Patriot’s Pen, Voice of Democracy and Teacher of the Year District 11 Winners

Posts and Auxiliaries thank you for your support/participation in these programs. We had a total of 916 Patriot’s Pen, 139 Voice of Democracy and 5 Teacher of the Year entries throughout the District. Below are the standings with the Posts and Auxiliaries that sponsored them: Patriot’s Pen: 1st: R. Dwyer (Coon Creek Post 10532) 2nd: T. Winterton (Sparta Post and Auxiliary 2112) 3rd: N. Spencer (Sparta Post and Auxiliary 2112) Voice of Democracy: 1st – L. May (Sparta Post and Auxiliary 2112) 2nd – R. Vatland (Coon Creek Post 10532) 3rd – C. Slattery (Cashton Post and Auxiliary 8584) Teacher of the Year: Elementary School 1st – D. Atteln (Sparta Post and Auxiliary 2112) Middle School 1st – M. Glandt (Sparta Post and Auxiliary 2112) 2nd – D. Hanson (Camp Douglas Post 10911) High School 1st – J. Cook (Sparta Post and Auxiliary 2112) 2nd – M. Smuksta (Reedsburg Post 1916) If you would like more information about these program results for this year please contact the District Youth Chairmen Wayne or Tracy Woodman. We look forward to next years competition and if … Continue reading

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