NUMBER 8 "A NEW CENTURY OF SERVICE" FEBRUARY 1, 2000 __________________________________________________________________________________________


We just returned from another successful Council Meeting in Williamsburg. With some extra effort in communications with several Posts concerning membership by our Department Adjutant/Quartermaster, we left the Council Meeting with just over 90% in membership.

Thanks to those Posts that made an extra effort to collect some dues and get them to the Council Meeting.

All of us know that to get the last 10% to make Virginia a 100% Department will not be easy. There is no doubt that we can do it if we all do our part in collecting the unpaid dues to those continuous members and reinstate a previous member or sign up a new one.

Thanks to everyone who braved the bad weather getting to the Council Meeting and again on their return trip home.

Paul T. Moore
State Commander


Membership Transmittals must be received at State Headquarters no later than February 28, 2000 to be counted for the month of February. PLEASE NOTE: ANY information to be published in the General Orders must be in by the 25th of each month. Changes of address or phone numbers within the Department must be in writing.


FIRST - 02-12-00, PHOEBUS POST 3219, Meeting 11:00 a.m., State Representative Early R. Chappell, State Senior Vice Commander

SECOND - 03-11-00, FRANKLIN POST 4411, Lunch at Noon, Meeting 1:00 p.m., Representative James E. Tucker, State Junior Vice Commander

THIRD - 02-05-00, THIRD DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS, Meeting 2:00 p.m., Representative Peter M. Snelling, State Surgeon

FOURTH - 02-06-00, AMELIA COUNTY POST 8759, Meeting 2:00 p.m., Representative Paul T. Moore, State Commander - 05-07-00, SOUTH HILL POST 7166

FIFTH - 02-13-00, HILLSVILLE POST 1115, Lunch at 12:00 p.m., Meeting to follow, Representative Lawrence F. Mattera, State Judge Advocate

SIXTH - 02-20-00, CHRISTIANSBURG POST 5311, Meeting 2:00 p.m., Representative James E. Tucker, State Junior Vice Commander

SEVENTH - 03-12-00, LURAY POST 621, Lunch at 11:30 a.m., Meeting 1:00 p.m.

EIGHTH - 03-19-00, MANASSAS POST 7589, Meeting 1:00 p.m., meal after, Representative Paul T. Moore, State Commander - 05-21-00, REMINGTON POST 7728, Meeting 1:00 p.m., meal afterwards

NINTH - 05-07-00, PULASKI POST 1184, Registration 11:00 a.m., 12 Noon Meal

TENTH - 02-20-00, McLEAN POST 8241, Meeting 1:00 p.m., Representative Lawrence F. Mattera, State Judge Advocate

ELEVENTH - 03-05-00, LEXINGTON POST 1499, Lunch 11:30 a.m., Meeting to follow

TWELFTH - 07-21-00, BRISTOL POST 6975, 11:00 a.m. Registration, Lunch 12 Noon, Meeting 1:00 p.m.

THIRTEENTH - 03-12-00, SPOTSYLVANIA POST 10546, Meeting 1:00 p.m.


POST 824 - Senior Vice Commander Raymond Wetherell address changed to 316 Shamrock Avenue, Yorktown 23693

POST 3782 - Quartermaster Gary R. Tackett. s address changed to P O Box 66, Haysi 24256

POST 7814 - Quartermaster is Edward P. Kier, Sr., 307 Yount Avenue, Staunton 24401, phone 540-885-3186

POST 8947 - Post address has changed to 22 Thelma Lane, Mineral 23117

POST 10657 - Adjutant is Earl Smith, 11568 Cedar Lane, Ashland 23005



The forms and guidelines for the Homeless Veterans Committee Form, Loyalty Day Parade Fourth District Entry Form, Deceased Comrade Form and Americanism Record Book Guidelines are now on the Web page. If you need these forms and do not have access to a computer, please contact State Headquarters and we will send you one.



