Apr 14 2012

New VFW Promotional Video

The National Veterans of Foreign Wars has unveiled their first video in their new “No One Does More For Veterans” campaign. Click below to view it.

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Sep 14 2011

“This is My VFW” Membership Recruitment Video

Membership recruitment video shot at the 112th National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars August 27-September 1, 2011.  Our thanks to all who participated in the production.  Please share this video with all of your friends and veterans on your social networks.  And of course, if you have not yet joined the VFW, click here to join today!

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Sep 14 2011

VA News Highlights

Several headlines from the Department of Veterans Affairs in recent days.  Click the links to read the full stories.

Statement from Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki on the American Jobs Act – Shinseki comments on the proposed Act which includes support for veteran jobs.

VA Announces Expansion of Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced it will expand its pilot for the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER), which enables sharing of Veterans’ health records.

VA Streamlines Online Applications for Health Benefits Renewal – Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has automated its online Health Benefits Renewal (10-10EZR) form as part of its ongoing effort to streamline access to benefits.

VA Posts Online List of Ships Associated with Presumptive Agent Orange Exposure – Veterans who served aboard U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships operating on the waters of Vietnam between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, may be eligible to receive Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation for 14 medical conditions associated with presumptive exposure to Agent Orange.

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Sep 14 2011

National Convention Wrap Up

America’s largest organization of combat veterans has elected a Vietnam War veteran to head the 1.5 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Richard L. DeNoyer, a resident of Middleton, Massachusetts, was elected VFW Commander-in-Chief on September 1, 2011, during the 112th VFW National Convention, held August 27 – September 1, in San Antonio, Texas.

Click here to read DeNoyer’s acceptance speech.

Also elected were John Hamilton, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief, of
St. Augustine, Florida, and William Thien, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, of Georgetown, Indiana.

Several major measures affecting the operation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars were also approved during the business sesssion.  Click here to read a summary by North Carolina VFW Member Ken Sellers.  For more information on convention events, visit the VFW.org Summary page.

And finally, watch the slideshow below for some random photos from the convention.

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Aug 22 2011

VFW Chides White House, Texas Governor for No-Show

KANSAS CITY, Mo., August 22, 2011 – The White House will not be sending a representative to the Veterans of Foreign Wars 112th National Convention in San Antonio, Texas, drawing harsh criticism and a rebuke from the leadership of the nation's largest combat veteran's organization.

"The VFW has had a long-standing tradition of inviting the sitting president to address our convention.  We want to know where he stands on veterans' affairs, and we want those remarks made in public and on the record," said Richard L. Eubank, the national commander of the nearly 2 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. and its Auxiliaries. 

"When the President is unable to attend, it has always been customary for the White House to choose a high-level administration official as an alternative speaker," Eubank continued. "It is an insult of the highest magnitude that for the first time in the history of the VFW, the White House has apparently decided that this great and iconic organization of combat veterans and all of its members are not worthy of its notice by not at least offering a first-tier speaker  from the administration."

Eubank, a Marine Corps retiree and Vietnam combat veteran from Eugene, Ore., was also critical of Texas Governor, Rick Perry; "The VFW also has a tradition of inviting the governor of the host state where its annual convention is being held to come and welcome and greet our convention delegates.  Although Governor Perry was similarly sent an invitation 3 months ago, apparently our invitation was deemed not important enough for the governor’s office to at least accept or decline the invitation.  Governor Perry's candidacy for president does not provide him an excuse for bad manners.  The White House and Governor Perry can rest assured that the 2 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliaries will remember this discourteous treatment for a very long time to come."

Annually, the VFW's National Convention plays host to a number of other speakers as well, including prominent members of the Cabinet, military and civic leaders, business leaders and a host of everyday people honored for their exemplary service.

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Aug 02 2011

VFW letter: the debt deal's done, now what?

Dear VFW, Ladies Auxiliary and Supporters:

The president this afternoon signed congressional legislation to raise the federal debt limit and reduce government spending. The larger question is now how this all impacts veterans, service members, their families and survivors.

The measure passed by the Senate today and in the House yesterday will raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit by at least $2.1 trillion. An additional $500 billion could come in the fall, provided two-thirds of Congress approves. The final increase, expected early next year, would provide the Treasury enough borrowing power to pay its bills into 2013.

The deal also calls for sharp cuts in agency spending — about $917 billion over the next decade — starting with a $25 billion reduction in fiscal year 2012, which begins Oct. 1, with a second set of reductions coming later this year via a special committee charged with wringing at least $1.2 trillion more over the next decade. If the committee fails to act — or if Congress does not adopt its recommendations by Dec. 23 — government spending would be cut across the board by the same amount, with the reductions split 50:50 between security and non-security programs.

Either way, many DOD and VA programs and services could be negatively impacted, which would counteract everything the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. has worked hard to create over the past 112 years. The VFW and our supporters cannot let this happen.

