April 1, 2004

403 Lee-Jackson Highway PO Box 2067
Staunton, Virginia 24402
540 886 8112 FAX 540 886 1732
In Virginia 800 888 3521


Comrades, there are only three months left in this administrative year. Only two months left in the reporting year. We strongly encourage each post to fill out reports and take credit for all the good work you have accomplished. TEAM VIRGINIA continues to operate well. But the team still has a lot of work that needs completed. Membership continues to be a problem. We need your help to reach the Department quota. Every member should be looking for new members and reinstating previous members. Comrades, I can assure you that there are many eligible veterans out there who desire to become members of our great organization. All you have to do is ask them. I ask that you contact members who have not renewed and encourage them to send in their dues. Last month, members of the Department attended the Community Service and Legislative Conferences in Washington. We met all the people who won the various program awards and we were really impressed with the winners. I can assure you that with winners like we had at the conference, this country continues to be in good hands. The Legislative Conference was very successful. We met with our representatives and received warm welcomes. I am glad to report that several Congressmen have proposed that 8 Billion dollars be removed from foreign aid and at least 3 Billion dollars be added th the VA Budget. At last someone is using their heads.

I again thank each of you for your devotion to our organization. Your efforts make me very proud to be the Department Commander. Virginia continually receives praise from other Departments and the National Organization. All the praise is because of the great comrades and sisters in this Department. It is your work that make Virginia the Bright Shining Star in the east. Please remember that we continue to be "UNITED FOR SERVICE TO AMERICA".

Pete Snelling
State Commander


National has furnished me with all unpaid members as of February 26, 2004. Comrades this can be huge for the Department. There are enough unpaid to help the Department become 100% for the year. I will furnish each District Commander with a copy for their District. Each District is separated by Post and listed alphabetically. Your District Commander will have a copy by the time you receive your general orders. If any Post Commander has trouble getting a copy from your District Commander, just contact me and I will send you a copy for your post. There is a combined total of 6689 unpaid members in this department. Some of these addresses are undeliverable, and are marked as same. Try asking around your Post , probably someone knows where they live. Also try looking in your local phone book. The person may have moved and forgot to send in a change of address notice.

Commanders we only have 60 days remaining to get our membership in. I believe we can make it by working this list. Don't forget to inquire about other veterans in the neighborhood when talking with these unrenewed members. Often you can find a new member that you didn't know was available to you.

Thank you in advance for the effort I know we will make.



The cut off for General Orders is the 20th of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Palmer & Cay, a professional actuarial firm, recently completed an evaluation of the Life Membership Fund. Based on this evaluation, the Life Membership Board of Trustees, pursuant to Section 111 of the VFW By-Laws, has determined that, for the 2005 membership year, the Life Membership Fund will pay out $3.50 for each Plan A, B and C life member, and $5.50 for each Plan D life member to their Post, Department and to National Headquarters. Payment will be made in September 2004 for all life members recorded as of August 31, 2004.

In addition, $5.50 will be paid in January 2005 for each life member processed from September through December 2004 (Plan D) to their Post, Department and to National Headquarters.


Attention is directed to Section 218, Manual of Procedure Duty of Trustees, Form P-113. Trustees Report of Audit, must be prepared in detail at the close of each quarter, one of which ended March 31st is NOW DUE at State Headquarters.


Chief-of-Staff Rex Faris - FAX 276-952-3004

POST 392 - Email change to

POST 1860 - Email address

POST 4637 - Post Commander James W. Rogers 97 Hickory Dr., Collonsville, VA 24078-2169 phone # 276-647-8137

POST 4637 - Post Sr. Vice Commander James R. Barrow 284 Boondock Rd., Martinsville, VA 24112

POST 4809 - Post Quartermaster Eugene O. Broughman 4736 Marlborough Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23464

POST 5715 - Post Commander Robert Arwood address change 319 E. Fifth St. North Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 phone # 276-523-6602 mailing address P.O. Box 2982 Wise, VA 24293

