The Bylaws of the VFW Department of Wisconsin allow any Post to form a Men’s Auxiliary unit in accordance with the regulations set down by VFW National Bylaws, Article XIII. (Departments are not authorized to issue charters to units other than those sponsored by a Post.)

Any Post interested in sponsoring a Men’s Auxiliary should contact the Men’s Auxiliary Chairman, Randolph Strickland. 

A Men’s Auxiliary answers directly to the sponsoring Post and there is no separate Men’s Auxiliary heirarchy.

To be eligible for membership in a Men’s Auxiliary, the proposed member must be a husband, widower, father, grandfater, son, grandson, brother or half-brother (who attained that status prior to the age of 16), of a person who is or was eligible for VFW membership. Men’s Auxiliary members must be at least 16 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

No person who is eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars may join a Men’s Auxiliary.

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