Gov. Walker Appoints John Scocos as New Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs

Governor Walker has also appointed Jason Johns as WDVA Deputy Secretary. Continue reading

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David Spencer Harmon

David Spencer Harmon U. S. Air Force Enlisted in the Wisconsin Air National Guard (ANG) while a senior at Oconomowoc High School in February 1954.  Attended ANG Boot Camp Training at Alpena, Mi.,  ANG Training Base that summer and “Classification Specialist Training Course”  later that year at Scott Air Force Base (AFB) Illinois.   Drilled with the ANG until entering United States Air Force (USAF) Jet Pilot Training as an Aviation Cadet in December of 1955. Completed  “Preflight Aviation Cadet” training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas; primary Pilot Training at Spence Air Base, Moultrie, Georgia, flying the T-34 and T-28 and Basic Jet Pilot Training at Bryan AFB, Texas flying the T-33.  Received commission as a 2/Lt. Reserve Officer  and awarded Pilot Wings in April of 1957. Returned to the 126th. Fighter Interceptor Squadron of the Wisconsin ANG at General Billy Mitchell Field (GBMF), Milwaukee, flying the F-89 “Scorpion”, T-33, C-47, B-25 and KC-97 aircraft.  (Married Virgina Margaret Kleba in 1959) Transferred to the 933rd. Troop Carrier Group, Air Force Reserve, at GBMF, in 1962 and flew the C-119 “Flying … Continue reading

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Stanley Alan Williams

  Stanley Alan Williams U. S. Army LTC/5   My military experience extended over 27 years. I was originally stationed in Baltimore and trained in Ordinance. After two years in the Marine Reserves, I enlisted in the U.S. Army for four years. My tour of duty included two years in Germany where I saw many of the World War II concentration camps. They were located in Berlin, Munich, Marseille, Lyons and Brussels just to name a few. After I was discharged from the service, I decided to join the U. S. Army reserves. I enjoyed my time in the service and have a large collection of DVD’s and books on the different wars through out the world. Every summer I would spend two weeks at Camp McCoy for reserve training. I retired as a LTC/5. My wife Joyce and I spend Winters in Bonita Springs, Florida and Summers in Wisconsin.  

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Roger Volland

I enlisted in the Army in February, 1969. I was promptly sent to Basic Training at Fort Riley, Kansas home of the Big Red One. After Basic Training I was sent to the U S Army cshool at Fort Gordon, Georgia and became a teletype operator. My first duty assignment was Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the 50th Signal Battalion ( Airborne ). Oh the joys of jump school and it’s desire to make you do a million push up’s in 4 weeks! After two years of fun in the bright Carolina sun I reenlisted for six years ( Marilyn and I wanted to get married ) and I really liked the Army so why not. When I reenlisted I signed up for and was qualified for the Sergant Guided-Missile Guidance and Control Repairman and was sent to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. The course was 6 months long and the class was composed of about 10 American GI’s and 6 or seven soldiers from the German Army. Wow, what an experience! I then became a part of a Missile … Continue reading

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Ralph Steffens

Ralph Steffens — U. S. Army I joined the U.S.Army and was on active duty from 1963 to 1966. I maintained reserve duty from 1966 t0 1969. Without a parade, I was sent to Fort Leonard Wood ,MO for basic training. Uncle Sam gave me some of his designer jewelry which we call “dog tags”. I still wear them because no one told me to take them off. My overseas duty included Thailand and Vietnam for vacation. Because I traveled on a passport, I was able to wear my civilian clothes. I traveled all thru Thailand via train, airplane, boat and cycle. We had a Buddhist monk for a house boy. I saw an airport in Udorn that had hundreds of jet aircraft. Nobody would ever admit they even existed over there. They did all the dirty work in Laos, Cambodia and North and South Vietnam. When I left Thailand the temperature was 85 degrees and came home to minus 1 degrees in Milwaukee. I spent the last few months of service at Fort Carson, CO. Both the mountains and … Continue reading

