Newsletter July, 2018


POST 10519


Greetings Members and Friends of Greendale VFW Post 10519,

Welcome to July, the middle of summer is near. If winter went as fast as summer we wouldn’t have anything to complain about. I have no new hospitalizations to report. Get well wishes go out to all who are dealing with health issues. As for membership I would like to welcome new member Ernie Bauer. Ernie is an Army- Viet Nam vet, who returns to the VFW after a long absence. Welcome back Ernie.

On May 11th and 12th we held our Community Poppy Drive. We had seven community businesses that had given us permission to solicit Poppy donations on those dates. We had reasonable success given the cold and rainy 11th of May. Lack of participants and no-shows continue to be a problem. Many of our older volunteers just can’t give us the hours they once did and no one is stepping up to replace those volunteers and hours.

We have another and final fund raising opportunity coming up on August 7th and 8th at Miller Park. Please consider two to three hours on one or both of those dates to distribute Poppies at Miller Park. if you have not done it I think you will find it interesting and in some cases fun. This is our last fund raising shot of this calendar year. I will have meeting times and other instructions at the July Post meeting and in the August newsletter. All the money raised from the Poppy fund goes back to Veterans and Veteran organizations that support Veteran causes. A large amount goes to the VA. Please consider assisting.

Keeping with the money theme, we passed a budget for the upcoming 2018-2019 VFW fiscal year. It is a budget that will be hard to follow, although we have not increased our spending, we are now projecting spending more that we are taking in. This deficit spending can only last a short time, we are not the government. We need to scale back what we do for Veterans or bring our fund raising back to where it was. We have fund raising opportunities we just don’t have the participation needed. I am not pushing the panic button but we need to pay attention and adjust.

The Greendale Veteran’s memorial project is reaching its final stage. The plans are in the hands of the City. As things sort out in the next few months we should have an idea on the ground breaking and proposed completion dates. I will keep you up to date as I get information.

The installation of those newly elected 2018-2019 VFW Officers was held on Tuesday May 29th at the Post. It was a well attended Installation ceremony. Daniel’s Catering did their usual fine job. It was a pleasant evening of VFW ritual as well as camaraderie and friendship. The new positions for 2018-2019 are in effect.

As of this writing the 4th of July celebration is over. The Post Color Guard marched in the Greendale Parade. I hope you had an opportunity to support the Post Color Guard and to Support our brothers and sister at the American Legion concessions over the fourth holiday.

Our next Color Guard marching opportunity will be the Greendale Village Day Parade on Sunday August 13th at noon.

Thanks to the Post members who assisted the Auxiliary in providing a cook out dinner at the Fisher house on June 21st. Thanks to Bob Karwowski, Tom Schultz, Dan Crass, Dan Conatty and John Ustruck.

There was a memorial gathering for Harold Kuehnel’s internment at Union Grove Veterans cemetery on June 29th.

Ken Kieck went on the May 5th HONOR FLIGHT. He was accompanied by his son Mike.

If you know of any Post member that is ill or in need of any type of support or other assistance please let me know.

The Post has an e-mail address, it is GREENDALEVFW@GMAIL.COM.

The Post’s web site is

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Our next regular Post meeting will be JULY 23rd, 2018 at our regular start time of 6:30 pm. There are five Monday’s in July, we meet on the fourth Monday.

John Ustruck

Commander- Greendale VFW Post #10519






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