December 1, 2001



Another month has passed and we are still lagging behind in our membership goals. We are looking forward to seeing all of you during our membership round up. The entire Department will be out on December 1, 2001, in an attempt to bring this great organization back into the position . . . the position we are used to being in. While at the Southern Conference, the Commander-in-Chief informed me that we are number 53 in the nation. This is not a good feeling, therefore I am seeking your help. Speaking of the Southern Conference held in Savannah, Georgia; your Department had a grand old time with southern style hospitality. The candidate for Junior Vice Commander-in- Chief is Hugh Long from Mississippi. Since this time, all of us have had time to sit down with our families and give thanks to our Creator for the many blessings in which He has bestowed upon us. I can truly say that my family and I thank each of you for your many prayers, As I travel around the state, I hear good things about many of you and it does make one feel special. Let us take time now to pause and give thanks for the birth of God's child, to celebrate His coming, to bear to those that are less fortunate and to reach out and touch someone. June and I wish you the true Happiness and the Best of the Holiday Season. On behalf of all our line officers and your State Headquarters staff, Merry Christmas and have a safe and joyful Holiday Season.

James E. Tucker
State Commander


Membership Transmittals must be received at State Headquarters no later than December 27, 2001 to be counted for the month of December. PLEASE NOTE: ANY information to be published in the General Orders must be in by the 25th of each month. Changes of address or phone numbers within the Department must be in writing or via e-mail.


The Department of Virginia, VFW now has a Homepage. Your General Orders can be found on the Homepage at It is now possible for individual Posts, with their own Website, to become linked to our Homepage. Posts already with Website's can incorporate a Department of Virginia, VFW link on their Website. Please contact Robert Klausing at State Headquarters: 1-800-888-3521. Also, the State Headquarters E-Mail address is The Adjutant/Quartermaster has a pager and the number is 1-800-680-7682. The State Headquarters also has voice mail, where you can call and leave messages before or after business hours. The State Headquarters also has a mail box located right outside the front door, where you can drop things off before and after business hours.



SECOND - 03-09-02, FRANKLIN POST 4411, Lunch 12:00 Noon, Meeting 1:00 p.m.

THIRD - 12-08-01, THIRD DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS, Meeting 2:00 p.m., State Representative Peter M. Snelling, State Junior Vice Commander

FOURTH - 02-03-02, AMELIA POST 8159, Meeting 2:00 p.m.



SEVENTH - 12-09-01, FRONT ROYAL POST 1860, Meeting 11:30 a.m., State Representative James E. Tucker, State Commander

EIGHTH - 03-10-02, MANASSAS POST 7589, Meeting 1:00 p.m.

NINTH - 01-27-02, MARION POST 4667, Registration 11:00 a.m., State Representative James E. Tucker, State Commander

TENTH - 12-09-01, WOODBRIDGE POST 7916, Meeting 1:00 p.m., State Representative Lawrence F. Mattera, State Senior Vice Commander

ELEVENTH - 12-09-01, STUARTS DRAFT POST 9339, Lunch 11:30 a.m., Meeting to follow, State Representative Peter M. Snelling, State Junior Vice Commander

TWELFTH - 01-13-02, ABINGDON POST 1994, Lunch 12:00 Noon, Meeting 1:00 p.m., State Representative Lawrence F. Mattera, State Senior Vice Commander



State Surgeon - Tommy Hines, FAX (804) 447-6088

Post 873 - Quartermaster Kenneth L. Hershman, 2129 Crown Road, Gretna 24997, phone 804-656-2896

Post 993 - Honor Guard Dean Breeding, 27 Chatham Road, Portsmouth 23702, 757- 485-7633

Post 1264 - Meeting time changed from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Post 2515 - Commander Richard D. Tyree, phone (434) 845-8584

Post 5500 - Commander John King, 28 Red Robin Turn, Hampton 23669, phone 757- 722-0909

Post 5715 - Commander Danny Adkins, P O Box 555, Big Stone Gap 24219

Post 7589 - Pro Tempore Quartermaster John S. Nealey, 9347 Inkberry Court, Manassas 20110, phone 703- 368-7636

