Newsletter Post 10519 July, 2014

Greetings Post Members, and Friends of Greendale VFW Post 10519,
I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July and are enjoying the summer now that it finally has arrived.
We had a busy May with our Poppy fund raisers and we did very well thanks to the many volunteers from both the Post and Auxiliary. The Post Color Guard led the Memorial Day parade in Greendale and posted the colors for the Memorial Day program at the high school.

June was not as active as May but still productive. Three members, Bob Karwowski, Harold Kuehnel and Ken Kieck solicited Poppy donations at the Borchardt’s Father Day Car Show. In a short time they did very well in receiving donations. If we are invited back next year we will need to expand that effort. The car show is well attended and the VFW members were welcomed. We also have another car show fund raising opportunity at Ameilia’ Drive at 724 E. Layton later in the summer, if you are interested in helping contact me for date and time.

So far in July our Color Guard led the 4th of July parade in Greendale. Seven Post members, the Ladies Auxiliary President and a 415 Legion member marched. Thanks to “Sarge” Conatty for leading the detail.

At our June 23rd meeting the members present approved the Post budget for the 2014-2015 VFW year (it runs from July 1st to June 30th, 2015). Because of our successful fund raising in May and June the Post has the resources to continue helping various Veterans organizations for this next year and to continue to be one of the more active Posts in the County. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Two of our concerns going into the next VFW year are membership and meeting attendance. We had changed our meeting time to a 6:30 pm start time and we are keeping the meeting time to about one hour. This time of the year you can attend a meeting, socialize for a while and still be home before dark. We will not be pushing anyone to participate or volunteer but you are certainly welcomed to get involved. If there is a specific reason why you don’t attend meetings I would like to hear from you. The second area of concern is membership. Both new members and retaining our current members. If you know of a Veteran who is VFW eligible tell them about us. Encourage them to come to a meeting as a guest. There will be no pressure to join but just check us out and what we do. The future of any organization is in new membership as well as member retention.

Greendale Veteran’s Memorial co-chairs Ken Kieck and Tim Baranczyk presented a proposal for the Memorial to the Greendale School board for consideration. They will be considering the land site at Southway and Broad Street for the Memorial. They will vote on the issue at their next Board meeting in July. Ken and Tim, as well as the entire Memorial Committee has done an excellent job on this project. It is a big project so the process takes time. There will be more on this subject as things progress.

There will not be an August newsletter unless there is some very important information to get out. This normally is a quiet time of the year. However, in August we do have the Greendale Village days, Friday August 8th thru Sunday August 10th. The Color Guard will once again be leading the parade. And Post members are encouraged to support the American Legion’s food fund raiser during Village Days. Also any Post members able to help with the Legion tent set up contact me for time and date.

The Post has an e-mail address, it is GREENDALEVFW@GMAIL.COM. If you have any questions or concerns call or e-mail me. The Post’s web site is and we are now on FACEBOOK, Check it out. If you would prefer to receive your Post Newsletter and Auxiliary Newsletters and other information updates by e-mail, send an e-mail to GREENDALEVFWNEWS @GMAIL.COM.

John Ustruck
John Ustruck
Greendale VFW Post #10519

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