May 1, 2003

403 Lee-Jackson Highway PO Box 2067
Staunton, Virginia 24402
540 886 8112 FAX 540 886 1732
In Virginia 800 888 3521


Comrades and Sisters: We are entering the final corridor of the year. By this I mean, we have only the month of May and 22 Days in June to finish what we as a TEAM started last June.

Post Commanders if it's your intention to compete for the "All State Team", it is imperative that you have all the items required into State Headquarters No Later Than 5PM On 15 May. - "NO EXCEPTIONS", for judging to begin on the 16th. You are reminded to submit your Commanders Manual as well as the Community Activity Books for judging.

Also, while we are on the subject of "All State Team", I've started something new this year. The tickets for the banquet will be given to the "All State" Commanders and Quartermasters when they register. Once you receive your tickets you will be assigned a table for the banquet. The checks will be given on Sunday after the elections to those "All State Commanders and Quartermasters that have: 1. Registered at the Sheraton for the convention starting Thursday, 19th of June. 2. Answered to three (3) random roll calls during the course of the convention, not counting the awards night. All other accolades will be given during the Thursday award ceremony. If you do not attend the convention for whatever reasons your hat, pen set, pin, will be sent to you, without the check. "NO EXCEPTIONS". Checks are given to help defray the cost of attending the convention. By now all elections should be over, and your election reports sent in. Please make sure that has been done. When I last checked with the HQ staff there were a lot of Posts are still delinquent in sending them in. Also, please make sure you do not owe the Department anything that will prevent you from voting.

For the line officers and Council of Administration Members it is requested that they all wear white dinner jackets and black slacks for the banquet on Saturday night at the convention.

I've requested the National Commander-In-Chief, Senior Vice Commander -In-Chief, or Junior Vice Commander-In-Chief to make an official visit to the Department of Virginia. The Chief has selected National Junior Vice Commander-In-Chief John Furgess to visit us. He will be in our state from the 20th to the 24th of May. The itinerary will be posted to the web site and attached to these General Orders for those that are still getting them via mail. Please try to make it to a location near you and bring your Auxiliary Members.

On Monday, the 26th of May, the Department will host the Virginia Veterans Cemetery of Amelia's Memorial Day Ceremony. If you haven't received a written invitation and are within commuting distance, please try to make a showing with your VFW hat. The Ceremony will start at 1030. I'd like to say "Thank You" to the members across the Department that have gotten MIPs this year. It has been a tremendous help in alleviating the overall deficit of the Department. We have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.

Lawrence (Larry) Mattera
State Commander


Items to be published in the General Orders must be in State Headquarters by the 20th of the month before publication. Headquarters can accept handwritten, typed and faxed information, BUT we would prefer to receive your input as an electronic document that we can insert directly into our draft of the next edition. Changes of address or phone numbers within the Department must be submitted in writing or by e-mail.

Audit reports must be signed by at least two trustees before they are submitted to State Headquarters or they will be returned for correction.

DONATIONS - Please send your donations (WWII Memorial, National Home, Operation Uplink, etc.) to VFW State Headquarters, PO Box 2067, Staunton, VA 24402. National Headquarters will credit individuals and posts from the detailed list of the gifts and donors state provides.

BUDDY POPPIES - Our efforts to get rid of excess inventory at state headquarters is working. It is working so well that I have started reordering poppies. Since the new poppies cost more than the old ones did, we are going to have to raise the price. EFFECTIVE 1 JULY 2003 Buddy Poppies will cost $105 per thousand, this will include shipping. Orders received before 1 July will be filled at the current price of $90 per thousand even if we do not get them mailed until after the first.

Operation Uplink - I will continue to do my best to get cards to support the good works of our posts and auxiliaries but I need your help. If you call Kansas City directly to request calling cards, they are going to refer the request to state headquarters before they prepare any shipment of calling cards. A copy of the most recent information about Operation Uplink, and the new form for ordering Uplink calling cards are attached to these General Orders. Please use them, and share them with your Ladies Auxiliary.

REPORTS AND FORMS - The forms for National Convention Hotel Registration, Individual Recruiting Awards, Community Activity Report, Homeless Veterans Report, Hospital Report and Evaluation Guide, Community Activity Notebook Guidelines, and Single Event Safety Activity can be found on the state web-site. If you do not have email please call or write State Headquarters and we will send the forms to you. Please send completed forms to the current Committee Chairman, not State Headquarters. The only report that should be mailed to State Headquarters is the Report of a Deceased Comrade. You do not have to be a committee chair to submit a report. Anyone who knows the information to be reported can fill out the form for any of the reporting areas, and send it in. It is strongly recommended that you make at least one copy of each report for post records, and that you give that copy to the Post Adjutant.

