Military Honor Guard Information

This page is dedicated to helping with Military Honors.

 M-1 Garand Rifle operation and Maintence.   [Download not found]

Blank Adapter installing and drilling out [Download not found]

Fact Sheet for Issue of .30 Blanks and Clips [Download not found]  

State of Wisconsin, Department of Veteran Affairs – MILITARY FUNERAL HONORS PROGRAM

MFH TEAM – SPOONER  – N4063 VETERANS WAY, SPOONER, WI. 54801  – PHONE: 715-635-5067 FAX: 715-635-5363

TO COORDINATE ALL HONORS/STIPEND QUESTIONS/INFORMATION – CONTACT – (TOLL FREE) 1-877-944-6667,                                       (TOLL FREE) FAX 1-877-454-0356 OR E-MAIL:

More to follow!!