Post 9501 - Commander Harold C. Hamlett, 4679 Dorrell Road, Aylett 23009, phone 804-769-0812

Senior Vice Commander Douglas M. Wright, 6968 Mt Olive, Cohoke Road, King William 23086, phone 804-843-3105

Quartermaster Richard L. George, 911 Mt Olive, Cohoke Road, King William 23086, phone 804-769-3424

Adjutant Everett H. Green, 5572 Cedon Road, Woodford 22580, 804-448-4064

Post 7819 - 4th District Commander James Hardin e-mail

Post 10546 - Quartermaster Eddie Maycen e-mail


Please note the Individual Recruiting Award Form, the Deceased Comrade Form, the Community Activity Report, Homeless Veterans Report, Hospital Report and Evaluation Guide can be found on the Website. If you do not have E-Mail please let us know and we will send the forms to you. Please send forms to the current Committee Chairman, Chaplain or State Headquarters.

Also, starting September 2000 the Audit Reports need to be signed by at least two Trustees before submitting to State Headquarters or they will be returned.



SERVICE OFFICER FEES ARE NOW DUE AT STATE HEADQUARTERS. The fee is for two years: 2001 - 2003. The fee is $9.75 and we will send the Service Officer Guide Book to the Service Officer unless there is not one listed, then we will send it to the Post Commander. The following have NOT sent in the Service Officer's fee:

District Three - 394, 6364, 8046; District Four - 7897, 8902; District Six - 9805; District Seven - 2447, 4698, 9646, 9760; District Eight - 9865, District Nine - 9864; District Eleven - 4989, 7578; District Twelve - 3782, 4301, 5715, and District Thirteen - 2044, 8169, 8697, 9887,10574


Please send any donations (WWII, phone cards, etc.) to VFW State Headquarters, P O Box 2067, Staunton, VA 24402.



District Three - 394; District Four - 8902; District Five - 4637; District Six - 1444, 9805, District 6; District Seven - 4698; District Eight - 9865; District Twelve - 5715, 10298 and District Thirteen - 7638, 9887, 10295, 10546


The Quarterly Audit Report for September 30th is NOW PAST DUE at State Headquarters.


Lynchburg VFW Post 8184 will host a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Program, Friday, December 7, 2001 at Moose Lodge #715, Route 221 at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served following the program. We will be reserving a section for Pearl Harbor Survivors. Please feel free to bring any family members or guests. We sincerely hope you can attend and are looking forward to seeing you there.

James Tomlinson

12. IMPORTANT 2001-2005 DATES:

February 24-28, 2002 VFW National Legislative Conference, Washington, DC, Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill.

April 4-7, 2002 National VFW and Ladies Auxiliary Community Service Conference, Washington, DC, Hyatt Regency Crystal City.

August 24-30, 2002 National VFW Convention, Nashville, Tennessee.

September 12-15, 2002 Commander-in-Chief's Homecoming, Ontario, California.

August 23-29, 2003 National VFW Convention, San Antonio, Texas.

August 14-20, 2004 National VFW Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio.

August 20-26, 2005 National VFW Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah.


2002 July 13-14 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504; Rates are $65.00; phone 804-528-2500

2003 July 10-12 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504; Rates are $69.00; phone 804-528-2500


2002 September 13-15 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504; Rates are $65.00; phone 804-528-2500

2003 September 11-13 Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504; Rates are $69.00; phone 804-528-2500


2002 January 18-20 Ramada Inn & Conference Center, 500 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185; phone 1-800-666-8888; Rates Single/Double $45.00

Rooms will be blocked until December 28, 2001 then released for general sale on first-come, first-serve basis


2002 June 6-9 Sheraton, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230; Single/Double $81, Triple/Quadruple $96 plus tax; Phone: 1-804-285-1234; Fax: 1-804-288-3961

Rooms will be blocked until May 15, 2002 then released for general sale on first-come, first-serve basis

2003 June 19-22 Sheraton, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23230; Phone: 1-804-285-1234; Fax: 1-804-288-3961

Rooms will be blocked until May 28, 2003 then released for general sale on first-come, first-serve basis


December 24-25, 2001 Christmas

January 1, 2002 New Years' Day

Enclosed is a calendar for the month of December 2001. This is to let you know exactly what State Headquarters has listed for the month.