GENERAL ORDERS - In an effort to control the cost of producing and mailing the general orders each month the mailing list has been reduced to the State Line Officers, District and Post Commanders and Quartermasters, Past State Commanders, and Department President. For others who want to receive a copy of the General Orders each month we are once again offering subscriptions. The cost for the remainder of this publishing year (the General Orders for June) will be two dollars. The cost for 2003-04 will be set later. If you receive a hard copy of the General Orders and have the ability to print satisfactory copies from the internet please call us or email us at <> so we can remove your name from the label file.

NOMINEES NEEDED - We need nominees for OUTSTANDING POST SERVICE OFFICER OF THE YEAR. National Headquarters will select one Post Service Officer annually as the "Outstanding Post Service Officer." Each Department may nominate one person, who is a duly appointed Post Service Officer, for this award. The Post Service Officer who is ultimately chosen to receive the award will be furnished round trip travel and hotel accommodations to attend a portion of the VFW National Convention where the award will be presented by the Commander-in-Chief. The selectee will also receive five hundred dollars to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with the trip.


1. Nominees for the annual award must have demonstrated exceptional efforts in assisting veterans and their families during the period 1 June 2002-31 May 2003.

2. A brief summary [not to exceed one page] is to be submitted explaining who, what, where and how the nominee's efforts are considered exemplary.

The Department nomination must be received by the Director, National Veterans Service by 31 May 2003. Nominations for Department Service Officer of the Year must be received at state headquarters by close of business on Thursday 15 May 2003.

LIFE MEMBER REBATE FOR 2004 - National headquarters has advised that for calendar year 2004 the Life Member Rebate for plan A, B, and C [those who became life members before the increase in 2000] will be $3.50; the rebate for plan D [those who became life members after 2000] will be $5.50.


FIRST - 5-17-03 - Post 3219, PHOEBUS, Meeting at 11:00 AM meal to follow. Representative, Bobby R. Walls, Past Department Commander

SECOND - 5-18-03 - POST 4809, NORFOLK, meal 12:00 NOON, Meeting 1:00 PM, Representative Ed Cluney, State Inspector

THIRD - 5-3-03 - THIRD DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS, Memorial Service 1:00 PM, meeting 2:00 PM, meal to follow, Representative Tom Hines, State Judge Advocate

FOURTH - 5-18-03 - Post 8163, Clarksville, meeting 1:00 p.m., meal to follow, Representative, Fred Wolking, State Adjutant/Quartermaster

FIFTH - 5-18-03 - Post 7726, INDEPENDENCE, meal 12:00 NOON, Meeting 1:00 PM, Representative, Dan Boyer, State Surgeon

SIXTH - 5-18-03 - Salem Veterans Care Center, Bldg 76-2; Post 4522 will host; meeting 2:00 p.m., meal to follow, Representative, Paul T. Moore, PDC and 6th National Council Member

SEVENTH - 5-18-03 - POST 9760, BERRYVILLE, meal 11:30, meeting to follow, Representative, Lawrence F. Mattera State Commander

EIGHTH - 5-18-03 - FREDERICKSBURG POST 3103, meeting 1:00 PM, Representative, Peter Snelling, State Senior Vice Commander.

NINTH - 5-11-03 - PULASKI, POST 1184, Joint Session 11:30 - 12:00 Noon, Lunch 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM, meeting to follow, Representative, Lawrence F. Mattera State Commander

TENTH - 5-18-03 - DALE CITY Post 1503, Meeting 1:00 PM, Representative, Tom Hines, Judge Advocate

ELEVENTH - 5-4-03 - HARRISONBURG POST 632, meal 11:30 AM, Meeting to follow, Representative Tom Hines, State Judge Advocate

TWELFTH - 5-4-03 - ABINGDON, POST 1994, 11:00 Meeting, meal to follow, Representative Lawrence F. Mattera, State Commander

THIRTEENTH - 5-4-03 - LOUISA, POST 8947, Meeting 1:00 PM, Representative Dan Boyer, State Surgeon


Post 632 - Adjutant Vinton Plum, 8876 South Eastside Highway, Elkton 22827, phone 540-289-7139

Post 6975 - Meeting location changed to 516-518 Cumberland Street, Bristol, Virginia on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM

Post 7589 - Quartermaster Mark L. Lucitt, 2604 Alvey Drive, Haymarket, 20169, phone 703-754-9507

Post 8613 - Commander James L. Samuels, 1969 Loop Road, Elkton 22827-9801

E-Mail Changes:

11th District Commander Don Hall -

Post 2447 -


June 19-22, 2003 State Convention, Richmond; the Sheraton West, 6624 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, 23230. Rates are $79.00 per night. Telephone 800-325-3535, FAX 804 285 8418.

