Ladies Newsletter March, 2014

Dear Sisters:
It was a pleasure to conduct the Feb. 24th, VFW Auxiliary meeting while President, Nancy Ustruck was out of town.
President Nancy attended the Mid-winter conference in Oconomowoc and brought back more awards. We are proud of the hard working Auxiliary members and of the awards earned. The Auxiliary received and Outstanding Achievement Phase 1 Award and President Nancy received a beautiful brass medallion in a red, white and blue ribbon. Other awards include, Health and Happiness, for support of the National Home for Children, the Military Assistance Award, and a Membership award by having 100% by September 30th, 2013.
We are aware of the many Veterans needs and will take care of that at the March meeting. We did vote to provide additional funds for Hospital Projects. These funds are distributed to all of the Veterans Hospitals in Wisconsin. The Veterans receive a small remembrance on special days.
My private music students will present the annual concerts at Zablocki V.A. Medical Center on March 30th and April 6th at 2:00 P.M. On March 30th. It will consist of all piano students. April 6th, students that play other instruments will play as an orchestra. Flutes, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, violins, viola cello, string bass, trombones, glockenspiel and piano students will play. I work with them privately and we have 2 rehearsals together. They sound good, considering they don’t play together very often. We play in the 3rd floor auditorium. Veterans, Parents, Grandparents, and families of the students and the public are invited. We have a reception after the program, so we can socialize with the Veterans in attendance. Margie Paprocki (member of our auxiliary), Activity Director and John Rose, Music Therapist are in charge of the arrangements. Did you know that our Post Quartermaster is playing his sousaphone again? There probably are many other also enjoying music. I could use Ken in the orchestra. My bass player is too busy this year to play.

Stay Healthy and Spring should be here soon!

Amanda M. Patterson

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