Welcome to Wisconsin VFW’s 1st District!

District 11 Commander Randy Strickland

District 11 Commander
Randy Strickland


District 1 is made up of the  five (5) counties in South East Wisconsin (Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, ock and Green Counties).  Twenty-eight (28) Posts with nearly 3, 200 members are part of the District.   We meet three times during the VFW Year, Fall, Winter, and in the Spring Convention.  The District Convention is where we elect District Officers.

The Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars has a rich tradition of serving veterans, military families and their local communities. We invite you to explore this website and our entire VFW Wisconsin network of sites to learn more about our organization.

If you are a veteran and would like to join the VFW, we invite you to fill out our Join the VFW form.

If you are already a member of the VFW, use the links below to find what you need quickly: VFW WebMail  Latest News from the Department   

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Post Locations By City/Town of Charter
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Post # City Meeting Day & Time Post Name
2306 Beloit 2nd Thu 7:00 PM Mead-Allen
10430 Beloit 2nd Mon 7:30PM Clinton Memorial
6858 Brodhead 3rd Mon 7:00 PM Wallace-Culles-Maveus
2823 Burlington 2nd Tue 7:00 PM Anderson-Murphy
10173 Delavan Sun 12 NOON Delavan-Darien
7501 East Troy 1st Wed 6:30 PM Tri-Troy Memorial
2708 Edgerton 3rd Tue 6:00 PM Edgerton City
6375 Elkhorn 4th Mon 7:30 PM Elkhorn Memorial
6905 Evansville 2nd Tue 7:00 PM Evansville Memorial
1621 Janesville 2nd Mon 7:00 PM Kienow-Hilt
7924 Kansasville 4th Tue 7:00 PM Gifford-Larsen
1865 Kenosha 1st Wed 7:00 PM Junker-Ball
9403 Milton 3rd Wed 7:00 PM Becker-Godfrey
2312 Monroe 4th Tue 7:00 PM Cecil Jones
10549 Monticello 2nd Wed 7:00 PM New Glarus Memorial
9948 Mount Pleasant Last Wed 7:00 PM Sturtevant Memorial
5830 Pell Lake 1st Wed 6:30 PM Bloomfield Center
7308 Pleasant Prairie 3rd Thu 7:00 PM Pleasant Prairie Memorial
1391 Racine 3rd Thu 7:00 PM Wm. F. Ehrlich
10301 Racine 2nd Thu 6:30PM City of Racine
10388 Racine 2nd Wed 7:30 PM Caledonia-Raymond
11038 Rochester 1st Wed 6:30 PM Aspinall-Bair-Stober
8375 Silver Lake 2nd Tue 7:00 PM Brandes Memorial
11279 Twin Lakes 3rd Tue 7:00 PM Father Mathias Zerfas
10669 Walworth 1st Tue 7:00 PM Walworth-Fontana
10441 Waterford Last Sun 10:30 AM Tichigan Area Memorial
5470 Whitewater 3rd Wed 7:00 PM Whitewater
2373 Williams Bay 1st Tue 7:00 PM Geneva Lake


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