July 11-13, 2003 State School of Instruction, Lynchburg; Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, 24504. Rates are $69.00 a night; telephone 434-528-2500

July 26, 2003 Satellite Training, various sites

August 23-29, 2003 National VFW Convention, San Antonio, Texas

September 11-14 2003 Commander In Chiefs Homecoming, Mystic, Connecticut

September 19-21,2003 Fall Council Meeting, Lynchburg; Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia, 24504. Rates are $69 per night, telephone 434-528-2500

November 7-9, 2003 Southern Conference, Biloxi, Mississippi

January 16-18, 2004 Winter Council Meeting, Williamsburg; Clarion Hotel, 500 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185. Rates are $52 per night, telephone 800-666-8888, FAX 757-220-4662.

June 17-20, 2004 State Convention

August 14-20, 2004 National VFW Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio

August 20-26, 2005 National VFW Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah


The Minutes of the 2002 State Convention record that the following item was tabled for consideration at the 2003 State Convention.



Section 1301 - Formation

A Post, if the By-Laws of the Department having jurisdiction so provide, may form an association separately constituted as a subordinate unit. The Department in which the Post is located shall charter such unit. Such association shall be subject to the rules established by the respective Department Convention, Department Commander and Post.

Departments are not authorized to issue charters to units other than those sponsored by a Post. Formation, control and disbandment of these associations, as well as suspension or cancellation of charters, shall be in the manner prescribed in the Manuel of Procedure and as may be provided in Department By-Laws not inconsistent with the Manual.

Section 1302 - Eligibility

Membership in the Mens Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars shall be limited to husbands, widowers, fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons, brothers and half brothers who attained that status prior to age sixteen (16) of persons who were or are eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Members must not be less than sixteen (16) years old.

Persons eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall not be eligible for membership in the Mens Auxiliary.

Section 1303 - By-Laws, Rules of order and Order of Business

The By-Laws adopted by any such auxiliary shall not conflict with the Congressional Charter, By-Laws, Manual of Procedure, Ritual, or laws and the usage of Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States or Department. Such By-Laws shall conform to rules prescribed by the respective Department and Post.



Section 1301 - Organization and Disbandment of Mens Auxiliaries.

(a) Formation. Mens Auxiliaries may be hereafter formed in accordance with the following provisions and such other provisions as may be required by Department By-Laws.

No Mens Auxiliary shall be formed, unless approved by two thirds (2/3) vote of the Post membership present at a regular or special meeting, due notice of proposed formation having been given the entire membership in writing at lease one week prior to a regular meeting, or special meeting called for the aforementioned purpose. Each Mens Auxiliary shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Post under which it is affiliated. It shall also be subject to the jurisdiction of the Department Convention, Council of Administration and Commander of its respective Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States with respect to matters of authority.

Each Mens Auxiliary shall function in accordance with the By-Laws of the Department issuing the charter and the Post with which it is affiliated or lawful orders issued by Department Council of Administration or Department Commander.

(b) Suspension and Discontinuance. The Department Commander may suspend, for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days, or cancel the charter of any Mens Auxiliary, upon the recommendation of the Post to which the Auxiliary is affiliated, or under such other conditions as may be provided in Department By-Laws.

A Post may, by vote of eighty (80) percent of its members present at a meeting following a written notice mailed or delivered to each member of the Post in good standing at least ten (10) days before said meeting, vote to request cancellation of the charter of its Men's Auxiliary. The notice must the contemplated action and reason therefore. If the Post votes to request suspension or cancellation of the charter of its Mens Auxiliary, it shall certify in writing and forward same to the Department Commander.

While the Charter of a Mens Auxiliary is suspended, said unit shall not be permitted to function and officers thereof shall be without authority.

(c) Disposition of Property. In the event of a surrender, cancellation or forfeiture of a Charter of a Mens Auxiliary, all official records, money and other property shall immediately become property of the Post.