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Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider U. S. Army My army days actually began in high school. Instead of taking study hall, I took extra classes such as typing and short hand classes. Soon after graduating in 1952 I received my draft notice into the U. S. Army. After basic training I was assigned to Korea. On the ship going to Korea there was 1500 troops. After fourteen days on the pacific an announcement was made indicating we would be stopping in Japan in our class uniforms and receive more fatigues. After stopping in Japan at Camp Drake, 1499 of the troops from the ship went on their way to Korea. Several weeks passed by and I was still at Camp Drake waiting to hear my name called to go to Korea. I finally felt I was A.W.O.L. and went to the commanding officers office to turn myself in. After giving my name, he went through a huge bin of files and found my file all by itself. Once he opened the file he saw that I could type thirty-five words a minute. He … Continue reading

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William M. Pekrul (Krzewina)

  William M. Pekrul (Krzewin) I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 9, 1925 to Ann and Felex Krzewina. I was there second son. My brother was 18 months older than me. My father left the family when I was six months old. I went to St. Josephus Basilica catholic grade school. Then I went to Boy’s Tech high School. I followed a trade course in machine shop and drafting. I took the name Pekrul after I came home from the service. I enlisted in the army on April 27, 1943 and was sent to Fort Benning Georgia for basic infantry training. I made two tower parachute jumps in training. After 13 weeks I was sent home for a seven day furlough. I got orders to report to Camp Shanks New York port of embarkation. After a lot of shots and more equipment in our duffle bags we boarded the Queen Mary and set off in the North Atlantic. We docked in Greenwich, Scotland after four and a half days at sea. From there we took a troop train … Continue reading

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Gilbert Parazinski

  Gilbert Parazinski Seaman Ist. Class In 1946, at the age of 17, I enlisted into the United States Navy. Boot camp training was at Great Lakes, Illinois. After that I went to the Torpedo Station in Key Port, Washington. My job there was to chase torpedoes from an electrified fired submarine and to retrieve them when they surfaced and return them to the submarine. Six months later I was shipped to Guam and then 2 months later Saipan and Tinian in the Mariana Islands, next to Saipan, my job was doing military security. For 9 months I was assigned to the liquor warehouse, which supplied all the liquors to everyone on the islands. My job was to make sure no illegal entries were made into the warehouse. Also, when not on watch duty I tended bar for the officers at their clubhouse 2-3 nights a week. I earned $2.00 – $4.00 per night. My other duty was to transport, by semi-truck, the liquors from the incoming ships to the warehouse. Also while on Saipan, our security department of all … Continue reading

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Francis J. Jennik

Francis J. Jennik U. S. Army In 1942 Francis attended 1 semester of Engineering at Marquette University. While there he joined the Army Enlisted Reserve Corps. In March, 1943 he enlisted in the U.S. Army and completed his training in the Army Air Corp Atlantic City, New Jersey. Later he attended the Wire Chief Central Office School at Signal Corps Camp Crowder, Missouri. In 1944 transferred to Company F 262 Infantry Regiment 66th Infantry Division Camp Robinson, Arkansas. In September, 1944 assigned to the Medical Administrative Corps Officer Candidate School in Camp Barkley, Texas. Promoted to 2nd Lt. and transferred to Nichols Genberal Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky Transferred overseas as asst. Detachment Commander 251 Station Hospital Tarlac Place Army of Occupation Tokyo, Japan. In March 1946 returned to the US thru Fort Lawton, Washington. Released from active duty from Camp McCoy April, 1946. Army Reserve medical instructor at Fort McCoy, Camp Atterbury, Indiana, Fort Sam Houston and Sandia Base, New Mexico. In 1953 Promoted to Captain. Promoted again to Major in 1960. Graduated Command And General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, … Continue reading

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Stanley Allen Krolicki

Stanley J. Krolicki, S/Sgt., U.S. Marine Corps To mention a high point and a low point incident that developed during my thirty-seven months in the Marine Corps began on North Island, a U.S. Naval Air Station. Being on a work detail in Coronado for four hours, we were waiting for a truck to take us back home to our base. While waiting, someone suggested playing tag in the warehouse full of mattresses. They were stacked six feet high and I trying to avoid being tagged, caught my foot in a rope plummeting me head first to the concrete below. My hands hit first and my left knee hit the concrete. I could not get up. The guys carried me and I sat with the driver. Hobbling into the mess hall I missed my supper. The doctor took an x-ray, but I never heard from him again. Two days later the call came to board ship. Got my gear together and hobbled into the Navy boat down the ladder jumping one foot at a time and finally jumped four feet into … Continue reading

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