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Welcome to the Department of Virginia’s All American Honors District 13 Homepage.

Commander Bob Wyman, Post 1827


***NEXT DISTRICT MEETING:  On 1 December 2018, at 12:00, at VFW Post 1827 in Charlottesville. 1170 River Road, Charlottesville, VA, 2901.

District 13 consists of the following VFW Posts:


Location:                             Charlottesville

Post Name/Number:      John C. Culin/Post 1827

Post Address:                     1170 River Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Phone:                                  434-293-4847

Meets:                                  2nd Tuesday at 18:30


Location:                             Earlysville

Post Name/Number:      Champ J. Lawson, Jr/Post 2044

Post Address:                     Earlysville Fire House, Reye Ford Road, Earlysville, VA


Meets:                                 Last Thursday at 19:30


Location:                             Orange

Post Name/Number:      James Madison/Post 2217

Post Address:                     19103 Brick Church Road, Orange, VA 22960


Meets:                                  2nd Wednesday at 19:00


Location:                             Columbia

Post Name/Number:      Post 2613

Post Address:                     2151 Slate Junction Rd., Columbia, VA 23038


Meets:                                  1st Saturday at 16:00


Location:                             Scottsville

Post Name/Number:      Scottville VFW/Post 8169

Post Address:                    2997 W. River Rd., Scottsville, VA 24590

Phone:                                  434-286-2596

Meets:                                 1st Monday at 19:00


Location:                             Louisa

Post Name/Number:       Louisa County/Post 8947

Post Address:                     102 Mineral Avenue, Mineral, VA

Phone:                                  540-894-5677

Meets:                                  4th Thursday at 18:30


Location:                             Bowling Green

Post Name/Number:      Post 10295         

Post Address:                     17352 A.P. Hill Blvd., Bowling Green, VA 22427

Phone:                                  804-633-6666

Meets:                                  2nd Tuesday at 19:00


Location:                             Colonial Beach

Post Name/Number:      William I. Cooper Memorial/Post 10574

Post Address:                     107 Hawthorn Ave, Colonial Beach, VA 22443

Phone:                                  804-224-9510

Meets:                                  2nd Tuesday at 19:00


The Virginia Veterans of Foreign Wars has a rich tradition of serving veterans, military families and their local communities. We invite you to explore this website and our entire VFW Virginia network of sites to learn more about our organization.

VFW Mission:

  • To foster camaraderie among United States Veterans of overseas conflicts.
  • To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities.
  • To advocate on behalf of all veterans.

Core Values:

  • Always put the interests of our members first.
  • Treat donors as partners in our cause.
  • Promote patriotism.
  • Honor military service.
  • Ensure the care of veterans and their families.
  • Serve our communities.
  • Promote a positive image of the VFW.
  • Respect the diversity of veteran opinions.

VFW Programs:

  • Patriots Pen
  • Voice of Democracy
  • Auxiliary Patriot Art Contest
  • Adopt a Unit
  • Military Assistance Program
  • Scout of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year


OUR DISTRICT VISION: Strive to improve the lives of Active, Retired, and Sseparated Veterans in our area.

If you are a veteran and would like to join the VFW, we invite you to fill out our Join the VFW form.

If you are already a member of the VFW, use the links below to find what you need quickly:

VFW WebMail

Online Program Reporting

Latest News from the Department

Latest News from Posts in Virginia

Post Website Directory

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