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Vets in the Classroom for Spring Valley Middle School ,Grant Wolf, Brad Setering, Bill bowen,Bill Parks,Roger Klegin, Glenn Wakefield

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Visiting the Prescott Nursing Home Nov 15th 2016 Brad Setering, Grant Wolf Bill Bowen, Roger Klegin, Dean IBerg, Norm Johnson





Vets in the Classroom  MR. Magee’s 7th gr Civics class Nov 9th 2016 Grant Wolf, Brad Setering, Bill Bowen, Roger Klegin




Veterans Dinner on the 12th of Nov 2016



Patriots Pen for 2016-17

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Commander Brad Setering , Chelsea Greske,Elspeth Dempsey-Rice, Middle School Principal Jim Dalluhn, Daniel Borkowski, Erin Boatman,Shay Stenroos, Language Arts Teacher Matt Dugstad.

1st place was Elspeth Dempsey-Rice 2nd place Daniel Borkowski, 3rd place Shay Stenroos CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!!!!!!


River Falls High School Vets in the Classroom Mrs Stokes,Mrs Matter, and Mrs Briese Literature classes.Brad Setering, Bill Bowen, Grant Wolf.


Veterans in the classroom.

Bill Bowen Roger Klegin and Brad Setering spent all day in Mr. Magee’s 7th grade Civics class on the 9th of Nov.2015


Visiting Veterans at the Prescott Nursing Home Nov 12,2015




Veterans Dinner Nov 14 2015

Prizes Prizes every where THANKS Grant for getting all the prizes!!!!!!



Patriots Pen for 2015.

Commander Brad Setering, Sierra Stancer, Marissa Jansen, Macy Cleasby, Daphnie Wiatr, kneeling Braeden Riley

Commander Brad Setering, Sierra Stancer, Marissa Jansen, Macy Cleasby, Daphnie Wiatr, kneeling Braeden Riley



Veterans Day Pictures

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Prescott Memorial Day Salute