American Sunrise

Wisconsin Film Festival and the UW-Madison Arts Institute. On April 1 we are showing a movie called American Sunrise This is the link to the movie.

Almost Sunrise

Almost Sunrise


  • Sat Apr 1 – 4:30 PMUnion South Marquee

Film Details

Michael Collins
Marty Syjuco
Eric Metzgar
Clarissa de los Reyes
Adam Crystal
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Genre: documentary
Section: Wisconsin’s Own

USA | 2016 | 98 min

Two Iraq veterans returning home to Milwaukee, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, fight to recover from their haunting wartime experiences. As their intense struggles with moral injuries and depression begin to seem inescapable, even affecting their relationships with friends and families, they seek healing in a drastic way––by beginning a 2,700-mile walk from Milwaukee to California. Along the way, they encounter supporters who offer advice and encouragement, yet Tom, Anthony, and their families question whether they can ever truly heal. This documentary examines the complex problems that face all veterans, but the personal experiences of Tom and Anthony provide intimate perspectives on this pressing topic. Almost Sunrise ultimately offers hope in the power of honesty, reflection, and community, through the touching stories of two men learning to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones.

– Matt St. John

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