(d) Reports. The President of the Mens Auxiliary shall, within thirty (30) days after induction into office, submit to the Post Commander an itemized report of financial status of the association over which he is presiding officer. Such reports shall be acknowledged by the Post Commander during the nest regular meeting and may be read to the members assembled. The Auxiliary shall also provide the Post with the names and addresses of its members. At least annually, the Post shall provide the names and addresses of Auxiliary members, and such other information as may be required by Department By-Laws, to the Department issuing the Charter, which information shall also be provided to National Headquarters.


Only days to go in this VFW reporting year for Americanism. Please complete your projects and get your reports to me by 5 May. Second half reporting in Americanism adds to your point total for All-State. Americanism books should be prepared and submitted to Department by 15 May for judging by the Awards and Citations Committee.

Loyalty Day is 1 May. VFW National is promoting "Support the Troops Rally" over the weekend 1 - 4 May as part of Loyalty Day weekend. See the VFW National webpage for more (but limited) information. Loyalty Day --- and Memorial Day --- programs will be reported for NEXT YEAR'S programs (First Half: 1 May - 31 Oct).

Add your email address to the form and I will acknowledge receipt of your report. In addition to mailing the report to the address at the bottom of the form, you may email your report to me at or use the on-line report at
Two hundred thirty-five Second Half reports have been received from 153 posts. The following posts HAVE NOT
submitted reports for the second half:

DISTRICT 1 - 8629, 9358, 9636 (75% of 13 posts reported)
DISTRICT 2 - Congratulations: 100% reported
DISTRICT 3 - Congratulations: 100% reported
DISTRICT 4 - 4411, 7897, 8048, 8228, 9618 (80% of 25 posts reported )
DISTRICT 5 - 644, 2820, 7443, 8243 (70% of 14 posts reported)
DISTRICT 6 - 484, 7854, 8184 (85% of 19 posts reported)
DISTRICT 7 - 4698, 8613 (85 %of 13 posts reported)
DISTRICT 8 - 472, 7728, 9835, 9865 (65% of 11 posts reported)
DISTRICT 9 -2719, 7136, 7969 (75% of 13 posts reported)
DISTRICT 10 - Congratulations: 100% reported
DISTRICT 11 - 4204, 4989, 7157, 7578, 7701, 8479, 9480, 9794, 10773 (55% of 21 posts reported)
DISTRICT 12 - 1994, 3782, 4301, 5715, 6975, 8652, 10298, 10611, 10673 (of 14 posts)
DISTRICT 13 - 2613, 8697, 8717, 9887, 10295 (65 % of 14 posts reported)

J. Gary Wagner
Americanism Chairman


The following Posts HAVE NOT submitted reports for the second half:

DISTRICT 1: 8692, 9358, 9636
DISTRICT 4: , 8048, 8228, 8902, 9618
DISTRICT 5: 644, 2820, 8243
DISTRICT 6: 484, 7854, 8184
DISTRICT 7: 1150, 4698, 8613
DISTRICT 8: 472, 7728, 9865
DISTRICT 9: 7136
DISTRICT 10: 8815
DISTRICT 11: 1499, 4204, 4989, 7157, 7578, 7814, 8479, 10773
DISTRICT 12: 1994, 4301, 5715, 8652, 10611
DISTRICT 13: 8717, 10295

Kenneth Vitale
Community Activities Chairman


The following Posts HAVE NOT submitted Hospital Reports for the 2nd half:

DISTRICT 1: 7167 8629, 9358, 9636
DISTRICT 4: 7897, 8048, 9618
DISTRICT 5: 644, 8243
DISTRICT 6: 484, 5311, 7854, 8184
DISTRICT 7: 4698, 7899
DISTRICT 8: 472, 4468, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865
DISTRICT 9: 6000, 7136, 7969
DISTRICT 10: 8815
DISTRICT 11: 4204, 4989, 7157, 7578, 8479, 10773
DISTRICT 12: 1994, 4301, 5715, 8652, 9830, 10298, 10611
DISTRICT 13: 2613, 8717, 10295

Lynn Harris
Hospital Chairman


The following Posts HAVE NOT submitted Safety Reports for the 2nd half:

DISTRICT 1- 2296, 7167, 8629, 9358, 9636
DISTRICT 4 - 7897, 8048, 8228, 8446, 9618
DISTRICT 5 - 644, 873, 2820, 8243
DISTRICT 6 - 484, 7854, 8184
DISTRICT 7 - 1150, 2123, 4698, 8613
DISTRICT 8 - 472, 1177, 4468, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865
DISTRICT 9 - 7136, 7969
DISTRICT 10 - 8815
DISTRICT 11 - 4204, 4989, 7157, 7578, 7701, 8279, 8479, 9480, 10773
DISTRICT 12 - 1994, 4301, 5715, 6975, 8652, 10611
DISTRICT 13 - 2044, 2613, 8169, 8717, 10295

Vic Weaver
Safety Chairman


WEEK ENDING: 30 April 2003


DISTRICT 1: 7167, 8629, 9358, 9636
DISTRICT 2: 100%
DISTRICT 3: 100%
DISTRICT 4: 5313, 7897, 8048, 8228,8599, 9618,
DISTRICT 5: 644, 873, 2820, 7443, 8243,
DISTRICT 6: 484, 7854, 8184,
DISTRICT 7: 4698, 8613, 9646,
DISTRICT 8: 472, 4468, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865
DISTRICT 9: 7136, 7969, 9343
DISTRICT 10: 8815,
DISTRICT 11: 100%
DISTRICT 12: 1994, 5715, 6975, 8652, 10611, 10673
DISTRICT 13: 2044, 2613, 8169, 8936, 8697, 8717, 9887, 10295

Don L. Hall
Youth Activities Chairman


The link shown below has the most up to date skinny on Guard/Reserve units mobilized for the war (Just scroll through the list to find Virginia).

Posts with mobilized units in their communities are encouraged to contact those activities to see if/how they can be of assistance to the units or the dependents.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS - National headquarters has provided two internet address you can use to express your support for the men and women currently serving in our armed services. The Department of Defense has established <> as part of the National Military Appreciation Month.

The National VFW has established <>, to collect messages that will be sent to various branches of the services through the Adopt-a-Unit program and the Military Assistance Program.


The following Posts HAVE NOT been inspected:

DISTRICT 8: 472, 1177, 4468, 8208, 9865
DISTRICT 13: 1827, 8717, 10295

Ed Cluney
State Inspector


Now that the Middle East War is over, we need to look into our home areas. The VFW Environmental Program is intended to make Virginia a better place to live, work, visit, raise our children and retire. We can do this if each of our 189 Posts will pick a dedicated hardworking comrade to be the chairman of this years programs. Recycle papers, cardboard, glass metals, plastics and appliances. Remove piles of trash and/or rubbish. Clean up a school or churchyard, park or cemetery. Demolish an abandoned building (with the owner's permission). Adopt a section of stream or highway. Plant a few trees or shrubs that have been lost by fire, disease or maturity. Set out a few feeding stations and nesting boxes for birds. Keep in mind that these programs cost manpower, money and material. Decide on how much your Post can invest in this endeavor. Then you can contact major firms and business groups in your area that would be interested in participating. Ask them to help out with the publicity etc. Other appropriate groups may include the Audubon Society, Sierra Club, Forestry and Wildlife groups. On these work days, keep VFW applications handy to give to the volunteers. Good volunteers make good VFW members.

Have you made out a will yet? Is it up to date? Tomorrow may be too late. The fees associated with even a simple burial are now at approximately $7,000.00. Just remember your loved ones. Let's show our loved ones how much we do indeed love them by not burdening them with details during a time of stress and sorrow. Make out your will today.

Ernest B. Glynn
Environmental Chairman


"National Bylaws, Section 213 - Arrearage.

Any Post in arrears for National, Department, County Council or district dues, poppy money, supply money, or other financial obligations, or failing to have the office of Quartermaster properly bonded in accordance with Section 703, or failing to submit properly completed quarterly Post Trustees Report of Audit or Post Election Report shall be deprived of all representation in County Council meetings, District, Department and National Conventions. Such representation shall be restored promptly upon proper adjustment of such deficiencies."


His eligibility to membership having been questioned under the provisions of Section 108 of the National By-Laws and the veteran having failed to submit proof of campaign medal service which would qualify for membership, it is hereby ordered that the name of James B. Black, Life Membership No. 0814315, be removed from the rolls of Ballard Pruitt Post No. 647, Danville, Virginia, and his membership in the veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States terminated by reason of ineligibility.

By order of
Raymond C. Sisk

Official: By Order of:
Fred L. Wolking Lawrence F. Mattera
State Adjutant State Commander

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