POST 6000 - Post Quartermaster James Burton 206 Have St. Pearisburg, VA 24134

POST 8169 - Post Commander Dave Wallace phone # 434-286-2271

POST 9808 - Post Commander Rowland L. Thompson 7988 Kenmore Ave., Mechanicsville, VA 23111

POST 9808 - POST SVC David Jonker 7444 Strawhorn Dr., Mechanicsville, VA 23116

POST 9835 - Meeting location changed to Warrenton Community Center, 430 east Shirley Ave. Warrenton, VA 20188 Third Tuesday of each month at 1900

POST 10571 - Meeting lacation change to Gregory Memorial Presbyterian Church (Boy Scout Bldg) located on Courthouse Rd. Prince George Court House Complex.

POST 10654 - POST Quartermaster Richard Hayes 4702 Delmont St., Richmond, VA 23222 phone # 804-329-0935

MAP Chairman - Email address

District 2 Commander - John Edwards Email

District 4 Commander - Raymond Stafford Email

District 10 Quartermaster - Claude Lee Willoughby address 12611 Harbor Dr. Woodbridge, VA 22192 Email address

Michael Agresti work Email address phone # 703-699-44505


FIRST - 05-16-04, Representative Past Department Commander Bobby R. Walls

SECOND - 05-16-04, Representative Department Senior Vice Commander Tom W. Hines

THIRD - 05-22-04, Representative Department Senior Vice Commander Tom W. Hines

FOURTH - 05-02-04, Representative Department Judge Advocate Charles (Doc) Crouch

FIFTH - 05-23-04, Representative Department Judge Advocate Charles (Doc) Crouch

SIXTH - 05-16-04, Representative Department Chief Of Staff Rex Faris

SEVENTH - 05-16-04, Post 1860, FRONT ROYAL, 11:30 Lunch, Meeting to follow, Representative Department Commander Pete M. Snelling

EIGHTH - 05-16-04, Representative Department Surgeon Jimmy Lee Wallace

NINTH - 05-02-04, Representative Department Senior Vice Commander Tom W. Hines

TENTH - 05-16-04, Representative Department Judge Advocate Charles (Doc) Crouch

ELEVENTH - 05-16-04, Representative Department Junior Vice Commander Dan D. Boyer

TWELFTH - 05-02-04, POST 9600 POUND, Meeting 11:00 at W. J. Adams Elementary School, Representative Department Junior Vice Commander Dan D. Boyer

THIRTEENTH - 05-16-04, Representative Department Adjutant/Quartermaster Kim A. DeShano


The Department of Virginia has been assigned to the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza with a block of 40 rooms. You may begin making your suite/hospitality arrangements today by phoning Risa Bebchick at 513-665-2375. If you need to know the amenities for your hotel, the phone number is 513-421-9100.

Housing of the 104th National Convention will officially open March 1, 2004. Be sure to book your reservations by July 12, 2004 to receive special convention rates.

Rates for the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza:
Single, Double, Triple and Quads: $129.00
Suites 1 or 2 bedrooms: NEGOTIABLE

Attached to theses General Orders is a housing form. The housing bureau requires a separate form for each reservation.

National Convention Housing Form

9. IMPORTANT 2003-2005 DATES:

June 17-20, 2004 State Convention Sheraton Richmond West, 804-285-2000

July 16-18, 2004 School of Instruction Lynchburg : Holiday Inn Select, 601 Main Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504. Telephone 434-528-2500

July 31, 2004 Satellite Training

August 14-20, 2004 National VFW Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio

September 24-26, 2004 Wyndham Roanoke Airport, Roanoke 540-561-7908

November 19-21, 2004 Southern Conference Louisville, Kentucky

January 14 -16, 2005 Winter Council Meeting: Clarion Hotel 500 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185. Telephone 757-220-1410

