Madison V. A. Hospital

Shifts/Working Hours: Shifts will include occasional weekends and holidays.
First Shift: 7:00AM – 3:30PM
Second Shift: 3:30PM – 12:00 midnight
Third Shift: 10:30PM – 7:00AM
NOTE: Please indicate on your resume/application which shift you prefer.
The Housekeeping Aid works under the general supervision of the first
line supervisor and/or work leader, or designee. He/She receives
orientation, training on new equipment, hazardous materials, infection
control and universal precautions. Additional on the job training is
provided. You must submit answers to the rating factors listed in this
announcement under rating factors.
Duties of the position include, but are not limited to a variety of
duties in the maintenance of a sanitary environment for patients,
employees, and visitors. Mopping, vacuuming, stripping and refinishing
floors and stairwells, and shampooing carpets. Operating a variety of
heavy power machinery and performing daily maintenance on such.
Washing walls, woodwork, partitions, inside of glass window, light
fixtures, etc. Filling and cleaning all types of dispensers; removing
trash; and participating in the implementation of the recycling
program throughout the facility. The Housekeeping Aide may be required
to move furniture and equipment in order to perform routine duties
such as floor refinishing or the cleaning of carpet. He/She may be
required to participate in linen-distribution activities, the washing
and making of beds, and will assist with the semi-annual linen
Incumbent must be ABLE TO LIFT VARIOUS ITEMS UP TO 50 LBS. Items
include, but are not limited to: heavy trash, furniture, clean linen,
soiled linen, contaminated/infectious/biohazard waste, chemotherapy
and radioactive waste, as well as other materials that they may come
in contact with. Additionally, incumbent may be required to lift heavy
containers such as stripper/finish and other supplies in large, heavy
containers. Incumbent must be able to apply and demonstrate proper
lifting techniques and body mechanics to safely handle/dispose of
these materials. Incumbent must also be able to apply and demonstrate
safe handling of spills of these and any other hazardous waste
materials that they may come in contact with. Eye acuity to identify
soiled items is required. Incumbent must push, pull, load unload
carts, bend , stoop, twist and turn with moderate effort, climb
ladders to change cubical curtains, clean out light fixtures and clean
windows and other high surfaces. Incumbent must be able to negotiate
small spaces to clean.
The incumbent regularly moves between contaminated/dirty environments
to clean environments. The incumbent often works in the presence of
blood, body fluids and excretions, some of which may be foul smelling.
Strong odors may be present while using cleaning chemicals. There are
potential hazards associated with Environmental Service work such as
cleaning chemical splash hazards, cuts, sticks, and bumps, and bruises
exists if proper precautions are not met. The work area can be noisy
due to the rumbling of carts and operation of equipment. Work is
generally conducted in an inside heated or air conditioned area
however staff must go outside to empty.
• You must be a US citizen to apply for this job
• You will be subject to a background/suitability investigation.
• Designated and/or random drug testing may be required.
• You may be required to serve a probationary period.
Résumé – Please include information such as: the vacancy announcement
number, position title and grade; how to contact you; descriptions of
jobs held, including the name and address of employer, job title,
description of duties, beginning and ending date (month/year) of
employment, average hours worked per week, and supervisor’s name and
phone number; education, including name and location of college, dates
attended, and type and date of any degree earned; and other
information, such as possession of licenses, certificates, etc.
Descriptions of duties must be sufficiently detailed to document the
level of the experience. Although not mandatory, if the position is
(was) with the Federal government, either military or civilian, you
should state the series and grade or pay grade (rank) and the date of
last promotion. * (ALL APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT)
Declaration for Federal Employment , OF-306
To apply for this position, please forward the completed application
materials to:
Stephanie K. Doyle
Human Resources Specialist
Recruitment & Placement
William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
2500 Overlook Terrace
Madison, WI 53705

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