is on display at the National Air and Space Museum, Dulles which is near Washington DC.




In all over forty members and Auxiliary, young and old, attended from District 10. Following the brief, lunch was provided.








Seen here with the District Commander is 89 year old retired Air Force MSgt Robert Goad. MSgt Goad retired from the Air Force in 1970.









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Sep 17 2017

District 10’s VFW Post 7916 conducts POW MIA Ceremony





September 15, 2017, Occoquan VA. A special ceremony was held on National POW MIA Recognition Day where people from all over the region gathered together to sing the National Anthem, pledge Allegiance to our flag and pray during the POW/MIA Memorial Ceremony at River Mill Park.

Post Commander Jeff Lett provided welcoming remarks and said, “This year we pay special honors to our veterans of the Vietnam war and especially honor Air Force Captain John William Kennedy, a post member and VMI graduate, lost to us on 21 August 1971, in Southeast Asia.”  The ceremony took place under a slate gray sky and along the still water of the Occoquan River.

The keynote address was provided by the Commander of Virginia District 10, Colonel Chuck Wilson, USAF (Ret) who said, “Today there are 83,000 Americans listed as missing and unaccounted-for from our nation’s wars going back to the beginning of World War II. That’s 83,000 military and civilian men and women … mothers and fathers … brothers and sisters … and sons and daughters… Today, our nation reaffirms its resolve to achieve the fullest possible accounting of those who are missing.”

POW MIA Table of Honor on Display

                                                    Navy Veteran J.R. Arthur, from Fredericksburg, wears the most colorful and distinctive Scottish Dress uniform, and carrying bag pipes, played Service melodies, and also played the solemn hymn, “Taps.”

Post 7916’s own Boy Scout Troop 1369 led by Post 7916 Life Member Steve Sabia provided flawless logistical support. As the Grand Finale, the scouts launched red, white, blue, silver and black star helium filled balloons in honor of our Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force & Coast Guard Heroes.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7916 conducted the ceremony and was attended by US Congressional Candidate Jeffery Dove, Virginia Delegate Richard Anderson, Occoquan Mayor Elizabeth Quist, and Occoquan District Supervisor Ruth Anderson.



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Sep 07 2017

Town of Occoquan Recognizes VFW Post 7916 in Achieving 2016-17 “All American Post”

Mayor Quist, Vice Mayor Sivigny, Post Commander Lett

September 5, 2017, Town Hall, Occoquan, VA.  At the September Town Meeting Tuesday evening, The historic town of Occoquan Virginia, recognized Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7916 for its Community Service and Americanism activities and programs that led up to achieving “All American” Post for 2016-2017.   

VFW Post 7916 far exceeded the standards for Americanism and leading patriotic events, Community Service and Programs, Youth Activities and Programs, Safety Programs, Hospital service programs, Post Administration, Finance, By-Laws, and regulations, and membership Programs; and made positive contribution that VFW Post 7916 to not only the Occoquan Community, but also to the veterans and their families within the region. Before a well attended Town Hall, with an estimated 90 people present, including District 10 Commander Chuck Wilson, The Occoquan Town Council put forth a resolution with the specifics to be voted on:  “I move to adopt a resolution of congratulations and appreciation to VFW Post 7916 for achieving the designation and All American Post, and authorize the Mayor to sign.”

 Mayor Elizabeth Quist read, and then presented, the formal Resolution to Post Commander Jeff Lett who accepted on behalf of the Post 7916 membership. 


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Aug 14 2017

VFW Virginia District 10 Holds School of Instruction at Post 7916

VFW Virginia District 10 Holds School of Instruction at Post 7916    As we were briefed at the June Department Convention, and the District 10 planning meeting, this year the Department of Virginia is doing Schools of Instruction differently –there won’t be one or two centralized schools as in the past. This year the Department is taking the SOI to the Districts. This process will allow the Department to train many more comrades than ever before, and provide participating Posts with valuable information that can lead to achieving “All State” and “All American.” 

Jeff Lett, Post 7916 Commander welcomed all to Post 7916 in Occoquan and introduced the District 10 Commander. 










Chuck Wilson, Commander of District 10, provided the latest District 10 information, guidance, and introductory remarks for all those in attendance from the District.








Department Officers Eric Mallet, and Butch Schupska, traveled to Post 7916, located in the Town of Occoquan and provided series of briefings containing valuable VFW information for the District 10 Posts.  These briefings included: Duties and Responsibilities of Post Commanders, Duties of Post Quartermasters, Parliamentary Law and Procedure, National and Department By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of Club Rooms, Program Reporting, Membership Programs, and Post Inspections.  


