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Amplified Phones Available For Wisconsin Veterans And Seniors
Are you a veteran or senior who suffers from mild to moderate hearing loss which has left you
struggling to hear on a regular telephone? It is happening all the time to Wisconsin residents who are
experiencing age-related hearing loss or hearing loss related to prolonged exposure to loud sounds.
Communication is such an important aspect in all our lives that this situation should not be ignored.
Fortunately, the state of Wisconsin operates the Telephone Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP) and
it’s been making a difference for thousands of people across the state.
TEPP is a Wisconsin state program that provides vouchers to all residents with hearing loss so they can
obtain amplified phones and improve their utilization of basic telephone services – often free of
charge. TEPP is administered through the Public Service Commission and funded by a Wisconsin
telephone user fee known as the Universal Service Fund. Most people have probably noted the “USF”
charge on their phone bill but never knew its purpose. In effect, this is a “pre-paid program” that
people are allowed to access if they struggle to communicate on a normal telephone.
The TEPP program will provide vouchers for telephone equipment given that the following applicant
requirements are met:
• Wisconsin residency.
• A voluntary declaration of hearing loss.
• No receipt of TEPP funding within the last three years.
There are no age or income restrictions and this program is not restricted to Veterans alone. All
residents who struggle to hear on the phone are eligible.
The telephones offered are rich in features that enable those with a hearing loss to communicate more
effectively. These features include enhanced sound clarity, volume amplification, hearing aid
compatibility, speaker phone capability, enriched tone controls, extra large numbered keypads, loud
ringer volume choices, caller ID enabled, and unique speed-dialing features.
“We had Paul Klocko, from ABHF, make a presentation on the TEPP program at our recent VFW
District meeting,” noted District 8 Commander, Walt Matzek. “We cannot change the fact that the
majority of our members in Wisconsin are over 65 and probably suffer from some sort of mild to
moderate hearing loss. However, we can get them involved in this program to bolster their personal
lives and enrich the vitality of our membership ranks by helping improve their phone
People who apply for the TEPP program can expect to receive their equipment in approximately 5-6
weeks. No additional charges will ever appear on the individuals’ phone bill and the amplified phone
becomes their property. In three years time, TEPP participants may reapply in order to receive
technologically advanced equipment in order to address additional needs.
Please contact Americans For Better Hearing Foundation directly at (715) 241-6940 (email:
pklocko@dwave.net) to find out more information and apply for the program.

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