On the VFW website is a list of 10 services and programs the organization believes are most vulnerable to being cut or curtailed in order to help pay for 10 years of war. The "10 for 10" list will form the basis of VFW's legislative efforts and calls to action to its membership and grassroots supporters. Now is the time to re-engage with your members of Congress.

Yours in Comradeship,

Executive Director
VFW Washington Office

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Jul 25 2011

The American Veteran – July 2011

(via The Pentagon Channel)

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Jul 20 2011

Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Attorney General’s opinion clarifies tax exemption for disabled veterans


Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has issued an opinion clarifying interpretation of new legislation granting a real estate tax exemption to veterans with a 100 percent, permanent and total, service-connected disability.  The legislation, enacted by the 2011General Assembly in response to a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 2010, exempts real estate, including property held jointly by a husband and wife, from taxation provided the veteran meets the specified disability requirements.  The exemption applies to the building on the property and up to one acre of land.  The veteran must use the property as his or her principal residence. 


The Attorney General’s opinion, issued July 15, 2011, clarifies the term 100% disability to include veterans rated by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as individually unemployable due to a service-connected disability.  These veterans must be unable to secure or hold gainful employment due to their service-connected disability.  Additionally, they must have one service-connected disability ratable at 60 percent or more, or two or more service-connected disabilities with at least one disability ratable at 40 percent or more and with a combined rating of 70 percent or more.


The legislation also grants the exemption to the surviving spouse of an eligible veteran if the veteran died on or after January 1, 2011.  The spouse will lose the exemption if he or she remarries or does not occupy the property as his or her primary place of residence.  According to the Attorney General’s opinion, the way the law was written, the exemption is not retroactive and spouses will not be eligible if the veteran died prior to January 1, 2011.


The Attorney General’s opinion also stated that the exemption was not available if the real estate is in a revocable trust with the spouse or others or in an irrevocable trust, and that the exemption is not available to a surviving spouse of an eligible veteran if the spouse relocates.


Opinions issued by the Attorney General do not create new law.  However, they represent a legal analysis of current law based on a thorough review of existing law and relevant prior court decisions. To read this opinion from the Attorney General, visit http://www.vaag.com/Opinions%20and %20Legal%20Resources/ Opinions/2011opns/July11opndx.html.


To apply for the exemption, veterans should contact their local commissioner of the revenue or other designated local government official.


The Virginia Department of Veterans has 20 offices statewide that assist veterans and their families with applying for federal and state veterans benefits.  Visit www.virginiaforveterans for the location of a DVS office near you. 

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Jul 05 2011

VFW Joins in Houston National Cemetery Censorship Lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 1, 2011 – The national commander of America's largest and oldest major combat veterans' organization is appalled over allegations of religious censorship at one of the nation’s national cemeteries, calling it a case of “bureaucracy running amok.” 

“This is a point in case of bureaucracy…or rather, a classic example of a bureaucrat running amok.  In spite of VA policy, the cemetery director is making up her own rules and has imposed hurtful, unilateral restrictions of her own choosing,” said Richard L. Eubank, the national commander of the 2.1 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. and its Auxiliaries.   

Texas-based Liberty Institute has filed suit on behalf of the VFW, American Legion, and The National Memorial Ladies over allegations of religious hostility and unlawful censorship by the VA and its director of the Houston National Cemetery.  "They've told the VFW and the American Legion that they cannot have prayer during the burial services of our veterans, unless the family requests it in writing and submits the prayer for pre-approval," said Liberty Institute general counsel Jeff Mateer.

Read more

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Jun 29 2011

No Cost Vital Records

Contact: Anne Atkins
(804) 371-0441

New legislation provides vital records to veterans at no cost, hunting licenses at reduced cost

RICHMOND —Two pieces of legislation passed unanimously by the 2011 General Assembly and signed into law by Governor McDonnell will provide veterans with copies of vital records at no cost and hunting licenses at a reduced cost.

Vital records at no cost

            Veterans and their survivors may receive a certified copy of vital records, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates, from the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Vital Records at no charge if the records will be used to obtain military service-connected benefits.  The legislation was patroned by Delegate Massie and Senator Northam.  To obtain more information, veterans or their survivors should contact the Division of Vital Records at (804) 662-6200.

Hunting licenses for disabled veterans at a discounted cost

            Beginning July 1, discounted hunting licenses will be available to disabled veterans. Resident veterans rated by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs as having a 70 percent service-connected disability may purchase an annual state resident basic hunting license at half price.  Veterans with a 70 percent service-connected disability residing out of state may purchase an annual non-resident basic hunting license at half price.  The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries already offers a lifetime hunting and fishing license and a life-time trapping license to disabled veterans at a reduced cost.  The new law was sponsored by Delegate Armstrong.  An application for the license is available on the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ website at www.dgif.virginia.gov.

            Although not part of the legislative package, earlier this year Governor McDonnell granted veterans free access to all state parks through the end of 2011.

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