August 20-26, 2005 National VFW Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah


The 2d Half Reporting is almost over. The 2d Half Reporting period will end April 30, 2004 for this year. Those Posts who have not submitted a Hospital Report are encouraged to do so immediately. The following Posts HAVE NOT submitted a 2d Half Hospital Report:

District 1 - 100% reported - congratulations.
District 2 - 2894
District 3 - 100% reported - congratulations.
District 4 - 637, 2163, 2854, 8048, 8599, 8617, 8759, 8902, 9618, 10570
District 5 - 873, 6130
District 6 - 484,1841, 4920, 5311, 5895, 7854, 8184, 9805
District 7 - 1150, 2123, 7899, 9292, 9760
District 8 - 472, 1177, 3103, 4468, 7589, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865
District 9 - 4667, 6000, 7328, 7360, 7969, 9343, 9864
District 10- 8815, 9274
District 11- 4204, 7578, 7701, 7814, 8479, 10773
District 12- 3782, 4301, 5715, 8652, 9830, 10310, 10611
District 13- 1827, 2044, 7638, 8169, 8947

Jimmy Lee Wallace
Hospital Chairman


Posts are reminded to collect Americanism photos, news clippings, etc., to submit in an Americanism book, separate from their Community Service books, to be submitted in May to the judging committee. See "THE RICHARD A. (AL) GUAGER AMERICANISM AWARD" section in the "2003-2004 Membership Campaign" on the state web page, and then click on the Virginia awards section. Or see like-named attachment to July 2003 General Orders.

One hundred seventy-five reports HAVE BEEN received from 123 posts. Status as of 19 March 2004:
DISTRICT 1 - 100% reported.
DISTRICT 2 - Posts not reported: 392, 3160 (10 posts) (80% Reported)
DISTRICT 3 - 100% reported.
DISTRICT 4 - Posts not reported: 2163, 2584, 5313, 8048, 8599, 8617, 9618, 10570 (23 posts) (65%)
DISTRICT 5 - Posts not reported: 873, 2820, 7568 (12 posts) (75%)
DISTRICT 6 - Posts not reported: 484, 1033, 1841, 4920, 5311, 5895, 7854, 8184, 9805 (19 posts) (55%)
DISTRICT 7 - Posts not reported: 1150, 2123, 7899, 9760 (13 posts) (70%)
DISTRICT 8 - Posts not reported: 472, 2524, 4468, 7589, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865 (11 posts)
DISTRICT 9 - Posts not reported: 4667, 7328, 7360, 7969, 9343 (13 posts) (60%)
DISTRICT 10 - Posts not reported: 8815, 9274 (11 Posts) (80%)
DISTRICT 11 - Posts not reported: 452, 3136, 4204, 4989, 7578, 7701, 7814, 8479, 10773 (21 posts) (50%)
DISTRICT 12 - Posts not reported: 3782, 4301, 5715, 6975, 8652, 9600, 9830, 10298 (12 posts)
DISTRICT 13 - Posts not reported: 1827, 2044, 7638, 8169 (12 posts) (65%)

J.Gary Wagner
Vice Chairman for Americanism

12. Safety:

The following Posts HAVE SUBMITTED Safety Reports for the second half as of March 21, 2004, 2004:

District 1: 176, 824, 960, 2296, 3219, 4856, 5500, 6002, 7167, 8252, 8629, 9358, 9636
District 2: 637, 993, 1211, 2582, 2894, 3160, 4411, 4809, 8545, 9382
District 3: 1426, 2239, 2583, 3125, 4639, 6364, 8046, 8356, 8529, 9224, 9501, 9808, 10387, 10654, 10657, 11124
District 4: 622, 637, 2163, 5371, 7059, 7166, 7819, 7897, 8163, 8228, 8446, 9855, 9954,10571
District 5: 647, 4637, 7568, 7726, 7800, 8243, 8467, 10840
District 6: 264, 776, 1444, 2157, 4299, 4318, 4491, 4592, 9877
District 7: 621, 447, 1860, 2447, 6044, 7899, 8613, 9292, 9660, 9872
District 8: 1184, 1811, 3103
District 9: 956, 1184, 4667, 7136, 7327, 7360, 9640, 9696
District 10: 1503, 1994, 3150, 5412, 7916, 8241, 8469, 9478
District 11: 632, 1499, 2216, 2424, 3060, 3136, 4805, 8279, 8644, 9339, 9480, 10826
District 12: 8979
District 13: 2217, 8436, 8947, 10295, 10546, 10574

