Dec 12 2017

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District 10 Holds December Meeting of VFW Posts


This is a quick summary of the District 10 event held at VFW Post 3150, Arlington, Virginia.  More detail will be published with the Minutes of the meeting.

December 10, 2017. Virginia VFW District 10 held its quarterly assembly for all of its Posts in Northern Virginia at Post 3150 in Arlington, VA. Past State Commander Tom Gimble, State Senior Vice Ken Wiseman, and State Junior Vice Rick Raskin, were in attendance. Standing in for Post Commander Walter Sweeny, Chaplain Beatty welcomed all to the Arlington Post. District Commander Chuck Wilson presided with a review of all the action areas of District 10.

Past District Commander Bob Dugas reported that judging for Teacher of the Year is Monday Dec 11 at 7:00 pm Post 1503.

Senior Vice Randy Coker provided and overview of our membership and Voice of Democracy. Membership wise District 10 being at over 93%. Compared to last year this time District 10 is about 175 members ahead.
SVC Coker also reported Voice of Democracy judging is set for Monday Dec 11 at Post 1503.

Junior Vice Mike Delvechio reported that the Patriots Pen Winners are:
1st: Anya Ambarish from Post 1177
2nd: Suraya Suleman from Post 7327
3rd: Bridget Rothwell from Post 3150

JVC Delvechio also reported that Posts 1177, 7916, and 8469 have submitted YOUTH ACTIVITIES reports.

District Quartermaster Sterling Moninghoff provided a report of the District receipts and expenditures. A motion was made to increase the amount in the budget to paying the MAP Fund for both Department and National. Motion approved. For amounts see District minutes.

Adjutant Tom Levitt provided an AMERICANISM report that had District 10 Posts participated in the Veterans Day Ceremony at Quantico National Cemetery and the POW MIA Ceremony at Occoquan’s River Mill Park. ADJ Levitt also reported that:
Posts 609. 1177, 1503, 3150, 7916, and 8469 have reported on AMERICANISM, and
Posts 1177, 1503, 3150, 7916, and 8469 have provided SAFETY reports

Service Officer Mike Niblack addressed veterans in distress, and, Humana information suggests that no more auto enrollment for Tricare.  NOTE: Comrade Joe Byrne, Post 7327 CDR and District 10 Chaplain, recently had surgery and is have a difficult time in recovery.  He is in our thoughts today.   

Also reported that 609. 1177, 1503, 3150, 7916, and 8469 have COMMUNITY SERVICE reports submitted.
District Inspector Ken Wisman reported that although the District inspections are completed, Posts 1177 and 8469 have been “radio silent” on discrepancies… and called for action by the District Commander. (FYI District CDR has visited both posts and received verbal commitments for the Post commanders…more to follow).

Surgeon was excused from meeting. District CDR provided HOSPITAL REPORT that stated Posts 609. 1177, 1503, 3150, 7916, and 8469 have their reports in with Post 1503 to be filed that day.

Scouting Committee Chairman Bob Fenlason informed the district that the Scout of the Year program will be underway with the results to be announced.

Hospitality Committee Chairman Jeff Lett reported that Post 3150 and 7916 have the plans under way for the District 10 Hospitality Suite at the Winter Council in January.

District 10 Post Reports. Each District 10 post reported on their membership, Americanism, Community Service, Safety, Youth Activities, and Hospital events/activities they participated with.

KUDOS to Posts 1177, 7916, and 8469 for reporting in all categories!  Also see the three Post performance tables below.

609 Alexandria –               Reports- missing Safety and Youth

1177 Loudon –                  Reports- all categories reported

1503 Dale City –                Reports- Hospital?

3150 Arlington –                Reports missing-  Youth Activities

5412 Burke –                     Reports missing- Americanism, Community Service, Safety, Youth, and Hospital 

7327 Springfield –             Reports- missing- Americanism, Community Service, Safety, Youth, and Hospital

7916 Woodbridge–            Reports- all categories reported
8241 McLean –                 Reports- missing- Americanism, Community Service, Safety, Youth, and Hospital **ABSENT

8469 Fairfax –                   Reports- all categories reported


9274 Falls Church –          Reports-missing- Americanism, Community Service, Safety, Youth, and Hospital

District 10 Post Performance as of December 10

District 10 Post Reporting as of December 10




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