District 9 Officers for 2016-2017

District Commander: Rolland D. Schearer (Post 8514)

District Senior Vice Commander: Mary Ann Christopherson (Post 305 )

District Junior Vice Commander: William McGuire (Post 8514)

District Quartermaster: Kevin Higgin (Post 7232)

District Adjutant: Leroy G. Jansky (Post 1038)

District Chaplain: Peter Breed (Post 2204)

District Judge Advocate: Leroy G. Jansky (Post 1038)

District Surgeon: William M. McGann (Post 1038)

District Trustee 1-Year: Fred Mercord (Post 9060)

District Trustee 2-Year: Patrick Cole (Post 10331)

District Trustee 3-Year: Marlin Severson (Post 1039)

Buddy Poppy Chairman: Walter Matzek (Post 9060)

VOD/Patriot’s Pen: William McGann (Post 1038)

Teacher/Scout of the Year: William McGann (Post 1038)