Please use the new Safety Report Forms and mail all reports to Department Headquarters.

Team VFW, Team Virginia!
Rex Faris
Vice Chairman, Safety


Post's which HAVE NOT submitted Community Activity Reports for the second half.

DISTRICT 1 -100%
DISTRICT 2 - 100%
DISTRICT 3 - 100%
DISTRICT 4 - 637, 8048, 8599, 8617, 9618
DISTRICT 5 - 873, 2820,
DISTRICT 6 - 484, 1033, 1841, 4920, 5311, 5895, 7854, 8184, 9805
DISTRICT 7 - 1150, 9760
DISTRICT 8 - 472, 1177, 2524, 4468, 7589, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865
DISTRICT 9 - 7328, 7969
DISTRICT 10 - 9274
DISTRICT 11 - 452, 7578, 7701, 8479, 10773
DISTRICT 12 - 3782, 5715, 8652, 9600
DISTRICT 13 - 2044, 7638

Comrades and Sisters, we have ONE MONTH TO GO IN THE VFW Reporting Year for the 2nd half of The Community Activities. Please complete your projects and get your reports in.

Lynn Harris
Community Activity Vice-Chairman


If you have any questions contact me by e-mail, my email address is

The following posts have NOT reported any youth activities for the second half.

District 1: 100%
District 2: 392.
District 3: 100%
District 4: 2163, 5313, 8228, 8599, 8617, 9618, 9954, 10570.
District 5: 873, 2820, 6130, 7568.
District 6: 484, 1033, 1841, 4920, 5311, 5895, 7854, 8181, 9805.
District 7: 1150, 2123, 7899, 9292, 9760.
District 8: 472, 1177, 2524, 4468, 7589, 7728, 8208, 9835, 9865.
District 9: 2719, 4667, 7328, 7360, 7969, 9343.
District 10: 609, 8815, 9274.
District 11: 452, 4204, 7578, 7701, 7814, 8479, 10773.
District 12: 3782, 4301, 5715, 6975, 8652, 9600, 9830.
District 13: 1827, 2044, 2613, 7638, 8169.

Yours in Comradeship
Jim Martin
Youth Activities Chairman



During the period 9-11March 2004, the National VFW held its Midwinter Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Senior VFW Department and Auxiliary leaders, headed by Commander Pete Snelling and President Ines Kerch, plus the Department Legislative Chairman, visited the offices of the 13 members of the Virginia Congressional delegation and discussed the VFW's priority goals for 2004 and other matters of importance to Virginia's veterans.

Most importantly the VFW visitors expressed their concern over Veterans Health Care and the need for additional funds in next year's U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs budget. The FY 2003 Consolidated Appropriations Bill (P.L.108-7) provided $23.9 billion for veterans health care. Virginia Senators and Representatives were very receptive to comments and recommendations made during the visit.


Cited goals were published in the December 2004 edition of the Department's General Orders. Recently I received a new document which is an updated version of these goals. For clarity purposes these legislative goals are provided below:



-- Ensure needed funding is authorized and appropriated for the continuing operation and enhancement of the entire Veterans Health Administration.

-- Secure mandatory VA funding to guarantee adequate dollars as well as enhance planning options.


-- Secure authority and full funding for a GI Bill for the 21st century that provides full tuition, fees and living expenses at any institution of higher learning to which a veteran is accepted.


