Ken Schneider

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Ken Schneider

U. S. Army

My army days actually began in high school. Instead of taking study hall, I took extra classes such as typing and short hand classes. Soon after graduating in 1952 I received my draft notice into the U. S. Army. After basic training I was assigned to Korea. On the ship going to Korea there was 1500 troops. After fourteen days on the pacific an announcement was made indicating we would be stopping in Japan in our class uniforms and receive more fatigues. After stopping in Japan at Camp Drake, 1499 of the troops from the ship went on their way to Korea. Several weeks passed by and I was still at Camp Drake waiting to hear my name called to go to Korea. I finally felt I was A.W.O.L. and went to the commanding officers office to turn myself in.

After giving my name, he went through a huge bin of files and found my file all by itself. Once he opened the file he saw that I could type thirty-five words a minute. He instructed me to report to a Colonel across the street who had just called requesting someone to do typing. I was then assigned to Camp Drake which was just outside of Tokyo where I ended up spending the next eighteen months typing as a security agent for the division.


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