Commanders Notes

I am writing all the post commanders to get the input from all post in district 6. I was approached by the ladies auxiliary and asked if we would consider having our district meetings on Saturday rather than on Sunday. They felt that Sunday because of church and other functions our attendants is low and we would get better attendance on a Saturday and I tend to agree. It was brought up at the district meeting last summer and there was mixed feelings on both days. This is an important decision because it will affect future meetings so please give it consideration and give me your feedback. I would like a response prior to the 15th of April so I can prepare the motion for the meeting in May.
Another thing that will be brought up is the number of meeting we have at district. This year we went under the assumption that this was a by-law change but when I got the by-laws back from national this is a change that was never submitted. In lieu of that, next year we will go back to the 4 meetings as per our by-laws. If this is a change you want (by going to the three meetings instead of the four) it will need to be brought up of the floor at the next meeting. The reason we are planning four meetings is that we are in violation of our by-laws this year by not having the fourth meeting which was always in February.
The meeting places are still to be determined I have gotten no response from any posts on holding next year’s meetings. If I do not get a response then I will be forced to delegate four posts to host the meeting and I don’t feel I should have to do this. At one time it was talked about one central location for our meetings but if it is not at a post located central to all 6th district we would have to rent a building to hold our meetings and as those of you that know the fifth district did this and it bankrupted the district forcing them to fold and merge with another district. I would not like that to happen to our district so please think about it and see if your post can handle one of the meetings. I can say that we will have them in the months of September, December, February, and May being the spring convention. These are the months we have had in the past so I will keep them the same. I would also like to get an email address for every post from either the commander or the quartermaster or senior post officers this will be helpful in getting out the minutes and any other info your post might need.
With elections and installment at this next meeting along with the by-law changes and other business going on. I and the VOD, PAT’S PEN chairmen have decided to not hold the banquet this year. We have decided this on a couple of factors. First being the schools have a lot going on in May for the students and it is hard for them to make the meeting. Second, all awards at this late stage in the game have already been given out so all there is left is their speeches. Sorry if this gets anyone mad, but we thought it would be better to present them their winnings at their schools since this is where their friends and family are. Next year we think it might be beneficial to have the awards at an earlier meeting like prior to mid-winter where they get all there prizes and awards. If you have any ideas please let me know.
The next meeting is May 6th at Wolf Olsen post 1230 at 10:00 am I hope to see you all there. As a reminder for the upcoming meeting.
As it is stated in our District by-laws section 306: post delegate strength.
Delegates and alternates to the district meetings shall be elected at a regular meeting of the post, held no less than thirty (30) days prior to the district convention at which time District officers are to be elected, one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for every thirty members or fraction thereof in good standing in the post at the time of election. So if I am reading this right every post in the District should have at least one delegate at every District meeting. This has a great effect on use being able to have a quorum at the meetings. The last meeting the state commander had to call a post to come in so we could have a quorum remember no quorum no meeting no meeting no election no election no district no district all the posts would be forced to join another district. So that being said let’s get the people involved and make the meetings I don’t want to have to surrender our charter because we have no elected officers. Sorry if this sound rash but it is important to make district meetings to conduct business.
Thank you for your time.
Yours in Comradeship.
Jeffery Cummings
District 6 Commander.
P.S. This will be mailed out to each commander and emailed to those I have an email address for.
My email address is phone number is 920-287-8711