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Test Boring at Veterans Memorial Site   GREENDALE VETERANS MEMORIAL COMMITTEE Dear Friends and Supporters of the Greendale Veterans Memorial,   With the beginning of a new calendar year, we thought it would be important to review our accomplishments to date, and identify some new ideas for 2016. We hope this newsletter is informative, however, if you have any questions please contact Tim Baranzyk (414-628-7081) or Ken Kieck, (414-421-8621) or log on to our web site, at for answers to your questions.     CASINO NIGHT – JANUARY, 2015 What a great event! Not only did the ticket holders have lots of fun, the event raised $2,528.17 for the Greendale Veteran’s Memorial. Of course, without the many donated prizes and financial support of our sponsors, (please check our web site for a complete list and support them when you can) this fund raiser could not have achieved the desired results. We sincerely appreciate the many volunteer hours of the event organizers and workers who helped make this a successful event.   MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING On September 15, 2015, The … Continue reading

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