2001-2002 VOICE OF DEMOCRACY THEME: "Reaching Out To America's Future"

2001-2002 VOICE OF DEMOCRACY DEADLINES: District Deadline - December 15, 2001

Listed below are the materials due by : Monday, December 31, 2001

The winner's materials that need to be forwarded to your Department Voice of Democracy Chairman are:

Also, please make sure that the District VOD Participation Summary and Report Form is filled out and forwarded to your Department VOD Chairman immediately following the completion of your District judging. (Retain a copy for your records). NOTE: The District Summary and report form can be found in the VOD Program Guidebook. Please follow the reporting guidelines. When properly completed, these forms will report the participation of each Post and Auxiliary in your District and will provide the necessary information for your Department Chairman to use in making the annual report to National. Department judging (weather permitting) is scheduled for Friday, January 4, 2002 at 9:00 a.m. at Radio Station WMEV, Marion, VA.

Homer K. Bowen, Jr,
VOD Chairman


The Department of Virginia - reporting for the first half has been outstanding. Of 196 Posts, 168 submitted reports. Districts' 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, & 10 were 100% for the first half. The following information was submitted to the National Veterans Service Center at National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Department of Virginia Hospital Report for the period of 05/01/2001 - 10/31/2001

Hospital reports submitted: 259

Number of VFW members participating in activities: 6556

Number of hours expended: 39,618

Number of veterans who benefitted: 143,535

Value of services rendered: $400,855.20

(The value of services rendered does not include any computation of dollars for hours expended)

T. W. Hines
Department Surgeon


Comrades, I've just returned from the Southern Conference in Savannah, GA. While there are several of the line officers that were approached by National Commander-in-Chief James Goldsmith and members of the National Staff concerning our status of 53rd place in membership. They asked what we were going to do to rise from this position. But (I must say to do this it will take all of us in the Department of Virginia to go that extra mile and make it happen. The clock is moving fast to the December 31st deadline prior to the increase in dues. We all know that there are some members that are adamant about waiting to that final hour to pay their dues. In doing so, then the Post will have to endure the increase prior to the dues being processed and accounted for. Its time we all do some soul searching. By this I mean we need to all take a look at the District standings and see what we can do to help each other. I'd like to issue a request to all Past Department Commanders to look around their District's and lend a hand where it is needed. It is without doubt you have been there and done that, but we need your assistance. The Department of Virginia has been on top for the past years and can stay there with everyone's help. As you read these General Orders, your District will have either had or having its membership roundup. To date, I haven't been called to assist a District with problem posts concerning membership. It is very hard for me to understand why if someone has all the tools available to them, they won't call for assistance, yet hang out alone. As always, your line officers are waiting for that call and are mobile to your needs. In the last General Orders, I asked that ALL Districts discuss the issue of Direct Dues. Some have come back to me already, yet several have not. Comrades, remember in January the question will be asked one time, and the desires of the membership is the answer I will take to Reno in February. So please be sure to address these issues at your next District Meeting. Once again, I'd like to congratulate all of the 10th District for leading the way in membership this year, and staying in the forefront. Keep up the good work. As we view the membership statistics, we find some Posts just lacking a few members to their 100%, to these Posts I say keep up the fight and you shall win. In closing, Lorna and I wish each of you and yours a Happy and Joyous Holiday season. And as always, remember those less fortunate and keep the military serving in harm's way in your thoughts and prayers.

Lawrence F. Mattera
Membership Chairman


VFW LEGISLATIVE DAY ON THE HILL - 17 JANUARY 2002 - The VFW Department of Virginia will hold its annual "Legislative Day on the Hill" in Richmond on Thursday, 17 January 2002. All members are encouraged to attend this important event and address issues of importance to the Veteran community with the Commonwealth's legislators. Without questions, legislators prefer meeting with Veterans from their respective District than anyone else. As stated previously, legislators prefer meeting with veterans from their respective Districts. VFW attendees will meet at 8:30 a.m., 17 January 2002 at the General Assembly Office Building in a conference room to be determined. The conference room number which will not be confirmed until the first week of December, will be included in the General Orders for January 2002. Our "Legislative Day on the Hill" is an event where numbers do count. Make the extra effort and join the leadership of the VFW Department of Virginian Richmond on 17 January 2002.