SERVICE OFFICER FEES ARE NOW DUE AT STATE HEADQUARTERS. This fee is for two years: 1999-2001. The fee is $8.00 and we will send the Service Officer Guide Book to the Service Officer unless there is not one listed, then we will send it to the Post Commander. The following is a list, by District, of Posts which have NOT yet paid for Service Officer. s Guide Books.

District 1 - 8629, 9358 District 9 - District
District 3 - 9501 District 10 - 609, 8469
District 4 - 7559 District 11 - 4989, 7701, 7814
District 7 - 1150, 2447 District 12 - 5715, 10310, District
District 8 - 4468, 8208 District 13 - 2044, 2613, 8717, 10295


The judging for the Policeman, Fireman and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) of the Year was held at the Winter Council Meeting. Policeman of the Year - Scott Wichtendahl sponsored by Virginia Beach Post 392; Second District. Fireman of the Year - Christopher Rhodes sponsored by Harrisonburg Post 632; Eleventh District. EMT of the Year - Joy Wallace sponsored by Petersburg Post 622; Fourth District.


It is once again time to start sending information or pictures to State Headquarters for the Virginia Veteran to be handed out at the State Convention in June. If you are a candidate for office, please send information and photograph now. THE DEADLINE IS MARCH 15, 2000. NO EXCEPTIONS.


The deadline for the National Publication Contest (for newsletters) is March 31, 2000. If your Post wishes to enter, please send two copies of your Newsletter to State Headquarters. The State winner will be forwarded to National for National judging. Contact your District Commander or State Headquarters for further information.


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently published the Tax Guide Veterans. Organizations (Publication 3386). It provides veterans organizations that are recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, or that are considering applying for recognition of tax-exemption, a single informational source in plain language explaining the federal tax requirements applicable to them. The primary purpose of the publication is to assist in helping veterans organization understand and meet their tax responsibilities.

If you wish to request copies of Publication 3386, please call 1-800-829-3676 (toll free) or visit the IRS website at

If you have general questions, please contact me at State Headquarters: 1-800-888-3521.

Robert J. Klausing

State Adjutant/Quartermaster


The Quarterly Audit Report for December 31st, is NOW PAST DUE at State Headquarters.


The Department of Virginia, VFW now has a Homepage. Your General Orders can be found on the Homepage at http: // is now possible for individual Posts, with their own Website, to become linked to our Homepage. Posts already with Websites can incorporate a Department of Virginia, VFW link on their Website.
Please contact Robert Klausing at State Headquarters:
1-800- 888-3521.


Enclosed with this General Orders is an order form for Buddy Poppies. If you plan to sell poppies for Memorial Day, it is time to order them. This price is $90.00 per thousand. Be sure to include a street address poppies are to be mail to, NOT Post Office Box Number, and also the date you plan to sell them.


The State Voice of Democracy judging was held Saturday, January 8, 2000. First place - Keith D. Parsons, sponsored by Bridgewater Post 8644, Eleventh District; Second place - Heather R. Kirk, sponsored by Chesterfield Post 2163, Fourth District and Third place - Justin L. Williams, sponsored by Gate City Post 10611, Twelfth District.


2000 July 13-16 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504 - Rates are $60.00, phone 804-528-2500

2001 July 12-15 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504 - Rates are $62.00, phone 804-528-2500


2000 March 11-15 Washington, D. C.


2000 August 19-25 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


2000 September 14-18 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504 - Rates are $65.00; phone 804-528-2500


2001 January 20-25 George Washington Inn Ramada, 500 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg Virginia 23185 - Rates are $45.00 Phone: 1-800-666-8888


2000 June 21-26 Hyatt Richmond, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230 Rooms are $75 plus tax; Phone: 1-804-285-1234; Fax: 1-804-288-3961

2001 June 20-25 Hyatt Richmond, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230 Single/Double $81, Triple/Quadruple $94 plus tax; Phone: 1-804-285-1234; Fax 1-804-288-3961

2002 June 5-10 Hyatt Richmond, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230 Single/Double $81, Triple/Quadruple $96 plus tax: Phone: 1-804-285-1234; Fax: 1-804-288-3961


The VFW Member Benefits Department offers a variety of valuable voluntary benefits. For specific information regarding any of the programs listed below, please contact the Member Benefit Department at (816) 968-1164, e-mail to or write, VFW Member Benefits, P O Box 119030, Kansas City, MO 64171-9030. Information is also available on the VFW website at

Purchase Power Car Rentals Viatical Settlements Senior Life Benefits
Credit Card VFW Credit Union Various Insurance Programs

22. LIFE MEMBERSHIP INSTALLMENT PLAN ENROLLMENT: January 1 through March 31, 2000.

Annual reminder that the enrollment period for the Installment Plan is only during the three months indicated.

