Nov 27 2018

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The Decorated History of Remington WWII Vet

WWII Vet Harold Davis – 1941

When Harold Davis agreed to tell his story in 2005, he might not have known it would end up in the Library of Congress. At that time, Mr. Davis, a  World War II Veteran, participated in “Voices of the Blue Ridge,” an oral history project based in Culpeper, Virginia. His recording was  eventually incorporated into the LOC’s Veterans History Project. Mr. Davis had spoken then about how lucky he considered himself, to have seen everything he did and still make it home to Remington.
He did not mention any medals. 
When the interview was done 15 years ago, either no one thought to ask about his medals, or Mr. Davis simply didn’t want to talk about them. Quite possibly a little of both.
Harold Davis had fought in Africa, Italy, Germany, and France. He was wounded four times, including once at Normandy, June 7, 1944.

There was no choice. You just tried to stay alive and do the best you could.” – Harold Davis, on the Battle of the Bulge

After Mr. Davis passed away in 2010, his son, Scott, found his father’s DD-214 and, with the help of Commander Russell Claar (VFW Post 7728, Morrisville, VA),  was able to acquire all the medals and decorations his father had earned: Purple Heart with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Bronze Star, and Battle of the Bulge Medal, just to name a few.

Shadow Box for Harold Davis (designed and assembled by Russell Claar)

But Harold Davis’ collection with the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project does not currently reflect any of this. There’s no mention of amphibious landings, Purple Hearts, or D-Day Victories.

Scott Davis, with his father’s medals, decorations, and photo.

Now members of our VFW Post 9835 are ensuring Mr. Davis’ LOC collection will be updated.  A two-page letter, photo, and forms have been submitted to the Veterans History Project providing the level of detail now requested by the Library of Congress. This additional information will ensure Harold Davis’ collection reflects the bravery and perseverance he demonstrated over his four years in the US Army. We are honored to help.
To learn more about how our VFW Post contributes to the Veterans History Project visit our Helping Local Vets page. 












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