Membership Campaign Landing

Below is information on renewing annual membership. I task you with getting the information out to the posts right away. Also ask the Posts to get updated contact information on their members to include email addresses. This will help on each and every level of the organization. National is trying to help us get annual dues paid earlier by using email and a “renew” button on the home page.

Anyone who goes online and joins as a “New” member will get a branch of service challenge coin. If you go to website and click on the join the challenge picture with the Navy guy it will take you to the page. In order to receive the coin the members must join online.

While this campaign is running (3 months minimum), in email correspondence when informing a member that they can join online, please direct them to rather than to

As well, we are launching a campaign for current annual members, to encourage members to remit their dues off of the first dues notice, we are giving away iPad’s to 20 members, drawn from those who renew their membership dues prior to 01 September 2013.

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