John P. McAnaw
Legislative Chairman


Now is the time for all Districts and Posts to commence planning for Town Hall meetings with Congressional candidates, thereby giving them an opportunity to inform the Veteran community where they stand on relevant issues. Further, cited meeting will give VFW members the chance to let these candidates know that they must make veterans and our active duty military personnel a high legislative priority. Inviting candidates to speak is permissible under the law as long as all candidates are extended the same opportunity. However, Posts, Districts and the Department of Virginia may not endorse candidates. National VFW by laws state only the VFW Political Action Committee may endorse candidates. Points to consider when preparing for Town Hall meetings include the following:

*Select a moderator who understands the issues and is a good public speaker

*Select questions that pertain to veteran and military issues. Ask the same questions of each candidate

*Select a meeting place that will accommodate the number of attendees that you hope to attract. If your Post is too small, consider a school or community center

*Invite members of the VFW, the Ladies Auxiliary and their families, as well as non-members who support veterans' issues plus other representatives from the surrounding area

*Use the resources of the community to develop publicity material for the town hall meeting, such as flyers, advertisements for radio/TV station, newspapers, etc.

Post elections have conclusively shown the power of the veteran vote. Let's send a message to Capitol Hill that we Virginia members of the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary vote and that we intend to make our voices heard in the 2002 elections, .



Now is the time for Post members to begin working on resolutions that they believe are of importance to the Veteran community. The importance of Post member involvement cannot be emphasized enough. The VFW is our organization and we. The members of the 195 Posts scattered throughout the Commonwealth must get involved regarding the establishment of policy at the Department and National Conventions. In recent years, the great majority of the resolutions voted on at the annual Department Conventions were actually prepared at National VFW Headquarters. Too few resolutions were actually prepared by Post personnel in the Department. The VFW 2001-2002 Leadership Manual contains an excellent section, titles "Resolutions" on pages 146-147. It is worth reading. The preparation of a resolution is relatively simple. First, there is a "WHEREAS" section which states the problem to be solved. Second, there is a "RESOLVED" section which recommends a solution to the problem. Locally generated resolutions must be approved by both the concerned Post and District prior to submission to the Department Adjutant/Quartermaster no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the 2002 Department Convention on 6 June 2002.

John P. McAnaw
Legislative Chairman


The month of November is over. Among the things we did were: celebrate Veterans Day, help to prepare and serve Thanksgiving dinners to the needy, contact schools for the VOD and Youth Essay contests and ensure that hunters received proper safety training. You should also remember that Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is rapidly approaching. Now we should remember to do the paperwork to report all the outstanding efforts our Posts accomplish. The second reporting period started November 1 and now is the time to start submitting Americanism, Community Service, Safety and Youth Activities reports. Please send ALL Community Service Programs to ME. If I can be of any service to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number and address is in the roster.

