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Welcome to Post 8947, located at 201 Mineral Ave, Mineral, VA 23117
(540) 894-5677. Email





Comrades George Newsome (left) and Steve Swarthout (right) assisted

Marine Veteran Bob Wisniewski and his wife Judy. 


Our Post continues to grow and provide services to our fellow veterans and the community at large. Join us. 


We rent our hall!  Saturdays get booked quickly so call two months ahead. Other days are available. Please call 540.894.5677 and leave a message.


Member owned businesses –

Paladin Firearms Training, LLC, teaches gun safety and concealed weapons classes at our Post.  Go to the website for classes and registration.  

Louisa Gunsmithing, LLC, full range of service for all of your gunsmithing needs.



Wartime experiences from our Veterans:

On Feb. 8, 1971, the US and South Vietnamese forces (ARVN) launched an incursion into Laos to knock out the supply lines for the VC/NVA.  The 101st Airborne Division and its aviation units participated as well as 4 battalions of the 108 Artillery Group (my unit) and various other units.   The incursion was called Lam Son 719 and lasted about 6 weeks.  My unit C Battery, 1/83 Artillery, 108 Artillery Group was moved up near Khe Sanh and we fired our weapons into Laos to support the South Vietnamese.  I still remember that as we mobilized to go to the border our unit was part of a 10-mile-long convoy of American vehicles comprised of tanks, artillery pieces, trucks, jeeps, and tracked vehicles of all types.  When we pulled into our firing positions we starting firing artillery rounds 16 miles in to Laos and fired almost continuously for nearly a month.  Of course, we were in a place that the VC/NVA had been in for years and we periodically received mortar and rocket rounds, fortunately they didn’t hit anything of importance. However, the incursion was a disaster for the South Vietnamese and for the 101st Airborne aviation units and some associated artillery units.  The combined helicopter loses of the ARVN and US forces was 168 destroyed (the US Army lost 108 helicopters-the highest number in any one operation of the war) and 681 damaged as well as the loss of seven US fixed wing aircraft.  The South Vietnamese lost nearly 1,600 men. The U.S. Army’s lost 215 men killed, 1,149 wounded, and 38 missing as well as over 32 artillery pieces destroyed or captured.  I remember seeing, during the evacuation of the ARVN infantry, that their soldiers were hanging on to the skids of the helicopters as they were coming back to our bases near Khe Sanh.  To this day I can never forget the bravery of our helicopter crews and pilots as they flew continually to support the ARVN, or to evacuate them, in a horrendous situation. This was also one of the last major incursion by the US Army during the Vietnam War. 


VFW Post 8947 meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7PM, refreshments at 6PM

Louisa County Chamber of Commerce Breakfast – first Tuesday of the month at 0745

Venture Crew 1776 -, meetings first and third Tuesdays, 6:30PM 

Bingo –  Third Wednesdays, doors open at 6PM

Poker Tournaments – Third Saturdays, Doors open at 4PM

American Legion – Third Thursdays, 7PM

Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 87 – Third Mondays, 7PM


Our building is non-smoking!

We are active in the Louisa County community, supporting the Boy Scouts; placing flags along Mineral Avenue on patriotic holidays, and conducting the VFW writing competitions for middle and high school students.  In addition, we assist with classes for the Armed Forces Career Club at the Louisa County High School. We formed Venture Crew 1776 for high school boys and girls.

We teamed up with Louisa County American Legion Post 116 and Goochland County American Legion Post 215 and formed an Honor Guard for parades, funerals and ceremonies.  If you are interested in joining the honor guard, leave a message at the Post or come to the next meeting and speak to Jim or Andy.

If you are a veteran and would like to join the VFW, we invite you to fill out our Join the VFW form.  If you are already a member of the VFW, use the links below to find what you need quickly:

VFW Post 8947 has an active Auxiliary.  As of August 2015, the name changed from the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW Auxiliary and is open to male spouses, fathers, sons and grandsons of VFW members.

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