Note: 2000 annual dues must be paid and recorded at National before a member can enroll in the Life Membership Installment Plan. Watch for the December VFW magazine ad and the January- February Checkpoint for Installment Plan Agreement Forms, or write to the Life Membership Department at National for a small supply to be mailed. Here are the fees, including the quarterly payment amount for the Installment Plan.

(At December 31, 2000) Installment Plan Only
Through age 30 $245.00 $61.25
Age 31-40 235.00 58.75
Age 41-50 215.00 53.75
Age 51-60 195.00 48.75
Age 61-70 165.00 41.25
Age 71-80 125.00 31.25
Age 81 and over 85.00 21.25

The deadline for Installment Plan enrollment is March 31, 2000.


The contest is for Students in the 7th and 8th grades. The Theme: "How Should We Honor America's

Veterans?" Write a minimum of 300 words-400 words maximum (typewritten).


Please ensure that entries are complete to include all signatures and photo. Mail entrants to:

Larry F. Mattera
828 Berkshire Terrace
Hampton, VA 23666

Any entry received after the above date will be removed from competition. Please, let's make sure no child is hurt because we didn't follow instructions!

Any questions concerning this please call me at (757) 838-4588.

After National has received the final Department Report Form, they will provide certificates for each VFW Post and Auxiliary that participates in the 1999-2000 Youth Essay Program. The certificates will be sent directly to the Department Youth Activities Chairman and Auxiliary Department Voice of Democracy Chairmen. The certificates are sent with a blank space on the certificate allowing for the name and number of the qualifying Post or Auxiliary. The certificates are also suitable for presentation to District Chairmen (both men and women).

Lawrence F. Mattera
Youth Essay Chairman


Comrades the first half of the year the Department reported 71.6%, so far the second half the Department is reported 57.4%.

The Department needs your help to reach 100% by the end of the year. Please fill out and send your safety reports to State Headquarters. We need reports from the following Posts as of January 22, 2000.

District 1 - 960, 2296, 4856, 7167, 8629, 9358

District 2 - 392, 993, 2582

District 3 - 100% Congratulations

District 4 - 622, 2163, 2584, 7559, 8048, 8902, 9855, 10571

District 5 - 644, 873, 4637, 6130, 7443, 7800, 8243, 8467

District 6 - 484, 1444, 1841, 4165, 4318, 4920, 5311, 5895, 7854, 8184, 9877

District 7 - 1150, 1860, 7899, 8613, 9292, 9646, 9660

District 8 - 472, 1177, 2524, 7728, 8208, 9835

District 9 - 956, 1184, 7136, 7360, 9343

District 10 - 609, 7327, 8181, 8469, 8815, 9274

District 11 - 4989, 7701, 8279, 8479, 8644, 9794, 10773

District 12 - 4301, 5715, 8652, 9830, 10298, 10310, 10611, 10673

District 13 - 1827, 2044, 2217, 2613, 8169, 8717, 8947, 10295, 10546, 10574

Comrades at this time of the year I hope that all of us have checked and replaced the batteries in our smoke and fire detectors and that we have made sure our heating systems are working properly. When we are driving on the road. s make sure our auto. s are in safe condition and that we all drive defensively and have good winter tires.

If you have children or grandchildren make sure that their bike. s, trikes, sleds are in 100% working order for their safe use.

Comrades read or talk about the above items at your meetings and then send in a completed safety report to State Headquarters. Let. s get the Department of Virginia 100%. Also, enclosed is the form for reporting safety reports it is on the back of the Community Activities Report.