Peter M. Snelling
Community Activities Chairman


As I travel throughout the Department of Virginia on behalf of the Diversity Committee, I have kept stressing to our Comrades as well as our Sisters in the Ladies Auxiliary the importance of wording when referring to our meetings. It is no longer a men's meeting as we now have a number of lady Comrades. I have found there is a real effort to change the way we refer to our meetings, even though we still have a long way to go. This month, I would like to touch on another area of great importance when it comes to diversity in our organization. As I have stated for a long time now, the Diversity Committee needs to work side by side with the membership Committee. Many younger veterans are busy with family responsibilities and by our Posts becoming involved with family events, it will encourage younger veterans to become a part of the veterans of Foreign Wars. Active duty and younger Veterans don't realize the importance of being part of our organization and stepping in and fighting for various benefits. We must constantly educate them as to what we are all about. We must also educate them as to our community involvement and how they can get involved and then when they do become on of us, we must let them become involved. We must always be there to help whenever we can, but we must let them learn and yes, even make some of their own mistakes, just as we all have done. If we are to grow, we must recruit the younger male as well as female veterans. The number of surviving veterans drops each year as the World War II era fades. Only 5 million of the 16 million Americans in uniform during World War II are alive today and with 1500 deaths a day, that number is expected to drop to 3.8 million by 2004. So if we are to remain a strong, viable Veterans organization, we must continue to look for new ways to recruit members and when we do recruit them, we must keep them. The Diversity Committee is not a quota Committee, but it is a Committee that believes that every eligible Veteran should be recruited and welcomed into our organization regardless of gender, age, color or religious preference. It is only through our ability to recognize and accept our differences that we will continue to grow and remain the strong advocate that we are for our nation's veterans. The VFW strives to provide a family-friendly organization that recognizes the importance of our commitments to our communities and loved ones, but most of all, to our Veterans and to our country.

Jim Kerr
Diversity Committee


In accordance with the provisions of Section 211 (a) of the national By-Laws, the charters of the following Posts are hereby canceled and the Post declared defunct: Forrest Hill, Post No. 8697 Charlottesville. The Commander, Department of Virginia, will at once recover the charter, rituals, paraphernalia and all monies and other property of the Post in accordance with the provisions of the National By-Laws.

By order of
James N. Goldsmith


His eligibility to membership having been questioned under the provisions of Section 108 of the National By-Laws and the veteran having failed to submit proof of campaign medal service which would qualify for membership, it is hereby ordered that the name of Wallace F. Manuel, Life member No. 0378633, be removed from the rolls of Col. Samuel R. Millar Post No. 1860, Front Royal, Virginia, and his membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States terminated by reason of ineligibility.

By order of
James N. Goldsmith


His eligibility to membership having been questioned under the provisions of Section 108 of the nation By-Laws and the veteran having failed to submit proof of campaign medal service which would qualify for membership, it is hereby ordered that the name of Robert W. McFarlane, Life Membership No. 04050693, be removed from the rolls of Col. Samuel R. Millar Post No. 1860, Front Royal, Virginia, and his membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States terminated by reason of ineligibility.

By order of
James N. Goldsmith


His eligibility to membership having been questioned under the provisions of Section 108 of the National By-Laws and the veteran having failed to submit proof of campaign medal service which would qualify for membership, it is hereby ordered that the name of Roynal E.Seymour, Life Member No. 0378407, be removed from the rolls of Col. Samuel R. Millar Post No. 1860, Front Royal, Virginia, and his membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States be terminated by reason of ineligibility.

By order of
James N. Goldsmith


As of this writing, I am not sure who will be preparing the 2003 budget for Virginia. As soon as I know I will focus our effort on making sure the funding for the essential needs of the 800,00 veterans of Virginia, their dependents and survivors are included. Meanwhile, before going to bed tonight, we should ask ourselves this question: Who would have to settle my affairs if I should die before morning? A properly prepared will can answer that question. However, a will made a few years ago, may not guarantee your desires for today. Changes resulting from birth, marriage, separation, divorce, death and even changes in the laws or family relationships may alter the way you want your assets distributed upon your demise today. Currently, most Virginia lawyers will cooperate with you and your family to give the necessary copies for about $450.00. That could be the best investment you will ever make. Certainly it will reduce the time and expense if you die without a will and the court must appoint an executor who will have to advertise for all persons having a claim before any money can be paid out. Start by sitting down with your family and collect all of your military and medical records, marriage/divorce papers, your life insurance policies and your social security account. List all of you property, bank accounts, pension plans, vehicles and furniture. Also, list all of your debts such as loans, mortgages and credit card debt. If there is a specific item you would like to give to someone say so in writing to avoid arguments later on. While you are alive, this is your sole right to do this. Next, discuss with family members the type of funeral service you would like. Ask if the cemetery you want has space for you today and space for your dependents later on. Do you want a military or civilian funeral? Military bases can now furnish funeral details upon request. What Honor Guard you want as well as Pall Bearers. Who should be notified and the type of obituary, you prefer. Do you want a church, funeral home or grave side service? Open or closed casket, visitation and music preference. Discuss these details with your Funeral Director if you would like to eliminate some unnecessary items. A simple funeral in Virginia today, costs about $5,000.00. That does not include transportation of remains from the place of death to a cemetery or cemetery plot or omening and closing of the grave. If your family wishes, some of these costs can be eliminated by cremation to avoid an expensive casket. While these details may sound morbid, do not let it stop you from discussing these arrangements today with your family. Upon your death, in a time of grief and stress it will be hard for them to guess on the features you may have wanted. So take the initiative today and fill out all of these details with your family, attorney and Funeral Director today. Tomorrow could be too late to show your loved ones your really loved them.