-- Ensure Congress fully appropriates funding to allow all disabled military retirees to receive their full military retirement pay and full VA disability compensation without offset.


-- Increase active-duty Armed Forces pay to equal its private-sector counterparts.

-- Obtain increased funding for improved active-duty housing and work facilities.

-- Establish retirement benefits that recognize the contributions of National Guardsmen and Reservists.


-- Support an effective and efficient Veterans Employment and Training Service.

-- Oppose attempts to reduce or circumvent veterans preference in government jobs.

-- Urge national standardization of licensing and certification.

-- Urge state governors to appoint at least one veterans advocate to state workforce development boards. Veterans also should be represented on local boards.


-- Fully fund all veterans homeless programs and enhance community-based efforts.



-- Increase the strength of each military service consistent with its long-term mission strategy.

-- Improve military readiness of the National Guard and Reserves with new equipment and more realistic training.


-- Support NATO enlargement.


-- Achieve the fullest possible accounting of U.S. POWs and MIAs from all wars.

-- Ensure former U.S. World War II POWs used as slave laborers by Japanese corporations are adequately compensated by the government of Japan.


As of the date of this article (20 March 2004) the Virginia General Assembly is still in session. A deadlock exists over the budget. Consequently the funding level for the Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs for the next two years is still unknown. Hopefully, a wrapup of General Assembly actions regarding legislation affecting the 763,000 veterans in the Commonwealth will be in the May 2004 edition of the General Orders.


To get a Congressional Directory, put on the "Contact Congress" link at The legislative e-mail newsletter prepared by the VFW Washington Office can be found at

John P. McAnaw
Legislative Chairman


The number of resolutions submitted thus far by Posts this VFW year has been disappointing. Post members are urged to commence preparations for the submission of resolutions for consideration at the next Department Convention. The policies of the VFW at both the Department and National level are set by resolutions and it is imperative that we, the membership, take the time to express our views on issues that we feel are important. All resolutions of statewide, regional and national concern must be acted upon at the Department Convention. This means that all resolutions must be submitted to the Department Adjutant/ Quartermaster no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the 2004 Department Convention in Richmond (17-20 June 2004). Please disseminate this deadline to the Post membership. The importance of Post member involvement in the actual preparation of resolutions cannot be emphasized enough. The VFW is OUR organization and we, the members of 184 Posts spread throughout the Commonwealth, must get involved regarding the establishment of policy at Department and National Conventions. In recent years the great majority of resolutions approved or disapproved at the annual Department Convention were actually prepared at National VFW Headquarters. They were sent to our Department shortly before the annual Convention for review and recommendations, and were submitted by Department Posts/members for the 2003 Department Convention. Twenty-one were approved and one was disapproved by the General Membership at the Convention. To be blunt, we need more resolutions prepared by Post personnel in the Department. Apathy is an unmistakable sign of an organization in decline.

The VFW 2003-2004 Leadership Manual contains an excellent section titled "Resolutions" on pages 143-144. It is well written. The preparation of a resolution is a relatively simple matter. There are two parts. First, thereis a "Whereas" section which states the problem to be solved Second, there is a "Resolved" section which recommends a solution to the problem. In summary, Post members are urged to prepare resolutions on topics deemed important. Contact me if you need assistance. I will do my best to help.

John P. McAnaw
Legislative Chairman


The cost of long-term care is one of the largest expenditures we face as we move foward into the future.

With this thought in mind, the VFW has researched companies that provide long-term care insurance and selected Pinnacle Finacial Services as the broker for VFW sponsored long-term care.

They will make the long-term care available to you as a VFW member and also to your spouse, your family members including your parents, siblings, children and friends. For more information on long-term care please call Carolyn B. Smith 540-433-1149 Cell 540-476-0518.

