VFW Post 1318 Cleans Up

      On Saturday, June 9, 2012, the Marion Cranefield VFW post 1318 held its first “Field Day” in a long, long time.  This project was spearheaded by Greg Seidlitz.  His response to an email appeal was gratifying. For five hours and more, 18 members came out to put out for the good of the post.  And there was no slacking: The volunteers were all busy the full time.        The Henry Hall ceiling fans were cleaned, some bee/wasp nests removed and floors mopped,  All tables were power washed and bleached while chairs were shampooed.  The front yard dirt pile was leveled and banked to direct rainwater away from the foundation.  The whole yard seeded and shrubs trimmed.  The office was cleaned, lobby floor mopped, mats cleaned and windows washed.  The “Public Welcome” appears on our building sign, now moved to a more visible location on the roof, thanks to new member Brett Foley and several helpers.  A beans, brat & burger luncheon was put on by auxiliary members.  The luncheon food was purchased and donated by member Ron Phelps.      
Volunteers at the G.I. Party were:  [ Post members]  Roger Boeker,  Ray Doucette,  Bob Evans,  Brett Foley,  John Hahn,  Joe Hines,  Andy Lochner,  Gundel Metz,  Ron Phelps,  Larry Prock,  Chris Scoville,  Norm Scoville, and  Greg Seidlitz; [ Auxiliary members]  Cora Cayhill,  Sharon Crary, Peggy Doucette, and  Patty Roberts; [ Guest comrade]  Yvette Pine from Post 8483.  If you see one of these members, say, “THANKS!”   

Lunch Break  Lunch Break 2

Post Comrades Dig Into A Well-Earned Lunch             Auxiliary Takes a Lunch Break After Fixing It

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