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The Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars has a rich tradition of serving veterans, military families and their local communities. We invite you to explore this website and our entire VFW Wisconsin network of sites to learn more about our organization.

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Alphabetical Listing of 2nd District Posts by City
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Post  City Meeting Day & Time Post Name
1163 Beaver Dam 2nd Wed 7:00 PM Clarence Keske
9511 Blue Mounds 1st Mon 7:00 PM Mount Horeb Centennial
8320 Brookfield 1st Thu 7:00 PM Albert H. Groska-Michelle M. Witmer
9424 Deerfield 2nd Mon 6:30 PM Deerfield-Cambridge Memorial
2219 Fall River 2nd Sat 9:00 AM John C Brossard
1879 Fort Atkinson 2nd Wed 7:00 PM Edwin Frohmader
5270 Genesee Depot 3rd Tue 7:30 PM Bralick-Miller
5158 Hartland 1st Thu 7:30 PM Marshall-Johnson
3589 Jefferson 4th Mon 7:00 PM Endl-Gruennert-Congressional Medal of Honor
9392 Lowell 4th Tue 7:30 PM Schoenwetter-Frase
1318 Madison 1st Mon 6:00 PM Lt. Marion C. Cranefield
7591 Madison 2nd Thu 7:00 PM The Day
8483 Madison 3rd Wed 6:00 PM Thomas L. Truax and Kent W. Longmire
10510 Marshall 2nd Thu 7:00 PM Marshall Memorial
10170 Mayville 2nd Thu 7:30 PM Mayville
9496 Menomonee Falls 1st Tue 7:30 PM Menomonee Falls Memorial
8216 Middleton 1st Wed 7:30 PM William (Sonny) Simon
7221 Mukwonago 4th Mon 7:00 PM Mukwonago Memorial
8171 Muskego 4th Thu JAN-OCT Lembezeder-Cook
5716 New Berlin Last Tue 7:30 PM Hoeppner-Horn Bros.
2260 Oconomowoc 2nd Wed 7:00 P.M. Solveson-Moos-Abrahamson
10272 Oregon 1st Wed 7:00 P.M. Oregon-Brooklyn Memorial
10263 Pardeeville 2nd Tue 7:00 PM Mulryan-Steiner-Atkinson
9537 Pewaukee 3rd Wed 7:30 PM Pewaukee Memorial
1707 Portage 1st Thu 6:00 PM Cleary-Krech
8090 Randolph 1st Thu 7:00 PM Columbus Fall River
9510 Randolph 3rd Thu 7:30 PM Randolph
328 Stoughton 3rd Tue 6.30 PM Badger
10604 Sullivan 3rd Fri 7:00 PM Sullivan Memorial
9362 Sun Prairie 3rd Mon 6:30 PM Klubertanz-Trapp
6377 Sussex 3rd Tue 7:30 PM Horne-Mudlitz
6614 Waterloo 1st Mon 7:00 PM Krause-Langer
3709 Watertown 2nd Tue 7:00 PM Beaudoin-Koehler-Draeger
721 Waukesha 2nd Thu 7:00 PM Soat-Vergenz
11244 Waunakee 1st Thu 7:00 PM. Waunakee Memorial
9387 Wisconsin Dells 3rd Wed 7:00 PM Wisconsin Dells Memorial

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