Kansas City, MO, March 2, 2004--An eight grade student from Klamath Falls, Oregon, is the recipient of a $10,000 savings bond for writing the winning essay in the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2003-2004 Patriot's Pen youth essay contest. Beau J. Plummer, who was sponsored by VFW Post 1383, wrote his winning essay based on the theme, "My Dream for America."

The nine-year-old youth essay writing contest is a nationwide competition that gives students in grades 6,7 and 8 the opportunity to write a 300-400 word theme-based essay expressing their views on democracy.

More than 116,000 students participated in the 2003-2004 competition. The 53 finalists -- one from 50 participating state Departments and one each from the VFW's overseas Departments in the Pacific, Europe and Latin America/Caribbean will receive a savings bond anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

Second-place winner is Brittany D. Paper, an 8th grade student from Jamestown, North Dakota, who will receive a $7,000 savings bond. She is sponsored by VFW Post 760 and its Ladies Auxiliary. Third-place winner and the receipient of a $5,500 savings bond is Cara L. Erskine, an 8th grade student in Beatrice, Nebraska. She is sponsored by VFW Post 1077.

Other winners are:
4th Place, Lauren M. Jackson, Georgia
5th Place, Nicole M. Boveri, Topock, Arizona, Awarded $4,000 savings bond
6th Place, Jasmine L. Segall, Davis, California, Awarded $3,500 savings bond
7th Place, Paul T. Smith, Hollis, New Hampshire, Awarded $3,000 savings bond
8th Place, Leslie E. Brown, Carriere, Mississippi,Awarded $3,000 savings bond
9th Place Emily A. Pecoraro, Guilford, Connecticut, Awarded $2,500 savings bond
10th Place, Kristin J. Bowles, Salt Lake City, Utah, Awarded $2,500 savings bond
11th Place, Sloane S. Hardman, Osborne, Kansas, Awarded $2,500 savings bond.
12th Place, Annabelle L. Grimes, Collierville, Tennessee, Awarded $2,000 savings bond
13th Place, Jessica M. Sturtevant, Middlebury, Vermont, Awarded $1,500 savings bond
14th Place, Lauren M. Adkins, Airway Heights, Washington, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
15th Place, Katherine H. Sullivan, Melrose, Massachusetts, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
16th Place, Andrew K. Hotsko, Ancon, Panama, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
17th Place, Eric J. Senase, Chicago, Illinois, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
18th Place, Jessica M. Weitgenant, Pipestone, Minnesota, Awarded $1,000 savings bond.
19th Place, Morgan A. McPheeters, Farmington, New Mexico, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
20th Place, Genevieve C. Francis, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
21th Place Jordan M. Reeves, Wray, Colorado, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
22th Place, Zack B. Traylor, Providence, Kentucky, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
23th Place, Katherine Hill, Abingdon, Maryland, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
24th Place, Tyler S. Kleypas, Cameron, Texas, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
25th Place, Jessica P. Lau, Kaneohe, Hawaii, Awarded $1,000 savings bond.
26th Place, Rachel D. Bailey, Yokota AFB, Japan, Awarded 1,000 savings bond
27th Place, Jennifer L. Brochtrup, Kellnersville, Wisconsin, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
28th Place, Lauren C. Boggess, Estherville, Iowa, Awarded $1,000 savings bond
29th Place, Chelsea K. Griffin, Reidsville, North Carolina, Awarded $1,000 savings bond

The 30th-53rd-place participants will be notified by letter and later receive a citation signed by the VFW's commander-in-chief and Ladies Auxiliary president.

Voice of Democracy
The Voice of Democracy is an annual national audio essay contest that is designed to foster patriotism by giving high school students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to voice their opinion about their personal obligations as an American and address their responsibility to our country. Created in 1947, the scholarship program annually provides more than $3 million in scholarships. Contestants write and record a three to five minute essay on an annual theme.