A few Posts have still not reported their efforts regarding care and assistance to our fellow veterans and their families. Now is the time to submit reports. For those Posts which have reported, please do not stop reporting. Take credit for your assistance to veterans. As of January 24, 2000, the Department of Virginia is 90.35% reported for Hospital related activities.

Dist. 1 - 100% - CONGRATULATIONS! Dist. 8 - Need reports from 472, 7728, 9835
Dist. 2 - 100% - CONGRATULATIONS! Dist. 9 - Need reports from 956, 7360, 9343
Dist. 3 - 100% - CONGRATULATIONS! Dist. 10 - Need reports from 609, 5412, 8181, 8815
Dist. 4 - Need reports from 7819, 10570 Dist. 11 - Need reports from 8479
Dist. 5 - 100% - CONGRATULATIONS! Dist. 12 - Need reports from 5715, 8652, 10310, 10611
Dist. 6 - 100% - CONGRATULATIONS! Dist. 13 - 100% - CONGRATULATIONS!
Dist. 7 - Need reports from 2123, 7899

All Posts are reminded that at least one (1) Hospital Report must be submitted to receive ten (10) points toward All State competition.

Enclosed is the NEW form for reporting activities conducted in the Hospital Program. Prior to filling out this form, Chairmen should read the reverse side of the form for instructions/example and use the Evaluation Guide for Donations to compute values. All Posts are requested to use the NEW form.

Peter (Pete) Snelling
Hospital Chairman

Hospital report


Pieces of History, a government certified military medals. manufacturer, in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary Commemoration Committee at the Pentagon, has released for sale to veterans a medal to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War in 2000-2003. During the Commemorative period, the nation will honor the Korean War veterans for the sacrifices they made to ensure a free and democratic South Korea.

The medal bears the Crest of the Commemoration Committee, which incorporates into its design, the three lobed Taeguk, known as the sam-taeguk. The three lobes are: (1) Red and White stripes representing the United States, (2) Dark Blue representing South Korea and (3) The United Nations light blue with 22 gold stars representing the 20 UN countries involved in the Korean War, plus one non UN member - Italy - and the Republic of Korean.

The wreath and lettering in gold symbolizes honor and excellence.

Each medal comes with a ribbon bar and a handsome leatherette presentation case.

For more information write:
50th Anniversary of the Korean War
1213 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 702
Arlington, Virginia 22202


Although we had been warned of a severe winter, it is now February and we have only had a few very cold days and some small snows. Most gardeners recommend that we cut back damaged trees and plants to solid growth.

For those Posts who have not yet had an Environmental Program, I suggest considering: recycling papers, cardboard, metals, plastics, glass, tires and batteries. Set out feeding stations and nesting boxes for songbirds and bluebirds. Clean up a park, playground, churchyard or cemetery or remove an abandoned building or structure (ask your local Sheriff).

A first year program need not be elaborate. Go to the local library and see what plans are underway or programmed by others in your neighborhood. Environmental Programs require money and manpower. If the VFW will take the lead, the other needed items will fall in place. Ask like-minded members of your local community to participate. Let them contribute whatever they can.

Name a project director, set a convenient date and ask the local press and media for publicity. Remember, that the tourist and travel industry is a big industry in Virginia, everything that we do to make Virginia more attractive to visit, live, raise our children and retire is important to all of us. If every one of our 210 VFW Posts does one simple program this year, we have begun to make Virginia more attractive to others.

Be sure to keep your VFW membership applications handy on the work day. Ask the volunteers to join the VFW if they are eligible. Send the VFW membership application to State Headquarters so we can get Paul Moore back in the column where he belongs.

If every one of us just does, a little then Virginia will become truly more attractive to others to visit.

Ernest B. Glynn
Environmental Chairman


During 1999-2000, the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Headquarters has established a unique program to identify and recruit eligible members from among active duty troops, Reserve and Guardsmen. VFW leaders have, with the unanimous support of the VFW National Council of Administration, begun the Military initiative Program (MIP). This is an outreach to provide 40,000 no cost, introductory memberships to the nation's soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen.

