Wisconsin GI Bill Update! Department of Veteran Affairs

Important message regarding the Wisconsin GI Bill and the new 5 year residency requirement for

eligibility purposes – Coming for the 2013 Fall educational semester.


Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2013, Veterans who have established and maintained status as a Wisconsin resident for at least 5 consecutive years immediately preceding the beginning of any semester or session for which the student registers at an institution may qualify, even if they were not residents of Wisconsin at the time of entry into a qualified period of “Active Duty” under Title 10 orders.  NOTE: This benefit does not extend to the spouse or children. I order to extend the benefit to the spouse or children the veteran must have entered a qualifying period of Active Duty under Title 10 Orders as a Wisconsin Resident.  Please see Requirements for children and Spouses below for more information. 

The statutory language expanding this benefit can be found in Wisconsin Act. 20At the following links:

https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/related/acts/20/598/ 1 and Wisconsin Technical College System:


Applications with instructions will be ready on August 1.

Contact the WDVA Veterans Benefits Resource Center (VBRC) by email or toll free 1-800WIS-VETS (947-8387) if you have questions.

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