David E. Kriesel

    David E. Kriesel U. S. Army Nine days after Dave married Elaine he was drafted into the U.S. Army. He spent the next 12 weeks at Fort Riley Kansas for basic training and then off to the Far East stopping in Japan. The next four weeks was spent at Camp Gifu attending CBR ( chemical-biological-radiological) Warfare. After that, off to Korea to the 3rd Infantry Division. Assigned to Fox Company in the 7th. Regiment as a BAR ( Browning Automatic Rifle ) man. At the time, a point system was in effect, meaning 4 points for being “ on-line”; 2 points for reserve duty. After attaining 36 points I was eligible for rotation back to the U. S… After 9 months, I attained 36 points and headed home. lronically the ship that carried me to the Far East, USS General Howze, was the same ship that brought me back to the USA. After a 30 day leave I was assigned to Camp Carson, Colorado until I was discharged August 22, 1953 – 3 months short of 2 years … Continue reading

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Robert E. Kennedy

    Robert E. Kennedy U. S. Navy S-1/C History for Post 10519   Born and raised in Upper Michigan. In February of 1946, I stopped my senior school year and traveled to Milwaukee, Wi. to enlist in the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 years. Nine weeks of boot camp was at San Diego Calif. During this time I caught the German measles. After a short leave they sent me to Japan. It took 19 days aboard the troop ship, APA President Jackson, a long time traveling because the ship blew one of its boilers, also we would stop often so the Marines on board would shoot at the floating mines and try to explode them ” One other experience was traveling through a typhoon. No one wanted any food for a few days. My work at Radio Tokyo was sending and receiving classified messages to various military bases located in Japan, Shanghai China and Pearl Harbor. This was done on a Teletype machine that would send and receive about 60 words a minute. We originated and served … Continue reading

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Donald M. Furdek

DONALD M. FURDEK U.S. ARMY I was born in Milwaukee but a product of South Milwaukee. After High School I attended UWM for 3 years. Not happy with school I joined the U.S.Army on 12/31/62. After basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky I was sent to Fort Eustis, Virginia for fixed wing aircraft mechanic training. After completing this course , our entire class was ordered to report to APO 143. At the time I wasn’t sure where this was but it wasn’t very long when we got the word it was Vietnam. I arrived in Vietnam the third week of August 1963 and was assigned to UTT — Utility Tactical Transportation. This was an armed helicopter unit – all Huey gun ships. It looked exciting to be part of this unit but the thrill of being a crew chief wore off very fast. I found no pleasure in being “shot” at and soon requested a transfer. I was later assigned to the 571st a support group to UTT that repaired and serviced their Hueys. We had one fixed wing aircraft … Continue reading

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