Oct 15 2017

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Virginia VFW Council of Administration Meets

Saturday October 14, 2017. The Virginia Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) held its Council of Administration at its headquarters in Staunton, VA. The Council is presided over by the Department Commander Mike Boehme, and is made up of the 13 District Commanders representing 135 Posts, Department officers, and staff.

At this Council of Administration, a wide variety of veterans’ issues were reviewed and discussed, from VFW Post performance that includes their work with Americanism, Community Service, Youth Activities, Safety, to Hospital service/support. These are the mission areas that each of the Posts perform and report on.

Other areas included the VFW Post inspection program, where each post is inspected annually for compliance with the VFW By-Laws and Manual of Procedure; participation in Patriots Pen, Voice of Democracy, and National Citizenship Education Teacher’s Awards; and Buddy Poppy and National Military Services Programs.

Membership and recruiting was also a prime topic in as VFW membership not only enables the conduct of the VFW mission, but it represents a sizeable constituency that is recognized by the US Congress. That constituency enables the VFW to push through many legislative issues that directly help our veterans! The Department, Districts, and each Post are responsible for recruiting eligible members that make up the Veterans of Foreign Wars. It is the membership that enables VFW Success!


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