According to VFW Commander-in-Chief John W. Smart, "As the overall number of veterans continues to decline, the Veterans of Foreign Wars must seek every avenue in its quest for new members. Despite the fact that the number of active duty military personnel are low, the large number of deployments over the past ten years has produced a growing crop of eligibles within the active duty, Reserve and National Guard ranks."

The initial purpose of the MIP is to make military personnel aware of the VFW, their status as veterans and their eligibility to join the organization.

VFW Senior Vice Commander John Gwizdak expressed similar sentiments by saying, "The future ranks of this organization will come from those who wear America. s uniforms today. I heartily endorse this initiative and intend to continue it through my year as Commander-in-Chief."

According to VFW Director of Membership Jim Rowoldt, "The VFW National Organization does not expect local Posts or Departments to participate in the recruitment of these individuals. However, their participation benefits the entire organization and will be appreciated. Credit (for the purpose of contests only) for all members acquired through the military initiative will go to the Department where the applicant identifies his or her home of record. Home of record is determined by what the applicant places on the application but is anticipated to be the applicant's stateside address occupied by his or her immediate family."

In addition to the Military Initiative Program, the VFW recently began fact-finding efforts in preparation for another effort aimed at those in uniform. The Military Assistance Program (MAP) under newly-appointed Director Dan Shea, is gathering information to determine what kind of assistance the VFW can provide to improve the quality of life for those in uniform and their families.

Steve Van Buskirk, Director
VFW Communications & Public Affairs


On Thursday, January 20, 2000, a small but a stalwart crew braved the severe weather and nasty driving to meet in Richmond. We were able to hand-deliver one brochure to each member of the House of Delegates and each member of the Senate. We requested each to read the brochure and call us if they need additional information.

Although there was much turnover in the makeup of the House Appropriations and the Senate Finance Committees we were everywhere sympathetically received, perhaps even more so than in some other year. We left feeling that there would be the necessary Budget Amendments and Appropriations Bill offered before the deadlines.

So my comrades, once again I urge all veterans to become enrolled in the veteran. s enrollment program at your local USDVA Center. This is important so that the federal government know how many veterans there really are living in Virginia, and can make a reasonable forecast of how many patient visits they can expect. It costs nothing and is for your protection. Next be sure to make or update your will as appropriate. List all your debts and obligations. See if there are debts that you can combine or eliminate. List all insurance policies and pension plans, etc.

If you plan to make a major change in your mortgage or insurance programs, consult your attorney. There are many scams now going around that look good on the surface but can be costly in the long run.

Finally write out your final burial wishes. Sit down quietly today with your loved ones and spell out just what your wishes are. Please do this for the sake of your loved ones. Do not leave these matters for them to handle in times of stress and emotion.

Ernest B. Glynn
Legislative Chairman


The National Outstanding Community Service Post program has been redesigned so that more Posts can be recognized at the VFW National Convention for their excellent accomplishments.

The following amounts based on the number of Posts as of June 30, 1999, should be used in forwarding your Department. s entries.

Departments with less then 200 Posts 1 entry

Departments with 200 - 399 Posts 2 entries

Departments with more than 400 Posts 3 entries

The Department is responsible for selecting (based on Department criteria) one to three (1 -3) Post(s) to receive the "National Outstanding Community Service Post" Award. Once your entries have been chosen.

Complete the enclosed form (or copies of the one enclosed in last month. s General Orders) and return to the National Citizenship Education and Community Service Department by June 1, 2000. The selected Post(s) (and Auxiliary, if applicable) will receive the following recognition:

# Invitation to the Post Commander and Ladies Auxiliary representative to attend a breakfast reception prior to the National Convention Joint Opening Ceremony.

# National Plaque recognizing the Post and its Ladies Auxiliary will be presented at breakfast reception. Group photograph with Commander-in-Chief and National President will be sent to each Post.