Each Department's first-place winner receives an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., plus the opportunity to compete for national scholarships. The first-place national winner receives a $25,000 scholarship. All national scholarships are paid directly to the American university, college or vocational/technical school as selected by the recipient.

All scholarship funding is held at National Headquarters in escrow for 10 years from high school graduation. The funds, which are disbursed as needed, may be used for tuition, books, laboratory fees or other items relating specifically to the student's formal education. Clothing, room and board and pocket money are not considered authorized expenditures.

The 2004-2005 theme is "Celebrating Our Veterans' Service" Deadline for entries is Nov. 1, 2004

Teacher of the Year Award

The VFW's National Citizenship Education Teachers' Award recognizes the nation's top elementary, junior high and high school teachers who teach citizenship education topics regularly and promote America's history and traditions. Nearly 1,000 teachers are from every state, the District of Columbia and overseas. Fellow teachers, supervisors or other interested individuals can submit nominations by November 1 to your local Post. To find out a Post in your area, contact your State Headquarters.

VFW's National citizenship education teacher awards include:
$1,000 cash award for professional development to each of the top K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 teachers;
$1,000 award for each winning teacher's school;
plaques for both the winning teacher and school;
an all-expense-paid trip to attend the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary National Community Service Conference in Washington, D.C. Teachers who win first place in each category will be invited to conduct a workshop at the conference.

Post Commanders it's not too early to contact your schools for next year.

Don Hall
Patriot's Pen Essay Chairman


"Let me live in my house by the side of the road, where the race of men go by and be a friend to many" - Edward Markham

The goal of the Virginia VFW Environmental Committee Program is to make Virginia a better place to visit - to live - to work - to raise our children or to retire. While there are several ways we might do this, we suggest the following are with the capability of most Post budgets. Adopt a section of stream or highway, remove fallen or diseased trees, demolish vacate structures (with owner's permission) etc.

A good first step is to select a group of dedicated hardworking comrades and make a tour of the local Post area. Ask local major firms and Chamber of Commerce what improvements they would like to see done in these areas. Keep in mind that such programs require motivations, manpower, material money and equipment. Determine how much your Post can spend. Send details of your projects to the local media for exposure to get people involved. Keep VFW membership applications handy to recruit all eligible volunteers. Good volunteers make good prospective VFW members.

We need to replace those members we lose through the back door and through death each year if we are to keep Commander Pete in the top where Virginia belongs.

So let's all get out there and get to work.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ernest P. Glynn
Environmental Chairman


ATTENTION All Past and Present Commanders

You are invited to attend the Annual Commanders Club Luncheon to be held on Friday, June 18, 2004, at the Sheraton Richmond West from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Commanders, please pass this information on to your Comrades.

COST: $22.00 (includes tax & gratuity) Please see attachment for details.

Official: By Order of:
Kim A. DeShano Peter M. Snelling
State Adjutant State Commander

ATTENTION:      All Past and Present Commanders

You are invited to attend the Annual Commanders Club Luncheon to be held on Friday, June 18, 2004, at the Sheraton Richmond West from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Commanders, please pass this information on to your Comrades.

COST: $22.00 (includes tax & gratuity)
MENU: House Salad Prime Rib of Beef Mashed Potatoes
2 Vegetables Rolls & Butter Key Lime Pie
Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Tea

MAIL CHECK TO: Earle P. Weekley, Jr.
Commanders Club
595 Bowman Road
Dayton, VA 22821
DEADLINE: June 10, 2004

At this meeting NOMINATIONS and ELECTIONS of Officers will be held for the 2004-2005 year.

REMEMBER:     You can become a LIFE MEMBER for $25.00; ANNUAL DUES are $5.00. All dues can be sent to Earle P. Weekley, Jr. at the above address.

Bill Vigar, President Bill Shifflett, Luncheon Chairman


Post No. _________
Name of each person attending luncheon (please print clearly)
Annual Dues for _______________________________________________________________
Life Member Dues for __________________________________________________________

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