Stanley Allen Krolicki

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Stanley J. Krolicki,

S/Sgt., U.S. Marine Corps

To mention a high point and a low point incident that developed during my thirty-seven months in the Marine Corps began on North Island, a U.S. Naval Air Station. Being on a work detail in Coronado for four hours, we were waiting for a truck to take us back home to our base. While waiting, someone suggested playing tag in the warehouse full of mattresses. They were stacked six feet high and I trying to avoid being tagged, caught my foot in a rope plummeting me head first to the concrete below. My hands hit first and my left knee hit the concrete. I could not get up. The guys carried me and I sat with the driver. Hobbling into the mess hall I missed my supper. The doctor took an x-ray, but I never heard from him again. Two days later the call came to board ship. Got my gear together and hobbled into the Navy boat down the ladder jumping one foot at a time and finally jumped four feet into the boat on one leg. The next step was to climb the cargo net to get onto the Liberty Ship. My greatest fear was being shipped out of the Corps. To this day, I believe to be the only Marine sent overseas as a cripple, instead of sent home as one.

While being a member of Marine Air Group 21, in the Solomon Isles, my greatest event that made me happy was being on guard duty on an air-strip keeping traffic from crossing the strip when fighter planes are coming in. Then, it happened — a Marine Corps Corsair (better known as an F4U) was coming in with his wheels still up. Getting excited seeing this, I ran onto the strip waving my rifle and trying to get a message to him that something was wrong. When he was about even with me and about six feet in the air, I heard his engine rev-up. Finally, he climbed going to his left and going around again. As he was coming down again I could see him giving me a hand salute with his left hand. I waved back with my rifle. I never found out who he was but it wasn’t long that I made Corporal.

P.S.: Being a World War II Veteran, and in the year of Our Lord, 2010, I am happy to be the Chaplain for VFW Post 10519 in Greendale, Wisconsin.





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