Now is the time for District 10, and its Posts, to make a commitment to become All-State and All-American. Get your members to buy-in early and make it a team effort. The requirements for each can be found in the Department Membership-Awards Program and the VFW National Membership Program

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Jul 16 2017

Virginia District 10 Achieves Coveted “All American” Status


The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is pleased to announce that the Department of Virginia,  District 10, VFW Post 1177 Leesburg, VFW Post 1503 Dale City, and VFW Post 7916 Occoquan have achieved national recognition as “All American” for 2016-17!

During this period, the Commanders were:

Virginia Department:       Tom Gimble

Virginia District 10:          Robert Dugas

VFW Post 1177:              Ray Delpesche

VFW Post 1503:              Tim Brown

VFW Post  7916              Chuck Wilson

Gimble, is one of only 13 state commanders worldwide to earn the title of All-American Commander.

Dugas, the outgoing commander of VFW District 10 in the state of Virginia, is one of only 64 VFW District commanders worldwide to earn the title of All-American District Commander.

Of the 6, 500 VFW Posts worldwide, Delpesche, Brown, and Wilson, are three of 279 to earn the title of “All American” Post Commander. That’s the top .04% of all Posts worldwide!!

To achieve this honor, VFW Commanders must meet strict requirements in their role to include exceptional leadership, authentic accomplishment in membership growth and strong support of VFW core programs.

VFW Post 7916 held a brief celebration of their achievement.  Pictured above are (l-r) Quartermaster Jim Adams Senior Vice Turk Maggi, incoming Post Commander Jeff Lett, incoming District Commander Chuck Wilson, Delegate Rich Anderson, outgoing State Commander Tom Gimble.  

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is the nation’s largest and oldest major war veterans organization. Founded in 1899 and chartered by Congress in 1936, the VFW is comprised entirely of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, Guard and Reserve forces. With nearly 1.7 million VFW and Auxiliary members located in almost 6,500 Posts worldwide, the nonprofit veterans service organization is proud to proclaim “NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS” than the VFW, which is dedicated to veterans service, legislative advocacy, and military and community service programs.  


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May 31 2017


DISTRICT 10 in Lead Role


May 29, 2017, Quantico National Cemetery (QNC), VA. A Memorial Day Ceremony was held with an estimated 1,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines, along with many families and distinguished guests who came to remember those who have fallen, fighting for our nation,… the ones who gave all, and those who are still unaccounted for.

Four-Star Admiral John Harvey, USN Ret, said, “We must remember our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines, who sacrificed and gave their lives for us to be free.” John Harvey is the Virginia Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs for the Commonwealth.  In his remarks, Secretary Harvey described the history of this special day going back to General Logan’s General Order #11 of May 5, 1868, which states, “The 30th day of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet church-yard in the land… It is the purpose of the Commander-in-Chief to inaugurate this observance with the hope that it will be kept up from year to year, while a survivor of the war remains to honor the memory of his departed comrades. He earnestly desires the public press to lend its friendly aid in bringing to the notice of comrades in all parts of the country in time for simultaneous compliance therewith.”  This day was then named “Decoration Day,” and, in later times, it became known as “Memorial Day” and celebrated the last Monday in May. 


The Chairman of Potomac Region Veterans Council (PRVC), CHUCK WILSON was the Master of Ceremonies whose opening remarks set the stage for this solemn ceremony. Wilson is a retired Air Force Colonel who is the Commander Virginia VFW District 10 that includes five counties in Northern Virginia. He was also the past Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7916 in Occoquan.  


Colonel Joseph Murray, Commander, Marine Corps Base Quantico, gave welcoming remarks. 

PRVC Vice Chairman Randal Coker announced The Avenue of Honors,” that honors veterans who have been called from our midst and donated by family members of those fallen.”  VC Coker is also the Senior Vice CDR of District 10 and former Commander of Post 1503 Dale City. 

Colonel Frank Harris, USMC (Ret) provided “A Toast to the Flag.”

The “21-Gun Salute” was provided by the Marine Corps Rifle Team.


US Marine Corps Band played The National Anthem, the Medley of Service Hymns, and patriotic music throughout the ceremony.

A USMC Bugler plays “Taps.”


Boy Scout Troop 1369, one of four Scout organizations chartered by VFW Post 7916, assisted in setting up over 1,000 chairs for this Memorial Day ceremony.

Quantico National Cemetery has hosted this event since 1983. The US Marine Corps Base at Quantico has supported this event since its beginning at Quantico National Cemetery in 1983.  This year, the wet weather left water soaked fields and the ceremony had to be moved to a smaller, but dry, location.

Click Here to See Memorial Day Video

Both Memorial Day and Veterans Day Ceremonies are is sponsored by the Potomac Region Veterans Council (PRVC) that represents 26 Veteran Service Organizations and an estimated 15,000 veterans in Northern Virginia.  Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7916 is a charter member.

Pictures taken by VFW Life Member Mary Ellen Radloff


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May 11 2017

District 10 Convention and Officer Installation 2017

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May 11 2017

(No title)

State Commander Tom Gimble addressing District 10

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