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Monti Zimmerman

Monti Zimmerman VFW Post 1811 Commander

VFW Post 1811 was chartered on November 24, 1972.  The post had 41 members when it was first chartered.  The post over the years has been awarded many honors.  In 1985 Post 1811 was recognized as a Chartered Perpetual post because of the number of life memberships at the post.  Since 1972 it has been recognized as an honor post almost every year through the present.  In 2017 post 1811 was recognized as an honor post, all state post, and as an All-American post which only a small percentage of posts throughout the entire country will qualify for and be awarded.  The post has earned these awards only because of the hard work that our team performs to help our veterans and our communities.

Post 1811 currently charters a Cub Scout Pack, a Boy Scout Troop, and a Venture Crew.  Several members are also members of these organizations, and we work very well together with volunteer hours, service projects, and many other activities.  We have recently sponsored two Eagle Scouts for the Scout of the Year award, and they both won at the district level.  The post has also sponsored and supported several local youth sporting teams.

Post 1811 has also donated a significant amount of money, roughly $200,000+, since its inception.  These donations are aligned with the VFW’s mission to assist our wounded veterans, different veteran organizations/charities, our local community, the VFW Children’s home, and multiple other charities.  The post also participates in the “Voice of Democracy,” and “Patriots Pen.” These are both competitions that the VFW holds at our local schools.

Post 1811 has also participated in numerous activities throughout the community from performing flag ceremonies for our local schools on Veterans day to speaking with, recognizing, and supporting our fellow veterans when requested or offered the opportunity.

We are a volunteer organization that is here for our fellow veterans, here for our community and here for our great country.


If you are a veteran and would like to join the VFW, we invite you to fill out our Join the VFW form.

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