# Reserved seating at Joint Opening Ceremony.

# Post and its Ladies Auxiliary will be listed and recognized in the National Convention Booklet.

# Post Commander will receive $400 stipend* to assist with Convention expenses.

* In the event the Post Commander is unavailable, only the Post Senior Vice or Junior Vice Commander can receive the stipend money. If these officers are unavailable, a designated representative may accept the award, but not receive the stipend. Plaques not accepted at National Convention will be forwarded to the Department for proper presentation.

James E. Tucker
Community Services Chairman


Each Department Chairman (Youth, Safety, Community Activities and Americanism) now has the opportunity to honor Posts or individual Post Chairmen within their Department by requesting a "National Citation of Recognition" from the National Organization.

The application form was included in last month's General Orders. Please list only the VFW Posts or individual Post Chairman that the Department has determined qualified for this special recognition on the official application form.

Please review the official POST RECOGNITION CITATION, "National Citation of Recognition",

------CHAIRMAN REQUEST FORM----- included in this General Orders for complete details. This is your opportunity to honor the Posts who supported and promoted the programs you oversee.


If you have any questions on this recognition opportunity please call National Headquarters at 816-756-3390 ask for Mike Gormalley or Gordon Thorson.

James E. Tucker
Community Services Chairman

Chairman Request Form


Instructions on the contest guidelines and how to prepare a record book are enclosed in this month's General Orders.

Contest Guidelines


Enclosed is the criteria for the All State Judging.

All State Judging


If not already started, now is the time for Post members to prepare their resolutions. The policy of the VFW is set by resolutions and it is imperative that we, the membership, take the time to express our views on issues that we feel are important. The great majority of resolutions originate at Post level. All resolutions of statewide, regional and national concern must be acted upon at the Department Convention. This means that cited resolutions must be approved by District and then submitted to the Department Adjutant/Quartermaster no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the Department Convention. This year the Convention will begin on June 21, 2000 at the Hyatt Richmond, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

The importance of Post member involvement in the actual preparation of resolutions cannot be emphasized enough. The VFW is our organization and we, the members of the 197 Posts spread throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, must get involved regarding the establishment of policy at Department and National Conventions.

In recent years the great majority of resolutions approved by Posts in the Department of Virginia were actually prepared at National VFW Headquarters. They were then sent to our Department where they were then distributed down to Post level for action. Too few resolutions were actually prepared by Post personnel in the Department. This situation must change!

The VFW 1999-2000 Leadership Manual contains an excellent section, Titled "Resolutions" on Pages 136-137. It is worth reading. The preparation of a resolution is a relatively simple matter. There are two separate parts. First, there is a "WHEREAS" section which states the problem to be solved. Second, there is a "RESOLVED" section which recommends a solution to the problem.

Summing up, Post members are urged to prepare resolutions on topics deemed important. Also, please note that the deadline for submission of resolutions to Department Adjutant/Quartermaster Robert J. Klausing is May 21, 2000.

John P. McAnaw
Resolutions Chairman


Comrades we are now into our third quarter on this membership year and we all know that it is going to take a lot of new and reinstated members to make our goal this year.

Each of you can qualify for any of the following individual recruiting awards with some extra effort. The Post Commander and Quartermaster only need to certify that you have met any of the requirements to be eligible for the award. Awards are checked against department records for verification.

5 new/reinstated members VFW Wooden Pen Set
10 new/reinstated members VFW Pen and Pencil Set
25 new/reinstated members Department Aide-de-Camp Recruiting Award with citation with name engraved & official Cap
50 new/reinstated members National Aide-de-Camp Recruiting Award with citation with name engraved & official Cap
100 new/reinstated members Century Recruiter Award with citation with name engraved, official cap travel bag & pen and pencil
125 new/reinstated members Recruiter Commander-in-Chief Jacket

Even if some of us can't qualify for any of the above, let's all try to get at least one new or reinstated member for the year. Always remember that every new member does help.

Early R. (Ray) Chappell
Membership Chairman

Official: By Order of:
Robert J. Klausing Paul T. Moore
State Adjutant/Quartermaster State Commander