Ernest B. Glynn
Legislative Committee


The goal of the Department of Virginia, Veterans of Foreign Wars Environmental Program is to make Virginia a better place to visit, work, live, raise our children and retire. Some ways to achieve this goal are: recycling newspaper, cardboard and other papers, metals, glass, plastics, clean up of a cemetery, church yard, schoolyard, park or play area. Adopt a section of a stream or highway - reduce littering. Demolish an abandoned building, structure or sign (with owners' permission). Remove accumulations of appliances, vehicles, trash and/or debris. We must make sure that the generations that follow us will also have these features to enjoy. Plant a few trees and shrubs to attract songbirds and bluebirds. Trees attract all forms of wildlife. More than that they provide jobs for one out of each six job holders in Virginia today. Trees provide shelter, windbreaks, screening, fuel, lumber, fruit, nuts, furniture and employment. Making the countryside is important because one out of every four dollars that comes to the Virginia Treasury comes from the tourist and travel industry. A visit to your local cemetery will show you need work in removing dead and diseased trees. Bare and eroded areas that need raking and replanting of grass. Headstones need scrubbing to remove soot and dirt, realignment and straightening. Next a visit with local librarians, public works' officials will discover programs that are underway or planned for your area. Organization like the Audubon Society, Keep America Beautiful, Nature Conservancy, National Park Service, Izaac Walton League, Forestry groups and garden clubs have helpful literature and suggestions. Organizations like the Weyerhaeuser, Georgia Pacific and Champion companies have established programs to offer vacant landowners planting, management and harvesting of timber at a profit to the land owner. They have several different plans for all size tracts. Having selected your choice of programs established a suitable date, notify the local news radio and TV media ask them for publicity support. On the work day keep VFW membership applications handy. Invite volunteers to join if they are eligible. Help them fill out the form and send to State. Take pictures and keep records of the number of man-hours spent and money and material used. Include this on your Community Activities form and send to Peter M. Snelling, State Junior Vice Commander. Take pictures and send writeups to local media. They like photos. Ask local elected officials to participate on the work day.

Ernest B. Glynn
Environmental Chairman


In these times of uncertainty and upheaval, one of the best programs we can support is the Boy Scouts of America. Here is one opportunity to help these young men learn about their country, exhibit patriotism and rally around the flag. We can help by providing Scouting units with a place to conduct money raisers such as car washes to earn money for families of September 11 victims. They can help us with flag ceremonies and other activities to support local communities.

Our efforts to recognize the Eagle Scout of the Year can lead to long term associations with local scouting units. What better opportunity to teach patriotism and love of country than to these young men.

Now is the time to intensify our search for an Eagle Scout of the year. Posts should have Eagle Selections by 1 December to allow judging and presentation to District for January judging. Selections are due to me and Ron Knowles no later than 1 February 2002. Applications are on

Let us know how Scouting efforts are going.

Stan Hunter


I would to personally thank all of the Posts, Districts and members who generously donated at he the Fall Council Meeting in Lynchburg. Your support was greatly appreciated.

James Booth
Past Commander's Club Treasurer


We extend our deepest sympathy to the families and friend of Quartermaster Lewis E. Morton, Jr. and former Service Officer Robert Newsome.

Official: By Order of:
Robert J. Klausing James E. Tucker
State Adjutant State Commander